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Top 5 universities in Canada | Best universities in Canada

Best universities in Canada

Canadian universities are among the leading institutions in the world for their teaching-intensive methodologies and evidence-based studies. Learn more!

University education allows students to perform new research and explore innovative technology for the betterment of humanity. Thanks to high-quality research-based education, studying at Canadian universities encourage students to become creative and autonomous in thinking, discovery, and actions.

Canada ranks as one of the best countries for high-quality education. Not only does Canada attract thousands of students from different countries, thanks to the quality of life, but it also enables students to receive a globally acknowledged education from the top academicians and educators. Here are the top five Canadian universities:

1.    University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is a top-quality university with a mission to equip students with extensive and research-based knowledge in various disciplines, including business and economics, education, engineering and technology, environmental studies, law, politics, health, and life sciences.

The university’s primary objective is to help students learn, grow, and develop, thanks to its award-winning faculty and cutting-edge research. The university aims to create student-oriented learning environments for each program.

Hundreds of international students apply for admission in different disciplines and subjects because the University of British Columbia has gained popularity for its research-intensive studies. The institution also offers programs in mathematics, physics, chemistry, art, culture, language, and even sports.

2.    University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is famous for its evidence-based research activities using cutting-edge technology tools, allowing students to innovate and become leaders in their field. Not only is the University of Toronto renowned in Canada, but it has also gained worldwide recognition for its interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach, faculty, and research facilities.

Besides, the University’s programs offer distinct advantages to students. For instance, undergraduates can study various subjects, including arts, science, technology, health, mathematics, politics, language, international relations, biology, physics, chemistry, and many others. Undergraduates at the University of Toronto can match courses from over 600 programs. Continue reading!

3.    University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is Canada’s most recognized higher education institution, famous for its innovative research and cutting-edge discoveries. It offers a wide range of programs in various disciplines for undergraduates, graduates, masters, and doctorate students.

It is among a few universities in Canada that offer land reclamation and paleontology programs for undergraduates. Other popular programs with research-intensive studies offered by the institution are business, agriculture, engineering, nursing, and earth sciences.

The institution has the second-highest student population in the country because it has a quality research system and methodologies. Thus, it attracts students from different parts of the country.

4.    McGill University

McGill University is one of Canada’s top higher education institutions. It is globally recognized for quality education and research-based programs. McGill University has students from more than 150 countries, making it a culturally versatile, diverse, and all-inclusive university.

Moreover, the institution ranks number one in Canada’s medical-doctoral institutions for the 17th time in the row. It is an institution with award-winning faculty and is among the top universities in the QS rankings.

5.    University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo offers high-quality education and research-based studies, thanks to its experienced educators. The institution provides the largest co-op programs in North America, international exchanges, certificate programs, field studies, laboratory work, and student clubs.

The University of Waterloo offers over one hundred programs in various disciplines, including science, mathematics, engineering, health sciences, environmental sciences, biotechnology, computer science, arts, culture, language studies, etc. Although the institution is famous for various disciplines, it is widely recognized as the top institution in Canada for mathematics, engineering, and computer science.

Final Words

Higher education allows people to pursue a successful and inspirational career. When you have the autonomy to choose your career, you become and stay productive and play a vital role in the country’s socio-economic development.

Higher education is synonymous with a lucrative career, including better employment opportunities, higher income, and financial stability. Canadian universities have gained a worldwide reputation for quality education, state-of-the-art pedagogical methods, and cutting-edge research, attracting the smartest students from Canada and other countries.

These institutions focus on expanding their existing body of knowledge and providing state-of-the-art solutions to pedagogical issues, leading to improved learning and teaching practices. Until Next Time!

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Top 10 Canadian Musicians | Best Canadian Musicians

Best Canadian Musicians

Are you a music lover and want to know about the best Canadian musicians in 2021? If yes, you are in the right place. Here is what you need to know!

Canadian musicians have the ability to express emotions, feelings, and pleasure through their music and songs in delightful patterns and manners. Canada is home to some of the most cherished music artists that stimulate adrenaline and dopamine in the listener’s brain. Here is a list of the top ten Canadian musicians in 2021. Read on!

1. Céline Dion

Undoubtedly, Celine Dion is one of the greatest music artists in the 21st century, a proud Canadian who is the queen of the music world, thanks to the uniquely clear and pure tones she reflects in her songs. Dion has fans all over the world, and her passion for music and songs is purely rewarding.

