Canadian Entrepreneur 2023 March Feature – Erica Williams, Founder and CEO of Yumy Candy

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Imagine indulging in candy that’s not bad for you, is vegan and low in sugar–at just 3 grams. Yumy Bear is guilt-free bliss, wrapped up in a gummy confectionery that won’t stick in your teeth. For the health and wellness conscious, moms with young children, and everyone in between, the reward is endless. Throw in a candy company that supports wildlife with proceeds, and it’s a win-win all around.

Erica Williams, Founder and CEO of Yumy Candy, is a long-time health coach, fitness trainer, and entrepreneur. As a young Canadian entrepreneur, she saw a demand for Better-For-You sweets and started with the first flagship product, which was a delicious and healthier twist on a traditional gummy bear, called ‘Yumy Bear’. After meticulous development, it is now available at Walmart, Loblaws, Save On Foods and thousands of locations across Canada. She is expanding to U.S. markets to promote her brand and fill a niche for millennials/Gen Z, conscious parents, vegans, diabetics, and those who just want a healthier, worthy alternative of a plant-based candy.

“Yumy Candy is a publicly traded on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE:TYUM), only 4% of CEO’s of publicly traded companies are female.”

Forbes published two articles that describe her as identifying a market gap for healthy alternatives to candy incumbents, as well as affordable options within the premium aisle. At just 28 years old, she is a forward-thinking woman with a mission..

“People are becoming increasingly health conscious and more aware of what they’re eating, but still want to be able to treat themselves,” Williams said. She saw that there wasn’t much choice in terms of healthier snack options, especially sweets, and the idea for Yumy Bear was born. “I set my sights on making something that was not only healthy, not only plant-based, but also filled the category of being more affordable so it made it more accessible for everyone,” she said.

Yumy Bear is partnered with Northern Lights Wildlife Society, whose mission is to provide young, injured and/or orphaned wildlife with a safe and healthy environment. Animal welfare is a huge part of the company’s mission and is close to its heart. A portion of Yumy Candy sales goes towards this local organization, supporting their care efforts.

Yumy Candy is for everyone. A wide range of consumers within all age ranges, demographics and consumer habits are purchasing the Yumy Bear products. 9 out of 10 mothers report being the primary shopper for their household and the company has created a very kid-friendly and popular brand with mothers shopping for their kids.


Check it out here: yumybear.com