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Manish Gaba | The Success Story

An Inspiring Canadian Success Story

Manish Gaba | Inspiring Canadians Entrepreneur | Success Story

fascinated, yet heartbroken

As a child, Manish was always fascinated, yet heartbroken, by the large disparities he saw around himself between the haves and the have-nots.

He, himself, has been on both ends of that spectrum, having had early experiences of near-food-insecurity, then building up to having the privilege of studying and working in top institutions. Along that journey, he started to realize the obvious advantages that good schooling and a strong support system can provide; a realization that became even more evident during his university days.

Corpversity (a meld between corporate and university)

Together, they started Corpversity (a meld between corporate and university), put their thoughts into action and built a self-serve assessment kit that helps students realize where they stand in terms of vital skills, and guide them in the areas they need improvement on.

The areas Corpversity Covers

The areas Corpversity covers span across networking, resume building and even basic computer skills that come in very handy, all for the price of a coffee. Manish has found that these skills are especially relevant in a market like India, where a majority of graduates are far from ready to take the next steps. In the 2 years since its inception, Corpversity has helped over a thousand students get closer to their dream careers. Manish is now starting to expand his scope to help new immigrants figure out their paths in Canada. His hope is to provide everyone with the guidance they need to have a fantastic start to their own journeys, and believes that his own story has only just started.

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What is the ideal vision that you would like to contribute to the world?

Manish believes that, especially given the way things are today, if every person in the world did their work with honesty, and without slacking or hindering others, it would make a massive difference to them and people around them.

What is the message that you would like to spread?

If you have signed up for something – whether it is delivering mail, being part of the Senate (voted by people to improve their lives) or driving an Uber – do what you signed up for with honesty and sincere effort. It makes the world a better place.

What is your super power?

What is your super power?: His love for striking conversations – hopefully with some awkward humor sprinkled in ;) He has seen the powers of it breaking notions and mental barriers, lighting up people’s days, whether it’s your barista at your usual cafe or your neighbour (yes they do still exist!) and forging unforgettable connections.