2. Drake

Drake is a famous singer and band who has earned over $19 million in 2021, making him one of the most successful Canadian music artists. Although Drake has released a total of 84 songs to date, each song is unique, with strong lyrics, emotions, and structure that keeps fans at the edge of their seats.

3. Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is another Canadian musician and singer with a higher success rate in recent years, selling more than 30 million albums worldwide. Not only does Avril has an angelic voice, but she is also the most lyrical female singer in Canada. Music fans love her for her rock and spunky-oriented voice, song structure, and emotions with pure resonance.

4. Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is one of the most cherished and loved music celebrities in 2021, thanks to her unique and pretty voice, rhythm, structure, pitch, dynamics, and timbre. Cabello’s tempo, harmony, beat, and articulation is second to none. If you want to spice up your mood, we recommend listening to Cabello’s music.

5. Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams has released several singles and albums with over 100 million records sold worldwide. Adams is the most played musician on Canadian radio throughout the years and among the top 10 singles in Canada, the U.K., the U.S, and Australia. Bryan’s versatile talents, unique music composition, and lusciously attractive voice make him the most cherished Canadian music artist.

6. The Weeknd

The Weeknd is a rising star and the best singer in the world. Music fans love the Weeknd for his top performances, melodious voice, and meaningful lyrics. Undoubtedly, the Weeknd is the superstar in 2021 because he puts life, energy, enthusiasm, and passion into the music. However, the famous musician also sings tragic, sad, and melancholy songs.

7. Michael Bublé

Michael Buble is a Canadian music artist with a strong and flexible voice. Buble’s ability to blend a wide range of pitches, dynamics, tempos, and beats create depth of enthusiasm and zeal in his songs. We recommend listing to Buble’s “Home,” “Feeling Good,” “I’m not surprised, not everything lasts,” and “Haven’t met you yet.”

8. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a highly talented and skilled music artist and singer with a clear, pure, and melodious voice. Millions of fans worldwide think that Bieber has a god-gifted voice. Bieber earned over $49 million in 2021, making him the most commercially successful singer. Although Bieber started his career in 2007, he quickly gained popularity, and to date, he has released a total of 229 songs.

9. Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette has a matchless, emotional, and mezzo-soprano-style voice. Morissette started her career in the 90s with two dance-pop albums appreciated and acclaimed by music lovers. Since then, Morissette has been touching people’s hearts via her emotional voice. That’s why she is known for opening the floodgates.

10. Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen became highly popular for her “Call Me Maybe, a single song that gave her a breakthrough in 2012. Since then, she has been in the music spotlight. Call Me Maybe has won several awards, including the best-selling single of 2012.

Final Words

Canadian music artists are creative, original with vital self-expression to persuade and influence audiences with their charismatic music and melodic songs. Artists like the Weeknd, Celine Dion, and others create a sense of warmth among listeners.

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
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10 Famous Canadian Authors You Must Read

10 Famous Canadian Authors, You Must Read

Canadian authors inspire millions of novel, literature, classics, fiction, and technology texts lovers. Here are the top ten Canadian authors.

Canada is famous for its diversity, versatility, hospitality, sports, movies, food, culture, attractions, tourism, education, scientists, and improved quality of life. Do you know Canada is home to some of the best authors in various genres? Yes, this is true! Here is the list of the top ten Canadian authors you will appreciate for their contributions. Read on!

1.    Joseph Boyden

Joseph Boyden is well-known for his inspiring books, including classic literature. Boyden is one of the best Canadian authors with millions of fans worldwide, thanks to his unique talents and skills that bring charm to the world of literature.

The Orenda is Boyden’s best novel that has won many Canadian, and International awards, including the 2013’s edition of Canada reads. Boyden has also won the best novel award for his book “Three Day Roads” in 2006. Besides, the Scotiabank Giller awarded “Through Black Spruce” as the best book, making Boyden the pioneer of Canadian authors in 2021.

2.    Miriam Toews

Miriam Toews is an inspiring Canadian author who has authored numerous books and novels. However, Toew’s stories “All my puny sorrows” and “A Complicated Kindness” are the most popular among readers.

All my puny sorrows is a book that talks about Toews suicide, and the author has incredibly portrait human sorrows and traumas. Therefore, the novel is a must-read for reality lovers because it contains life lessons.

