Tamara Rifai

The Success Story

An Inspiring Canadian Success Story

Tamara - Founder of Revolution Hair Studio

A Business Revolution!

When Tamara Rifai took over the family-run, Revolution Hair Studio, which had been open in Beaconsfield since 1987, she had a vision of using Revolution to start… a revolution! A revolution in the way businesses exists in the world.

Tamara Rifai - Inspiring Canadian Entrepreneur

Eco-conscious approach to an industry

Changing an Industry

Today, Revolution has two locations that, as part of Green Circle Salons, take an eco-conscious approach to an industry known for producing high levels of waste.

Her salons also support local charities, including the Ukulele Kids Club and Montreal Children’s Hospital. Her new location, which, through her drive and determination, Tamara completely gutted and renovated in just a few months, also houses a salon academy dedicated to helping stylists continually advance their knowledge, techniques and skills, and take themselves to new heights. If there is a way to use the business she is passionate about to do good, she does it.

Tamara’s salons are a true reflection of her and her vision for the world. They are cozy, with a zen vibe and great atmosphere, decorated with positive quotes, crystals and dream catchers. Her stylists are friendly, inviting and truly love what they do and what they are a part of.

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How do you feel you inspire others?

I try to inspire others through my love and passion for what I do, and by making success look easy and fun, because it can be! I also focus on giving back, and hope that it inspires others to use their own successes to lift up those around them.

I strive to always have a positive outlook, even during the hard times. I try to be an example by having the guts to really do things; to go after my dreams and make them reality.

What is the ideal vision that you would like to contribute to the world?

When we accept where we are when times are tough, that’s when we grow the most. Recognize that it’s part of the ebb and flow and appreciate it for what it is. Where there’s acceptance, there’s peace.

What is the message that you would like to spread?

Spread love and kindness everywhere you go. You will always touch someone’s heart and make a difference. A simple gesture can change someone’s life.

Charities I support:

This October, I am hosting a hair cutting charity fundraiser for Ukulele Kids Club and Montreal Children’s Hospital. I have also provided free makeovers at native women shelters, and give free haircuts for people who donate 10 inches of hair or more to make hair wigs for cancer patients.

What is your superpower?

I make people feel great about themselves.

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