10 Best-Paying Jobs in Canada

10 Best-Paying Jobs in Canada

10 Best-Paying Jobs in Canada

Canada is one of the most desirable countries to live in because it has a high quality of life, low crime rates, and excellent education. With so much to offer, Canada is perfect for people who are looking for a new start or are seeking greener pastures. If you are looking for a career that will provide you with an above-average salary, then this list of the 10 best-paying jobs in Canada might be your answer.          

As a country that prides itself on multiculturalism, Canada welcomes people from all around the world. As such, different types of jobs are available. It’s not difficult to find work if you know what kind of job you’re looking for. So without further ado, here are the 10 best-paying jobs in Canada.

The top 10 best-paying jobs in Canada are listed below. From high-tech to management, these positions provide a great salary and benefits that you’ll want to consider for your next career move. These careers will be lucrative for years to come, so if one of them sounds like the right fit for you then take some time today researching it more thoroughly or applying online! You never know what could happen after reading this list – maybe all of our readers find their perfect match before they even finish reading this blog post!

Employees today worry about health and safety more than anything else. Different factors have affected people’s finances, which adds salaries to these factors.

Statistics show that an average Canadian employee earns around $50,000 per year. Of course, there are variations based on the province, gender, and race, etc. They have all impacted the labour industry.

The pandemic may have had an even more serious impact on salary expectations. It’s expected to rise by 3% across Canada in 2022.

There may be a new revelation that perhaps some workers are not getting enough. This is evident in sectors like healthcare and retail.

Nevertheless, there are specific professionals that draw high wages. And even the effects of the pandemic have not impacted them negatively.

In this guide, we are discussing these highest-paying jobs in Canada.

1.      Surgeons and Doctors

Doctors in Canada are in high demand and the profession is riskier than most others. Surgeons can work for several hospitals on different schedules, but they still face challenges like any other professional would during their career path

Output: The average annual income of a doctor varies depending on where he/she practices; however it’s enough to make them one of our most highly-paid professionals with $236k-$676K potential earnings per annum! This doesn’t even take into account all those benefits such as free housing provided by your university or hospital (or private school), which means you won’t need builder salary just mortgage payments too – that leaves plenty of room left over for savings right?

2.      Lawyers

Lawyers are always in demand, and that is why this profession comes second on our list of highest-paying jobs. On average they make $303K per year which makes them one of the best paid professionals out there!

3.      Judges

Becoming a judge requires one to study law for up to 6 years. But after that, finding a job is not as hard as other professions. Judges are known for handling demanding responsibilities with a substantial amount of legal experience. 

Finding a job as a judge is almost certain. With the right experience, you can be hired by the government quite easily. Their salaries range from $198k to $568K.

4.      Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)

In order to be successful, a company needs an experienced and creative chief marketing officer. This person must have the ability to both understand how budgets work as well as stay ahead of trends in their field so they can create strategies that will help grow revenue without compromising on expenses or timelines.

The job of a chief marketing officer is not an easy one. These are people responsible for ensuring the company meets its marketing goals. They make sure the company is using less money in production but making more in revenues. They earn about $250 depending on the size of the organization.

5.      Chief Executive Officers (CEO)10 Best-Paying Jobs in Canada

CEOs have one of the most demanding tasks. They attend meetings after meetings to create a good name for their company, all while trying not lose sight that they are in charge and must maintain high standards at every turn!

6.      Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Another position that pays high is the CFO. These are employees who deal with the overall finances of the company, making it one of the most important roles.

A company cannot operate without a CFO. And since there are many organizations in Canada, the demand is quite high. The salary is about $250 per year. 

7.      Company Vice President

Before the C-class members of a company are the vice presidents. This is a leadership role that pays an average of $126 per year as revealed by talent.com. However, it also depends on the size of the company.

Becoming a company vice president comes with many job-related demands. And that’s why the pay is good.

8.      Pilots

It takes rigorous training and testing to become a fully licensed pilot. And that’s why it’s one of the best-paying jobs. 

You can be sure to earn about $178 per year in this profession. But that is only if you have undertaken and completed your training.

9.      Data Analysis

Data is everything in the modern world. Companies that have it can leverage it to become the most favourite players. And this is why an IT manager can easily walk home with approx. $200 per annum.

10. Registered Nurses

Vacancies for registered nurses are plentiful in Canada. Hence, this is not only one of the highest paying jobs, but the best one too. 

There will always be a demand for nurses. Their work goes beyond hospital setups. A nurse can get over $74K per year.


There are many jobs that pay well in Canada. But these 10 are top on the list. Even with the pandemic, they still pay well, and will always do.

The above list comprises only a few jobs that pay the most. There are many other professions that offer above-average compensation that you can look into. Yet, if you’re looking to dive into any profession, ensure you do so for the right reasons lest you regret working on something that doesn’t excite you. Follow your dreams and the money will be more than enough for you.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

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