In addition, the author has won numerous awards for her incredible work, including the best Fiction award from Governor-General and Findley awards. If you love fiction classics, Toews’ books and novels are a must-read for you.

3.    Heather O’Neill

The Montreal-based Heather O’Neill is among the most popular Canadian authors who have earned a name for literary work. Heather’s novel “Lullabies for little criminals” won the best award for 2007 Canada reads.

Not only did Heather’s book win the competition, but it also became a famous novel worldwide. The book also won the Hugh MacLennan best prize for fiction. The internationally acclaimed author has written several bestsellers thanks to her melodramatic and theatrical-style inscription.

4.    Jordan Tannahill

Everyone knows Jordan Tannahill as the most popular and accomplished young playwright. Tannahill is Canada’s most widely celebrated author and filmmaker. The Toronto Star and CBC arts have awarded Tannahill the most extraordinary artists in North America. Jordan’s books are a must-read, and films are worth watching.

5.    Tarek Riman

Tarek Riman is a young entrepreneur, founder of a digital marketing agency, and SEO expert with a higher success rate. Although people love fiction classics, novels, and social books, Tarek Riman’s books are a cornerstone for businesses, companies, digital marketing agencies, eCommerce owners, and technology companies who want to get the most out of their operations generate higher returns on investments (ROIs).

Besides, Riman is the bestseller author of various books, including “the SEO way,” “the Camino Within,” “A Beginners Guide to Paid Search Marketing,” and “the Secrets to Capitalizing on Analytics.”

These books have helped hundreds of companies worldwide to optimize their digital strategies, build brands, online reputation, and drive quality traffic to their websites. The young Canadian continues to be an inspiration for people who want to thrive in the digital world.

6.    Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland is among the top Canadian authors in 2021, thanks to his unique style and command over fiction, novels, and short stories. Readers worldwide consider Coupland, the master of the mystery genre.

Although Coupland has written many books, his most famous and bestselling book is “Generation X,” which highlights cultural diversity, human trauma, and mysteries, giving readers a thrilling experience.

7.    Thomas King

Thomas King is one of the most popular Canadian authors famous for his extraordinary novels, short stories, and essays. King has versatile talents because he has also earned a name in screenwriting and photography.

Thomas King is an advocate for the right of Aboriginal people in North America. Most of his stories showcase the issues experienced by the indigenous community in Canada. One thing that makes King unique from others is a blend of classic western narratives with humorous characters and an informal writing style.

8.    Omar El Akkad

Omar El Akkad has won many awards for his post-apocalyptic novel “American War,” which has inspired young readers in North America. The book beautifully showcases and portraits the second American Civil War in 2074. Besides, Omar El Akkad is an award-winning journalist famous for his critically acclaimed columns, essays, and reporting.

9.    Ashley Audrain

Ashely Audrain is a young Canadian author, writer, and novelist famous for her classic work “The Push,” a suspenseful tale of her mother’s trauma and sorrows. The thriller novel will keep you at the edge of your seat, and you will want to read it again and again. Moreover, Audrain is writing a sequel to the Push, the title of which is “The Whispers.”

10. Angelique Lalonde

Angelique Lalonde, born in British Columbia, is the author of Glorious Frazzled Beings that won the 2021 Giller Prize award. Lalonde’s short stories are not only inspirational but thrilling for young readers, making her one of the best authors in 2021. We recommend reading the short story “Pooka,” which has won the 2019’s Journey Prize.

Final Words

If you are a book, novel, technology, crime, thriller, and literature lover, you must read the books written by these authors. These Canadian authors’ legacy inspires millions in North America, Europe, and other parts of the world.

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
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Top 10 Canadians Actors 2021

Do you want to know the top ten Canadian actors in 2021? If yes, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about these talented actors!

Canadian actors are famous for their charisma, confidence, hard work, imagination, and energy that enchant viewers. Canadian TV and film artists have an immense passion for entertaining their fans through their super-quality performances.

Not only do Canadian actors portray their role in a movie production convincingly, but they also put charisma and energy in their dialogue delivery, enticing the audience. Here are the top ten Canadian actors in 2021. Read on!

1.    Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves, also known as the nice guy, debuted in 1989. Reeves has acted in numerous movies of various genres, including action, crime, thriller, comedy, and drama films.  However, Reeves got a big breakthrough, “Speed,” a movie released in 1994.

