Best Coffee Shops in Calgary

Best Coffee Shops in Calgary

Do you want to taste the most delicious coffee made from fresh beans? If yes, visit these best coffee shops in Calgary to refresh yourself!

Best Coffee Shops in Calgary

Calgary has many places to catch up with your family members or friends. Whether you are a student, professional employee, manager, or digital nomad, the best coffee shops in Calgary are an excellent way to spend quality time with your loved ones or colleagues and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

You will love the strong and flavorful brewed coffee in a comfortable atmosphere to soothe your mind, give yourself a jolt of energy, and awaken productivity. Calgary’s coffee shops are perfect for sitting down and enjoying your friends’ company. Today’s article will list the best coffee shops in Calgary. Read on!

Gravity Espresso

Gravity Espresso is one of the best coffee shops in Calgary, offering a wide range of coffee products, drinks, and food. The café has a comfortable atmosphere, allowing people to have a quiet and peaceful time. Depending on your taste and mood, you can order coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches.

However, this café is an excellent option for family or friends to get together, offering an assortment of gourmet cheese and wines. In addition, Gravity Espresso has two locations in Calgary to accommodate its guests in Inglewood and Beltline. The café has live music on weekdays.

We recommend checking the café’s schedule before visiting the place. Some of the best features of Gravity Espresso are coffee and wine, live music, cheese, pastries, sandwiches, and free parking.

Primal Grounds Café

Primal Ground Café is another go-to place in Calgary when you crave a delicious cup of coffee, unique soups, and gluten-free food. The café has a team of professional chefs who make soups from scratch using fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

In addition to a wide range of coffee products on the café’s menu, it offers signature soups, including African Peanut Veggie, Lemon Turkey Dill, Thai Coconut Chicken, Coconut Curry Veggie, Bone Broth, and Cream of Tomato Basil.

Ingredients in coffee preparation are premium-quality and fresh, delivering a delectable coffee experience. So, once you visit this place, you will want to come back and taste the coffee or soup again. The best thing about this café is its cozy environment, peaceful atmosphere, and private spaces.

The Roasterie

The Roasterie is one of the best coffee shops in Calgary. It is famous for its broad coffee menu and film screening. Guests can choose from a hot or cold blend of premium quality coffee beans sourced from different countries.

The café also has decafs and dark blends to choose from or purchase for home brewing. Although the café is small, it boasts a peaceful environment and allows families/friends to watch a movie and sip from a delicious cup of coffee.

Ladybug Café

Ladybug Café is a unique place for enjoying a delectable cup of coffee and mouthwatering baked goods. The European-influenced café is the best place for breakfast, brunch, and afternoon tea, offering a wide selection of coffee, sandwiches, and baked goods.

We have included Ladybug Café in our list of the best coffee shops because the professional staff keeps everything fresh. The café sources ingredients from local producers to support native businesses. At the same time, the quality of their coffee and food is high with fresh aroma. The interior is bright, clean, and comfortable.

Hexagon Board Game Café

Hexagon Café offers something to everyone, including hot and cold coffee blends, pastries, and board games. If you want to chill out with your friends in Calgary, visit this place to spend quality time playing a board game and taste a delicious cup of coffee. You will love to come back again once you have visited this place.

Hexagon offers more than 600 board games and ensures customers play the latest ones. You can browse the café’s official website to check the available games. The café prides itself on games, coffee, and community. You can book tables online!

Final Words

There are numerous health benefits of drinking coffee. These include boosting your physical performance, weight loss, fat burning, increased focus, reducing the risk of cardiovascular conditions, and elevating your energy levels. However, you may not achieve the best taste, aroma, and freshness when preparing coffee at home. So, if you are in Calgary, make sure you visit these coffee shops. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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