Best Coffee Shops in Edmonton

Best Coffee Shops in Edmonton

Do you want to refresh your brain, soothe your nerves, and feel energetic in the morning? Here are the best coffee shops to visit in Edmonton!

Best Coffee Shops in Edmonton

Coffee shops in Edmonton are excellent places to taste a delicious cup of coffee/tea and eat your favorite desserts. Whether you are a student, digital nomad, or tourist, Edmonton’s coffee shops offer a pleasant environment, private spaces, comfortable seating, and free Wi-Fi. Here are the best coffee shops in Edmonton.

The Moth Café

The Moth Cafe is a comfortable oasis in downtown Edmonton where you can unwind after a long day. The vegan cafe offers healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a creative drink menu.

Beans are roasted by Humble Coffee Roasters in Calgary. Keep it simple with an Americano, or get adventurous with a mushroom mocha. And if you are not in the mood for coffee, there are also chai lattes, medicinal teas, and kombucha.


Farrow offers a rotating menu that features sandwiches and coffee. The sandwich menu features enticing combinations of roast beef, pastrami, and roasted beets, while the coffee menu features carefully selected local and international beans. The interior décor is eye-catching and creates a comfortable environment for families and friends to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Ace Coffee

Edmonton’s new indoor Farmer’s Market is bountiful, which features an ethnic food hall and play area for children. Ace Coffee creates a vibrant environment. The interior is comfortable, and the coffee’s taste is delicious. It offers a diverse menu!

Lock Stock Coffee

For barista coffee downtown, look no further than Lock Stock Coffee. Unlike the previous cafe on this list, Lock Stock has a beautiful interior with brick and dark wood, usually reserved for places that serve something more potent than a portioned coffee. Gibraltar certainly packs a punch with a double shot of espresso and steamed milk served in a short tumbler.


Transcend was one of the first third-wave coffee shops in Edmonton and continues to be a staple cafe. It is a great place to study or work with plenty of amenities, comfortable interior, private spaces, and free Wi-Fi. The only complaint about Transcend is that drinks here are more expensive than at other Edmonton coffee shops.

Block 1912

Block 1912 is the best place to enjoy flavored and aroma-rich coffee. With walls lined with used books and inviting windows lined with desserts, pastries, and gelato, Block 1912 is where you will want to spend hours with your friends or family.

Sober Cat Café

Sober Cat Cafe works with local roaster Rogue Wave to ensure that each cup of coffee meets its high standards. The best part is that they make their cold brew nitro. Try their banoffee pancakes or espresso brownies if you are not caffeinated enough. You will love the interior décor and pleasant atmosphere.

Duchess Bake Shop

Duchess is a beautiful bakery and café in Edmonton, serving croissants, tarts, French macarons, cakes, and coffee. It is one of the top bakeries in North America and famous for its French patisserie. However, the café’s aroma-rich and flavorful coffee attracts people from all over the world.

Credo Coffee

With two locations in the city center and one on 124th Street, Credo offers what many Credo fans call the best coffee in town, Intelligentsia Coffee. It also sells local JACEK chocolates. Credo Coffee boasts a pleasant indoor environment, allowing families and friends to spend quality time together, drink coffee, and eat their favorite desserts.

Remedy Café

Remedy Cafe is a well-established local cafe brand in Edmonton. As its tagline might suggest, Remedy Cafe is the go-to place for locals and tourists. Remedy Café is famous for badamee tea, Kashmir tea, cappuccinos, espressos, etc.

Nook Café

The Nook Cafe is ideal for those who prefer a quiet, peaceful environment. The drink menu is extensive, and from popovers to beet lattes, the Nook Cafe has almost everything you need.

The café offers a diverse coffee menu, allowing you to choose your favorite one and create a memorable experience in Edmonton. It has a spacious interior, offering a comfortable environment for families and friends.

Final Words

Edmonton is one of Canada’s most widely visited cities for various reasons. Premium-quality coffee made from fresh ingredients is one of the reasons people visit Edmonton. Whether you are a local or tourist, visiting the above coffee shops will ensure you kick off your day freshly and energetically. Until Next Time!

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