Reeves is also famous for his roles in the Matrix, a science fiction psychological thriller + action series, and John Wick, an intense action-based film series loved by fans. Tai Chi is another blockbuster movie directed by Keanu Reeves that gained global success and fame.

2.    Victor Garber

Millions of people worldwide love Victor Garber, a Canadian artist with versatile acting skills. Garber has a successful career in TV, film, and theatre, but his on-stage role as Jesus in God-Spell is one of the most iconic characters.

Garber also earned fame and success from Booth in Assassins and Sweeney Todd. Garber got four award nominations for his charming roles in Lend Me a Tenor, Damn Yankees, Little Me, and Deathtrap.

Acting for over forty years, Garber continues his legacy in the North American film industry. Happy Season (2020) is the most recent Garber’s movie that performed well on the Box Office.

3.    Jim Carrey

Jim Carry is a highly energetic, versatile, and talented actor who has played numerous roles in different movies, including comedy, action, drama, and science fiction films, making him one of the most iconic celebrities in Hollywood.

Carry is well-known for his stand-up comedy in Canada, and his hilarious on-screen dialogue delivery and playfulness make him a successful comedy actor of all time. Jim Carey has earned a spot on the Canadian Walk of Fame.

4.    Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynold is a famous Canadian who quickly gained fame and occupied a well-deserved spot in the film industry. Blane Trinity and Green Lantern are some of the blockbuster and high-profile movies that made him a rising start overnight.

Reynolds has also acted in romantic drama movies like Definitely Maybe, Adventureland, and The Proposal, all of which were successful and appreciated by fans. Besides, this Canadian actor has numerous ongoing TV and film projects, and fans can’t wait to watch his versatile acting skills in upcoming movies.

5.    Joshua Jackson

Joshua Jackson started his career as a child actor because his mother was a talented and successful casting director. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jackson has acted in many movies, but his most prominent roles are in the Dawson’s Creek series and the Mighty Ducks movie. Joshua Jackson is also appreciated for his serious roles in the Affair, Little Fires Everywhere, When They See Us, and Fringe.

6.    Mike Myers

Mike Myers is one of the most iconic actors in the North American film industry and is famous for his comic characters in TV and movies. Myers featured in the most acclaimed, viewed, and commercially successful TV series “Austin Powers.” Besides, Myers also performed as a voice actor in the blockbuster Shrek movies. Moreover, this Canadian celebrity is also a successful screenwriter.

7.    Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland started his acting career in the mid-80s and featured in various teen shows, including the most famous “The Lost Boys,” “Young Guns,” and “Stand by ME.” Sutherland won a Golden Globe Award, Emmy Award, two Satellite and Guild awards for his role in the series 24. Designated Survivor and the Touch are other series loved by fans. Sutherland is also a successful producer and creative singer.

8.    John Candy

John Canady is the most loved Canadian actor, thanks to his comic roles and hilarious characters played in SCTV. However, Candy also is a man of many talents and has worked in several cultural and political movies, including the Canadian bacon.

We recommend watching JFK (1991), Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987), the Blue Brothers (1980), Home Alone (1990), and National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983). You will love these movies and appreciate Candy’s roles.

9.    Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is one of the brightest young stars equally loved by Canadians and Americans for his energetic and charismatic acting skills. Started his career in the 1990s cult his series “Freaks and Geeks,” Rogen has acted in various shows and movies. Rogen’s dry wit and deadpan humor make him a unique actor.

10. Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard made his debut in the 100 as Zoran, a TV show, but he is famous for his role as Mike Wheeler in Stranger Things, an award drama series. Wolfhard won the Screen Actors Guild award for his remarkable performance in the series. We recommend watching the Supernatural (2005-2020) and Players in Carmen San Diego (2019).

Final Words

In addition to Hollywood filming, Canada is home to some of the most iconic actors and celebrities who have acted in award-winning and blockbuster movies. These actors’ struggle, enthusiasm, performance, and success have inspired millions of Canadians.

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Top 5 Canadian Movie Directors

Do you want to know about the best Canadian movie directors and their much-admired and award-winning works? Here are the top five Canadian film directors!

Canada is home to renowned artists, historians, scientists, researchers, sportspeople, philanthropists, actors, actresses, technologists, musicians, and movie directors. Over the years, Canada has produced some of the best movie directors with award-winning movies and blockbuster films. 

