10 Best Spots for Camping in Canada

10 Best Spots for Camping in Canada

Do you love camping and adventurous activities? If yes, you must check out this article about the ten best spots for camping in Canada!

10 Best Spots for Camping in Canada

Camping in Canada is a unique experience for everyone, thanks to the natural beauty with fresh air, picturesque sceneries, and world-class facilities. Camping is an adventurous and healthy activity, improving overall health and wellbeing. Spending time outside soothes your brain, opens up your muscles, and gives you a sense of peace. What are the best spots for camping in Canada? Here is the ultimate list!

1.    Baie Sainte Marguerite Campground

The Baie Saint Marguerite is the best campground in Canada that attracts hundreds of people every week, giving them unforgettable experiences. Not only does Baie Sainte Marguerite Campground welcome tents and RVs, but you can also enjoy various outdoor activities, including hiking and biking. Don’t forget to visit the Beluga observation point while camping to enjoy the scenery.

2.    Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is a large area spread across 197 square miles. The Park Reserve comprises West Coast Trail, the Broken Group Islands, and Long Beach. However, the best places to erect your tent are the Broken Group Islands and the Long Beach region.

In addition, the Green Point Campground in this area offers various amenities, including tents, trailers, and RV campsites. You can enjoy walking, hiking, and biking with your friends and watching the beautiful sunset by the ocean.

3.    Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia, is a perfect place for camping in Canada because this area has mountains that meet the sea. It is a paradise for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

You can enjoy the sandy beaches, mountain hiking trails, and cascading waterfalls. The park has five camping spots with quality amenities, including a kitchen, washrooms, shelters, picnic tables, and hot showers.

4.    Thomas Raddall Provincial Park10 Best Spots for Camping in Canada

Thomas Raddall Park is one of the most popular spots for camping in Canada. It welcomes people of all ages and walks of life, allowing them to enjoy age-appropriate activities to keep themselves engaged in the picturesque region.

For instance, children can play in the playgrounds, and adults can visit the historical sites, including the Queens County Museum. Services offered in the park are disposable station, dishwashing station, showers, flush toilets, trails for walking, firewood, etc.

5.    Algonquin Provincial Park

The Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, is another best place to erect your tent and enjoy forests, lakes, and rivers. There are hundreds of lakes in the Algonquin Provincial Park, making it a dream spot for campers in Canada. Some of the best activities to engage yourself in the park are guided walks, hiking, canoeing in the lake, and peaceful bird-watching.

6.    Juan de Fuca Provincial Park

Juan De Fuca Provincial Park is the best place for campers who love adventurous activities, hiking, and biking. The area has a 47-kilometer walking and hiking trail to test your stamina.

Besides, the track goes in and out of the lush green forest, along the beach, and across rope-assisted rocks. Make sure you bring appropriate gear to stay safe and spend quality time with your friends.

7.    Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is located in Southern Alberta and is famous for hundreds of scenic lakes, including the Upper and Middle Waterton lakes, with the most beautiful sceneries. These lakes are on the edge of the tall Rocky Mountains.

The park offers a wide range of activities, such as sightseeing in nature, water activities, golfing, hiking, cycling, horseback riding, and many more. The campsite also has four restaurants that offer delectable food options.

8.    Kiwanis Oceanfront Camping10 Best Spots for Camping in Canada

Kiwanis Oceanfront is a world-class campground along the Passamaquoddy Bay, offering campers to relish the one-of-a-king views. Kiwanis Oceanfront is literally on the waterfront and has plenty of space to set up your tent and enjoy the scenic beauty.

In addition, the Kiwanis Oceanfront campground has high-quality amenities, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty without noticing the time. If you want to involve yourself in adventurous activities, you can go sightseeing, kayaking, golfing, fishing, and even whale watching.

9.    Prince Albert National Park

Prince Alberta National Park is a genuine delight to your eyes and heart. Whether you visit the place in summer or winter, you will love the camping experience. There is something for everyone and activities that complement all weather conditions.

For example, walking the trails or watching the beautiful birds coming to the native land are the best activities to do in the spring. When you visit the place in summer, you can enjoy your time on the lake located in the Waskesiu.

10. Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne hosts give campgrounds and 240 campsites. Although people from all over Canada visit Gros Morne during the summer, coming to the place in winter if you want to enjoy a thrilling experience with so much adventure.

However, you have to prepare yourself for the cold temperatures. So, bring a portable stove, snowshoes, warm clothes, beanies, and other things that could protect you from the cold. You will enjoy the winding fjords, flat-top mountains, stunning waterfalls (frozen in winter), and diverse wildlife.

Final Words

Camping in Canada is a one-of-a-kind experience because the country has thousands of picturesque areas, campgrounds, and campsites for camping lovers. However, nothing matches the beauty and quality of these best spots for camping in Canada.


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