Best mountains to hike in Canada

Best mountains to hike in Canada

If you are a hiking enthusiast looking for the best mountains for this adventurous activity in Canada, head to any of these mountains! Read here!

Best Mountain Hikes in Canada

Canada is famous for its natural beauty, scaling mountains, scenic valleys, vast wilderness, and varied terrains, attracting thousands of hiking enthusiasts from different world regions.

Canadians are outdoor enthusiasts as a nation, and when the spring arrives, people prepare themselves to celebrate the adventurous activity. The purpose is to enjoy the pleasant weather, get their hearts racing, and relish the adrenaline-fueled and thrilling trails. Here are the best mountains to hike in Canada. Read on!

Mount Seymour SummitBest mountains to hike in Canada

Mount Seymour Summit has beautiful trails with panoramic views of the mainland. The trails in Mount Seymour are easy to navigate with well-maintained signs and painted orange rocks, allowing hikers to reach the summit.

In addition, Mount Seymour has three peaks you can hike. These include the first and second pump peaks with the Mount Seymour peak. The last one offers the most scenic views, attracting tourists from all over the world for an enjoyable summer.

The hiking trail length is nine kilometers and is suitable for moderate-level hikers. The total time required to complete the hike is five to six hours due to the 450 meters elevation. Anyway, this place is worth visiting.

Montana Mountain

Montana Mountain has the best hiking trail with a length of nine kilometers and elevation gain of 618 meters, offering something to everyone. However, we recommend the hiking trail to moderate and advanced-level hikers.

Sam McGee built the mining road and immortalized it in the Cremation of Sam McGee, a classic poem written in the early 1900s. Today, the route from the McGee trail to Hero Mountain offers the lower mainland’s picturesque view and scenic beauty.

However, Montana Mountain’s hiking trail is challenging with steep sections, loose stone, and tricky climbs. Keep your eyes peeled for mountain bikers who use the track for biking. So, in addition to hiking, you can also use the trail for other adventurous activities.

Black Tusk Garibaldi Provincial Park

Black Tusk Garibaldi has beautiful and longest trails with varying lengths. The most visited one is the 29-kilometer trail with an elevation gain of 1,740 meters. If you are a serious hiker with high enthusiasm for adventure, we recommend hiking the Black Tusk Garibaldi trails in the Provincial Park.

It will take around eleven hours to complete your hiking excursion. In addition to the challenging hike, you will enjoy the scenic beauty of alpine wildflowers and volcanic rock landscape. Remember, the 29-kilometer trail is rugged suitable for advanced hikers.

Mount Cheam

Mount Cheam has a hiking trail suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced hiking enthusiasts. The trail’s length is 9.5 kilometers, with an elevation gain of 700 meters. It requires at least 4-5 hours to complete the hiking adventure.

It would help if you had a four-wheel drive to handle the rough logging road. When you reach the trailhead, you will walk over a pile of logs. Although some areas are challenging to hike, the adventure is mesmerizing, thanks to the Spoon Lake zigzagging around the mountain. The Fraser Valley has stunning views, a reward for hiking lovers.

Sea to Summit TrailBest mountains to hike in Canada

Sea to Summit Trail is another best area for mountain hikers and climbers. It has a one-way trail of 7.5 kilometers you can cover in 3-5 hours. The route is suitable for intermediate and expert hikers because the elevation gain is more than 918 meters.

Unlike other trails in Canada, this hiking route is newly developed and goes through the forest, allowing hikers to summit the Sea to Sky Gondola. You will love the stunning views of Howe Sound and Sky Pilot.

Don’t forget to stay at the Summit Lodge for relaxation and lunch. You can soak up the sunshine on the Lodge’s patio. It is a perfect hiking spot for friends who want to relish the adventurous activity with steep sections.

Final Words

Mountain hiking is an excellent way to strengthen your spine, core, and legs muscles. Not only does it build stability in your core muscles and improve balancing skills, but the technical terrain of the hiking mountains in Canada also increases climbing abilities. You will love the picturesque views, pleasant atmosphere, and scenic beauty.

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