The Canadian government, media organizations, and the private sector collaborate to promote filmmaking in the country. Film production schools and institutions have grown substantially, making Canada one of the major productions hubs globally. 

Although Canada has many successful movie directors, today’s article will mention the top five directors who use innovative artistic, dramatic, creative, and visualization techniques to produce blockbuster movies. Read on!

1. David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg is one of the best movie directors, screenwriters, and actors specializing in directing horror movies. Not only has Cronenberg’s films won various awards, but he also has millions of fans worldwide. 

Even critics appreciate the innovation and creativity Cronenberg brings in the horror genre of the Canadian film industry. Some of the top David Cronenberg’s movies are Videodrome (1983), the Fly (1986), the Dead Zone (1983), the Brood (1979), Naked Lunch (1991), Crash (1996), Maps to the Stars (2014).  

In addition, Cronenberg makes substantial efforts to employ horror and science fiction characteristics in his movies using different techniques and technological aspects, causing viewers on the edge of their seats while watching a movie.

2. Denis Villeneuve

Denis Villeneuve is a French Canadian movie director and writer famous for directing sensitive, inventive, and visually intensive science-fiction movies. Villeneuve has directed numerous movies, and each film focuses on human issues like pain, sorrows, suffering, dark nature, trauma, dilemmas, etc. 

The cutting-edge elements, intense, thrilling story, and unmatched cinematics make Villeneuve the best director. Some of the best movies directed by Denis Villeneuve are Arrival (2016), Dune (2021), Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Incendies (2010), and Prisoners (2013). Each movie will give you a thrilling experience and feel delighted to watch.

3. Norman Jewison 

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Norman Jewison is one of the best Canadian directors with various blockbuster television series and films. Jewison is famous for depicting and showcasing the American social traumas and problems in his movies. 

Besides, Norman Jewison has won many awards for his splendid work, including the best director at the Berlin Film Festival, Director Guilds’ lifetime achievement awards, BAFTA award, and many others. 

It is always an amusement to watch Norman Jewison’s blockbuster movies, including F.I.S.T (1979), Jesus Christ Superstar (1973), a soldier’s Story (1984), Best Friends (1982), and Bogus (1986). 

Moreover, Jewison is different from other American and Canadian directors because he uses a blend of various genres to ensure entertainment, comedy, visual appeal, and thrill to keep audiences challenged.

4. Denys Arcand 

Denys Arcand is one of the top Canadian movie directors who has earned a reputation for movies in various genres, including art, life, trauma, violence, human suffering, and political thrillers. 

Arcand’s intellectual curiosity, commitment, and passion for state-of-the-art movies with innovative cinematics, story, script, dialogues, and cohesive entertainment make him a creative director. 

Denys Arcand has won many awards, including Crane Grand Prix in 1989, Academy awards for the best international feature film in 2004, Cesar Award for best film and best director in 2004, and many more. 

Some of the blockbuster movies directed by this renowned Canadian film director are the Barbarian (2003), the Decline of the American Empire (1986), Days of Darkness (2007), and Cotton Mill, Treadmill (1976).

5. Deepa Mehta

Deepa Mehta is a famous producer and director who has received global acclaim for her state-of-the-art, provocative, emotional, and thought-stimulating movies, especially on social justice, human rights, crime, heroic, musical, drama, and romantic genres. 

Some of her best movies are the trilogy Fire (1996), Earth (1998), Midnight Children (2012), Water (2005), and Funny Boy (2020). Deepa Mehta is also well-known for her work in Bollywood cinema, adding Hindi elements to most of her movies. 

Anyway, each movie is the epitome of creativity that showcases her essence for vivid cinematography. Mehta won Canadian Screen Award for best screenplay in 2003 and the Canadian Lifetime achievement award in 2019.

Final Words 

Canada welcomes everyone from different parts of the world to make their dreams come true in all walks of life. The same is true for movie directors. Some of the top Canadian film directors and producers were not born in Canada – they immigrated to this beautiful country and leveraged the opportunities to earn a name for themselves. Until Next Time! 

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
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Not every kid after high school wants to go to college or continue their education further. Some of them are more tempted to join the workforce right away and find a good job in something they like and would like to learn.

