Best Cycling Routes in Canada

Best Cycling Routes in Canada

Although Canada has hundreds of cycling routes with unique views, nothing matches these cycling routes filled with natural beauty and adventure!

Best Cycling Routes in Canada

Cycling, also known as biking or bicycling, is fun, adventurous, and healthy. Canada has some of the best cycling routes in the world that attract locals and tourists alike, allowing them to improve their overall wellbeing and prevent the risk of chronic health conditions.

The scenic cycling routes in Canada allow you to relish the picturesque environment, breathe deeper, sweat, and experience adrenaline-fueled activity to improve your overall fitness level and make your trip to Canada more of an adventure or therapeutic vacation. Here are the best cycling routes in Canada. Read on!

Confederation Trail

Confederation Trail is located in Prince Edward Island, a paradise for cycling lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Although the area has beautiful bike trails, the Confederation trail is simply matchless, offering a perfect opportunity for locals and tourists to pedal tip-to-tip through the entire Prince Edward Island.

In addition, many shops and rental facilities allow people to find a bicycle. You can ride a bike on the island’s abandoned railway to explore the area’s culture. Along the way, you will discover charming villages, beautiful viewpoints, art galleries, and local restaurants that offer seafood.

Bear in mind that the Confederation trail is 435 kilometers long. However, it is not necessary to travel the entire route. However, if you want to extend your journey and experience more adventure, you can continue onto the Trans Canada Trail. It takes around six days to cycle through the entire Prince Edward Island.

Cabot Trail

The Cabot Trail offers a perfect opportunity to ride your bicycle in the most scenic Canadian region. If you plan a cycling trip across Canada, make sure you include the Cabot Trail in your list. It is a 300-kilometer highway for cyclists and bikers, boasting stunning ocean views and allowing you to ride your bike through fishing villages along curvy paths and tracks.

The Cabot Trail enables cyclists to ride through the scenic Cape Breton Island, where you will find various places to stop and relish outdoor activities. Stop your bike and hike the beautiful highlands, play golf at highland links, watch whales, eat delectable food, or go kayaking in the bay.

Kettle Valley Rail Trailguys biking

The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is one of Canada’s most scenic cycling routes, providing 650 kilometers of connected tracks and pathways throughout the region. These pathways extend through numerous towns and communities. The Kettle Valley Rail Trail is the most beautiful route in the entire area.

Unlike other trails in the region, the Kettle Valley Rail Trail offers flat and wider paths, making it a family-friendly cycling route in entire Canada. You will love exploring the two tunnels and eighteen bridges during your ride. Don’t forget to see the stunning views of the Okanagan Valley, explore orchards and vineyards. There are plenty of things to do and areas to see in the region.

Great Lakes Waterfront Route

Great Lakes Waterfront Route is located in Central Canada. It is a perfect cycling route for biking enthusiasts and adventure lovers. So, if you want to honor North America’s most beautiful freshwater lakes, head to this beautiful route in Ontario.

Moreover, it is a fully signed cycling route, making it safe and family-friendly. The track is more than 3,000 kilometers long and starts from Sault Ste. Marie to the Quebec’s border. So, this is an excellent route for professional cyclers who want to explore central Canadian regions on their bicycles.

The trail connects more than 140 communities, 42 provincial parks, 25 bike-friendly areas, and three major wine regions. So, if you want to make your cycling dream come true, don’t forget to add Great Lakes Waterfront Route to your cycling routes list.

Viking Trail

Although Canada has hundreds of cycling routes with unique views, nothing matches these cycling routes filled with natural beauty and adventure!

The Viking Trail is the epitome of cycling routes in Eastern Canada. It is located in Newfoundland, allowing cyclists to enjoy picturesque views, explore the rich history and culture, and pedal along to learn and marvel.

In addition, it is a 600 kilometres long cycling route starting near Deer Lake and going through the Gros Morne National Park. The Viking trail has many areas where you can stop and enjoy other outdoor activities, such as hiking, capturing photos, and recording videos of breathtaking sceneries.

Final Words

Cycling is a fun and adventurous activity that improves overall health and connects your mind, body, and spirit. What’s more satisfying than exploring the world’s most scenic cycling routes in Canada? Until Next Time!


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