Best Provincial & National Parks to Visit in Alberta

Best Provincial & National Parks to Visit in Alberta

Do you want to soothe your mind and heart? If yes, visit these best provincial and national parks in Alberta. Here is everything you need to know!

Provincial & National Parks to Visit in Alberta

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, boasting natural beauty, lush green landscapes, tall peaks, national and provincial parks. There are thirty-eight national parks in Canada.

Four of these national parks are in Alberta and preserve 63,000 square kilometres of picturesque wilderness. Although there are numerous provincial parks in Alberta, we will list the best of them. Read on!

1. Jasper National Park

Jasper National is located on the northern side of Banff and features Rocky Mountain’s scenic beauty and breathtaking views. There are many things to do in Jasper National Park. That’s why thousands of tourists visit the place to relish the rustic and laid-back environment.

In addition, Jasper National Park is home to wildlife and hundreds of animal species. It also boasts picturesque lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, and beautiful glaciers in the Canadian Rockies. Similarly, the National Park also has the second-largest dark sky preserves in the world.

Therefore, if you want to watch and enjoy the Northern Lights, no other place is better than visiting the Jasper National Park. In addition, the Park has a countryside charm, scenic and snowy landscapes, and a wide range of winter sports. Many people come to the National Park during the holidays.

2. Banff National Park

Banff National Park, Alberta, is the epitome of natural beauty, thanks to the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, snow-capped peaks, glacial lakes, world-class hotels, and fantastic winter sports.

In addition, this National Park is famous for its wide range of wild species. Thanks to the mountain tourist resort, souvenirs, maple syrup, delectable food, and plenty of other things, the townsite has stunning views.

The best things to do and places to visit in Banff National Park are National Historical Museum, Johnston Canyon, Banff Springs Hotel, Upper Hot springs, Peyto Lake, Moraine Lake, and Lake Louise. In addition, you can enjoy skiing at Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, and Norquay. Don’t forget to enjoy cocktails at Park Distillery.

3. Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park is located outside Edmonton. Although it is the smallest national Park in the region, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the top tourist attraction in Alberta. Recent reports show that Elk Island National Park’s administration has made substantial efforts to conserve the bison population.

Besides, Elk Island National Park is home to elk, moose, coyote, beaver, porcupines’ deer, black bears, and wolves. If you want to get away from the bustling city and spend some relaxed time in nature, head to the Elk National Park. The place is perfect for numerous outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

4. Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is one of the most visited places in Alberta, thanks to the rugged mountains, abundant wildlife, beautiful rivers, and grizzly bears. Most people visit the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for hiking and camping.

In addition, you can see a wide range of wildlife species when hiking the beautiful mountains. There are over 40 trails, and each track has a varying length, making them suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

5. Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park

Lesser Slave Provincial Park is famous for picturesque beaches, nighttime campfires, swimming, watersports, fishing, and many other things. Locals and tourists enjoy adventure activities, including camping.

The campground has more than 65 sites near the lake. Fishing is another popular outdoor activity at Lesser Salve Lake Provincial Park. This provincial Park’s massive waterbody lets tourists catch the legendry walleye, pike, and burbot.

Final Words

Visiting national and provincial parks in Canada will connect your mind, body, and spirit and open your chakras. Visit Alberta if you want to breathe in fresh and clean air, enjoy picturesque beauty, participate in fun and adventure outdoor activities, and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Alberta’s national and provincial parks are stunning places to add to your bucket list and sightseeing itinerary. These national parks are home to beautiful mountains, picturesque foothills, prairies, scenic rivers/lakes, and plenty of wildlife. Thus, these parks provide you with countless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.


  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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