Regarding myself, for instance, I decided to study and work in construction, our subject for this article. See, here’s what happens when you finish high school, we all, or at least most of us, make the mistake of “following the trend” and what pays the most, disregarding what we would love to do and what each one of us, as an individual, is good at.

So, in this article, we will be focusing on the pros and cons of construction as a career, and 5 lessons I learned from working in it.

To begin with, as for construction, you need to be at least 16 years old, pass the provincial qualification exam for the trade covered by the application, successfully complete the health and general safety course for construction sites and have a high school diploma.

However, for most construction labour jobs, a high school diploma is the minimum education requirement. Moreover, trade school teaches you ways on how to become a skilled construction worker.

You’ll learn how to use certain equipment, read plans, tools, heavy machinery and how to drive boom lift machines. Some domains demand long training, like electrician schooling, for instance, takes up to about 9 months in class and 4 years to complete, with 144 hours of technical training and 2,000 hours of paid on-the-job training each year of your apprenticeship. My first experience in construction was a very cold Monday morning in Montreal Canada. I was shocked, on one hand by the weather, on the other that I couldn’t wear my winter coat because it made it impossible to tie my tool belt around my waist. I learn later that most people wear two layers of hoodies, and that’s the typical winter coat for a construction worker. It was a contract for the city of Montreal, a library for the city of Pierrefonds in West End. As I enter the construction site, I could see the building didn’t even have walls or windows installed. From there, I knew this was going to be a long ride to get to know this domain, but all challenges were accepted, so why not, and spring was about to come shortly.

At this library, I had the chance to be there from the start to the end of the project, it gave me 2 and half years of experience in construction and that was my favourite job site, I learned everything there. My first work partner was Michael, he was 63 years old, he started to work as a tinsmith at the age of 16 years old, that’s all he knew, but he was the best I’ve ever met in the field. For you who don’t know, a tinsmith is someone who is a worker who makes or repairs things of sheet metal such as tinplate.

My first lesson came from Mike, he taught me to always be aware of everything going around me if I don’t want to get hurt. There are more than 100 people on a big commercial job site, such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, elevator mechanics and more. With Mike, we were doing everything from installing ventilation systems to assembling runs for other workers. He taught me how to read a plan, which is very hard to understand the first time because it’s not a plan designed only for you, but for the whole site, and you got to understand every quotation and measure very well so as not to get stopped by a wall or pipeline from somebody else’s work, and Mike only explains once, if you weren’t listening, that’s your problem. Louis was my second work partner; I would share the day with him sometimes when Mike didn’t need my help. He was the best teacher ever because he would make sure you understood well before letting you go. He taught me how to work correctly, to take my time no matter what, because in construction it was harder to redo a job than to just do it once. He showed me how to be fully equipped with clothing and tools, and how to sign up for advantages and insurance. My second lesson was to be patient on everything and never rush.

My first construction site was my favourite and I thought every job site was going to have the same environment and work ethic. It was totally the opposite of that, I never had the chance to be in a great team like the first one and learned again like that. I was, most of the time, getting transferred from job site to job site and that was something that bothered me.

Sometimes mother nature has other plans for you, and that’s where my third lesson will help you be prepared the most. One day, on a hot humid day in Montreal downtown, we were renovating Holt Renfrew Ogilvy; it was really one of the most challenging and demanding sites ever. Most of the stores and offices were still open during the renovation because we were working per section of the building. That day we received 2 full 53” foot trucks full of equipment ventilation docs, ladders, plan tables, isolations, rods, suspension equipment and boxes of tape and glue. We were three apprentices and we all had the same task to empty this truck before lunch. It started to pour rain, not even 15 minutes in and one guy had to go back inside to help the others. We ended up being 2 guys to unload both trucks in the rain, and I always look a day before on how the weather is going to be and by doing that you get to bring more clothes to the job or at least be more prepared, however, on that day I was totally wrong. By the time we finished the wet unloading marathon, I was drenched from head to toe and had to continue the rest of the day like this, there was no easy way I could go home and come back in time, lunch break was only 30 minutes and that was the time it took me to get home.

The fourth lesson in construction always has extra clothing because you never know how the day is going to be.

In the fifth lesson, you got to have your own tools on you. Nobody really likes to share their equipment because equipment gets stolen, I learned that the hard way. At first, I didn’t have a tool bag, it takes time to assemble the right equipment because most of them were expensive and you always have a limited budget.

