Best spots for snowshoeing in Canada

Are you planning to visit Canada during the winter season? If yes, you can’t miss these best spots for snowshoeing to enjoy the adventure and scenic beauty!
Are you planning to visit Canada during the winter season? If yes, you can’t miss these best spots for snowshoeing to enjoy the adventure and scenic beauty!

Top Trails for Snowshoeing in Canada

Do you want to enjoy the winter scenery in Canada? Why don’t you participate in the satisfying and enjoyable snowshoeing activity? Winter in Canada brings unique vibes, allowing people to bundle up, relish outdoor activities, and burn some energy. Snowshoeing is an excellent way to adventure by heading to the following winter wonderlands. These places are like paradise for snowshoeing enthusiasts. Read on!

1. Gatineau ParkBest spots for snowshoeing in Canada

Gatineau Park is the most prominent snowshoeing spot in Canada, offering an extensive network of trails for adventurers and snowshoeing lovers in North America. The tracks are a few minutes from Ottawa’s downtown.

Gatineau Park has 60 kilometers of trails to test your strength according to your skill level. Access the trails 60 and 61 from the Visitor Center to get the most out of your snowshoeing activity.

Besides, these two trails are the shortest and easiest, providing excellent opportunities for families with small children. Various day shelters have picnic tables, firepits, and outhouses, enabling families and friends to snowshoe comfortably and safely. Visit the trails at Wakefield or Meech Lake for more challenging activities.

2. Algonquin Park

Algonquin Park is the best place to snowshoe in beautiful Ontario. We recommend taking the Logging Museum trail, 1.3 kilometers path suitable for people of all skill levels, including families with children.

However, head to the Old Railway Trail if you want to enjoy a longer trek in a less crowded place. It is 16 kilometers of one-way trail, offering a more long-drawn-out and challenging route, giving you a sense of more adventure.

Algonquin Park is an excellent place for families to enjoy snowshoeing. Watch the beautiful black-backed woodpeckers, grey jays, and boreal chickadees. Keep your eyes peeled for wolves, moose, and foxes.

3. Whistler

Whistler is another beautiful spot to enjoy snowshoeing in Canada. Not only is Whistler an excellent place for beginners to practice snowshoeing, but it is also suitable for people looking to participate in challenging activities.

Whistler has an extensive selection of mesmerizing snowshoeing territory, allowing you to relish the peacefulness of the forest and the sound of snowshoes on the powdery snow. We recommend trying the Rainbow Falls Trail because it is short, easy, and scenic.

It is a popular trail that takes you to the Frozen Rainbow Falls to enjoy the stunning views in the freezing winter. If you are looking for a challenging route, look no further than the Whistler Olympic Park, offering 30 kilometers of trails with different loops.

4. KootenayBest spots for snowshoeing in Canada

Kootenay National Park attracts thousands of snowshoeing enthusiasts every year to have memorable experiences. It is the most picturesque place with stunning views. The family-friendly atmosphere along the Paint Pots Trail in Kootenay Park provides ultimate entertainment to families.

In addition, another trail takes you to the frozen Vermilion River located between the natural ponds and mountains. The orange-tinted ponds are due to the extensive concentration of iron oxide in the area.

Moreover, the Paint Pots has flat terrain, allowing people of all skill levels to enjoy the adventure. You will love the enigmatic views that will leave you in awe. Indeed, you will remember this snowshoeing experience for years to come.

5. Mont-Tremblant

Mont-Tremblant offers a wide range of winter activities, including snowshoeing. Skiing and snowboarding. It has 50 kilometers of snowshoeing trails through the meadows, forest, lakes, and the mesmerizingly beautiful La Diable River.

We recommend heading to the Ski De Font, a perfect place and go-to destination for enjoyable snowshoeing. In addition, Mont Tremblant offers guided tours, allowing you to learn the activity and enjoy the winter adventure.

Similarly, beginners can get the most out of their snowshoeing activity by participating in the fondue tour. It allows locals and tourists to have a memorable mountain adventure. You will love the delectable dinner included in the tour package in the middle of the forest.

Final Words

Snowshoeing is an excellent activity that strengthens your muscles and soothes your brain. Research shows that this impressive exercise can burn more than 500 calories per hour. Canada offers a paradise-like environment, making it a wonderland for skiers and snowshoers coming from different parts of the world.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.