Inspiring Canadian Entrepreneur – Vina Tsai

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Vina is a fast learner with diverse experience across industries, including finance, politics, digital marketing, technologies, non-profit organization, and retails. As a self-motivated and self-disciplined individual, she continues to enhance her personal and professional competencies.

Vina is the founder of the fashion brand Medusa’s Armour, which aims to promote more positivity, flexibility, creativity, and empowerment, inspire their customers to repel or give meaning to whatever situation in their lives whenever they want and express themselves to the world via its products.

She is also the founder of Vina Tsai Holdings Ltd. and Capina Asset Management – a Private Investment and Asset Group focused on sustainable investment that includes real estate acquisition, disposition, leasing and investing in sustainable communities.

She is nominated as one of the “ Top 30 Personalities Disrupting The Fashion Industry In 2022 ” in The New York Journal and “ Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs ” in the Forbes Monaco, and “ 50 Under 50 ” in The New York Journal.

As a young entrepreneur, Vina is open-minded, humble and always willing to embrace effective changes, challenges and diversity. She is interested in a wide range of industries, including venture capital, technology, media, non-profit organizations and charities, with a particular focus on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Disaster and Human Relief, Education, Economic Empowerment, Children and Hunger.

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