Most people think that because you finish at two o’clock in the afternoon that your job is amazing. However, waking up at four in the morning, being the only one getting ready to go to work and knowing that at six am it’s time to go to work until two o’clock was tiring physically! During your day, you’re going to walk kilometres of distance along with moving and lifting heavy equipment all day. Most of the time I was working alone and in tough environments, sometimes working at night, doing demolition, working underground and not seeing daylight. It was a lot of things that I didn’t know about and day by day I was losing interest in the job and staying there only for money wasn’t the best route to take. At the end of the day, I was always exhausted both physically and mentally due to the hours I was spending driving and working. I wanted more and knew I was capable of more; a better lifestyle was the only thing I had in mind. Also, on a site, even a minor slip or fall can cause serious injury. While work sites are much safer now than ever before, dangerous work conditions are still something you must always keep in mind before choosing construction work as your livelihood. Construction is a very broad term, and the pay scales will vary depending on the type of construction job you are doing, as well as your skillset. However, compared to other labour jobs, a construction worker can expect to enjoy an excellent paycheck when there is work. Construction is a very broad term, and the pay scales will vary depending on the type of construction job you are doing, as well as your skillset. However, compared to other labour jobs, a construction worker can expect to enjoy an excellent paycheck when there is work. In general, many trades allow you to earn $50,000 or more after you have enough experience. Also, if you own your own business, work for a successful company, or serve in a management/supervisor role, you can earn even more. Another advantage to working in construction is that for many trades, it’s easy to enter the trade and start a career with almost no experience. For many trades, you can start as a labourer, work hard, learn the trade over a few years, and progress in your skills, position, and salary. Many contractors in trades like carpentry, remodelling, and more, are looking for people that are hard-working and willing to learn. During your first two years in construction, you’re going to get tested by the more experienced individuals, depending on your team and company as well. You’re always going to be the one chosen for ‘cleaning day’, which happens to be every Friday, empty the garbage’s in the employee room, empty the Forman truck every morning when he brings material, arrange the storage room daily, isolate the vents with a special glue, and this is all probably what you’re going to be doing for a while from Monday to Friday.


Therefore, you have to be patient no matter what the circumstances are and whatever they throw at you. It’s hard to adapt at first, but after a couple of months, you’re going to get your chance to install and work with the others. If you do good, you’ll probably never do these old tasks again. This is my full two-year experience in the construction world and my first taste of life and adulthood. I learned a lot in those years, I was only seventeen when I started. Being interested in construction helped me fix stuff around the house and being handy; builds character and helps you mature faster. So, for every young man that doesn’t know what to do after high school and wants to experience this field, you will not regret it no matter how it ends.

Doctor Kevin George Story

Originally hailing from Newfoundland, the Reverend Doctor Kevin George is an Anglican priest at St. Aidan’s Church in London, ON with a mission to connect the communities of the world through kindness, compassion, friendship and interfaith relations.

This past September, Rev. Kevin embarked on an ambitious challenge called “55 Hours of Hope”. Starting on September 11 and ending September 13, Rev. Kevin (or “Revy Kevy” as he is sometimes known) preached his message of inclusivity and outreach for a solid 55 hours, only taking one five minute break every hour. In doing so, he raised over $100K for his church community as well as two local charities: ANOVA (an organization dedicated to a future without violence) and Jesse’s Journey (an organization working to fund research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy – a type of muscular dystrophy that primarily affects children).

Not only did this challenge raise money, Rev. Kevin focused his 2+ days of preaching on his message of inclusivity and brother/sisterhood for all people. Throughout his career, Rev. Kevin has been a vocal supporter of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, LGBT rights, welcoming refugees with openness and compassion, protecting the environment, better understanding of mental health, and all marginalized peoples.

How does Kevin inspire others?

Kevin preaches love without borders, inspiring others to seek out the brokenness in those around them by embracing their own brokenness. He guides people to build relationships and further the building of community in an inter-faith manner because of his belief in a God that lives. As a priest and child of God, Rev. Kevin leads through his own example – embracing and uplifting people in need, regardless of any shared or conflicting beliefs.

What is Kevin’s ideal vision that you would like to contribute to the world?

A world of connection and understanding across faiths, cultures, languages, borders and more.

What is the message that Kevin would like to spread?

To welcome all as brothers and sisters.

What is Kevin’s superpower?

Connection to community and building of humanity!