Top 10 Canadian Entrepreneurs

Best Canadian Entrepreneurs [Updated]

Entrepreneurship enables people to create wealth and plays a role in the country’s economic growth. Here are the top ten Canadian Entrepreneurs!

These entrepreneurs have made a name for themselves both in Canada and abroad, and their stories are sure to inspire you.

Canadian entrepreneurs have made significant contributions to boosting the country’s economic growth through innovative products, services, and technologies. About 97% of businesses in Canada are small-medium companies with up to 500 employees. These organizations are the backbone of Canadian’s socioeconomic development and growth. Here are the top ten Canadian entrepreneurs. Read on!

Canada is a country of entrepreneurs and innovators. Canadians have led the world in technological advancement, business successes, and financial triumphs. With so much entrepreneurial spirit embodied within our nation’s borders, it’s no wonder that countless Canadian entrepreneurs have solidified their mark on history with unforgettable success stories.

Herein we will explore the lives and careers of 10 distinctive Canadian entrepreneurs whose influence has reformed businesses around the globe, paving the way for Canada’s continued leadership as an incubator of industry dynamism. Here are the top ten Canadian Entrepreneurs!

1.    Susan Niczowski

Susan Niczowski is one of the best and most successful Canadian entrepreneurs. Everyone knows about the Summer Fresh salads and dips, but do you know Niczowski is the brilliant mind behind the company? Susan has been leading the company for three decades.

Under the leadership of Susan Niczowski, the company has changed the perception of food and drawn people to consume healthy and organic food. Today, the company’s products are found in every Canadian kitchen.

She has also been actively involved in several non-profit organizations. Moreover, she is an active mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs. She has been awarded many awards.

2.    Tonia Jahshan

Tonia Jahshan is a successful entrepreneur who established Steeped Tea, the fastest-growing Canadian company specializing in home tea parties. Once a small company, Steeped Tea is a multi-million dollar company with over $20 million in annual sales. The direct business sales model is the driving force behind the company’s success.

Tonia Jahshan’s unique approach to business has made her one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Canada. The company has a cost advantage over its competitors because it does not sell to retail chains. Instead, the company sells directly through tea parties.

She is an innovator who has created a large customer base with an effective direct sales approach. She is also actively involved in non-profit organizations and charities.

Top 10 Canadian Entrepreneurs

3.    Mike Lazaridis

Mike Lazaridis is the co-founder of “Research in Motion Limited,” a company that revolutionized the world of communication by creating the world-famous Blackberry. Lazaridis is a university dropout, but his commitment and dedication toward doing business have made him a successful Canadian entrepreneur.

Besides, Lazaridis also runs various other organizations, including the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the Center for International Governance Innovation. Today, Mike is the most successful Canadian Technologists. Time Magazine named him one of the top 100 influential people in 2005.

He is a great example of how entrepreneurs can make it big in the world. His success story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

4.    Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary, also known as “Mr. Wonderful,” is the most famous Canadian Entrepreneur and a successful businessman. O’Leary is the name of commitment, diligence, persistence, and innovation. The entrepreneur launched SoftKey software products from his house’s basement with absolutely no money.

After making the biggest deal of his life, O’Leary became a venture capitalist by selling the Learning Company for $4.2 billion in 1999. O’Leary is also a famous TV personality and well-known investor on “Shark Tank.”

He is an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world and is a perfect example of how hard work, dedication, and commitment can make you successful.

5.    Shahrzad Rafati

Shahrzad Rafati immigrated to Canada as a teenager and founded a media and technology company, known as Broadband TV, in 2005. Today, it is the second-largest video company in the world. Rafati’s unique business approach helped her company secure $36 million from RTL Group in 2013.

Not only does Rafati lead the company, but she is also a role model for young entrepreneurs in Canada. She is also a board member of multiple organizations, including Hootsuite, a social media management platform.

She is a great example of how immigrants can make it big in Canada. Her success story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. She also regularly speaks at various events to motivate and inspire young entrepreneurs.

She is also a mentor for aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them create their own success stories. Additionally, she has been awarded many awards for her outstanding contributions to the Canadian business community.

6.    Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow has earned a strong reputation in the entrepreneurial sector in Canada because she has made countless achievements. Romanow started her career at Sears as a director of the strategy. She is a tech genius who has created innovative technology and digital solutions for the most popular brands globally, including Netflix, P&G, Cirque du Soleil, and Starbucks.

She is also the co-founder of Clearbanc, which provides financial services to digital entrepreneurs. Romanow is also a judge and investor on CBC’s hit television series, “Dragon’s Den.”

She is a great example of how female entrepreneurs can make it big in the business world. Her success story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. She also regularly speaks at various events to motivate and inspire young entrepreneurs.

7.    Dani Reiss

Dani Reiss is the CEO of Canada Goose, a famous clothing company. Reiss took the role of CEO in 2001, and since then, he has made substantial efforts to streamline the business operations, making it a successful and profit-driven company.

Reiss’s business approach has made the company billions of dollars by maintaining production in Canada without sending manufacturing orders overseas. Reiss is an inspiration for many Canadians because he employs over 3,400 workers. So, Reiss’s company plays a crucial role in the country’s socioeconomic development.

He is a great example of how entrepreneurs can build successful businesses from the ground up. His success story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

Top 10 Canadian Entrepreneurs

8.    Martha Hall Findlay

Martha Hall is another successful Canadian entrepreneur and prospered businesswoman. Findlay is the CEO of Canada West Foundation. She is also a senior vice president of Suncor Energy. The West Foundation is a non-partisan and independent public policy think tank emphasizing policy development.

She is also a past member of Parliament for the Liberal Party and was elected in 2008. Findlay is an inspiration for many Canadian entrepreneurs, as she has managed to excel in the business world despite gender discrimination. Her goal is to work towards a better and more prosperous future for Canada.

9.    Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee was the founder of an Ottawa-based retail store specializing in high-quality gardening and woodworking equipment. Lee was also the founder of a medical design company known as Canica Design. Lee had a results-driven business approach that enabled him to make numerous accomplishments. The Order of Canada made Lee a member of the organization in 2002.

He is a great example of how entrepreneurs can make it big in the business world. His success story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. Also, he is a major supporter of numerous charities, which include the United Way and local churches. Through his philanthropic work, Lee has made significant contributions to society.

10. Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer Wagner is the president of a cleantech company known as Carbon Cure. Under the leadership of Wagner, the company has designed and developed CO2 trapping technology, reducing the overall carbon footprint of construction projects. She is a popular and successful Canadian Entrepreneur with a mission to make the world a healthier and better place to live.

She is also the vice-chair of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance and a member of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. Wagner is an inspiring example for people who want to make a difference in the world. Her success story is an inspiration to many aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

These Canadian entrepreneurs are true examples of how determination and hard work can lead to success. Their inspiring stories should motivate aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life to take a chance and pursue their business goals. By learning from these successful entrepreneurs, young people can become the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs.

The success of these entrepreneurs can also help other aspiring entrepreneurs make their dreams come true. Their inspiring stories of success should be a source of motivation and an example to follow for those who are looking to become successful entrepreneurs. By following their example, aspiring entrepreneurs can make their business dreams a reality.

11. John Molson

John Molson left an indelible mark on Canadian history. After immigrating from England in 1782, he founded the renowned Molson Brewery at a time when he, as an 18-year-old, was not allowed to own an alcohol business. Recognizing potential opportunities, Molson’s entrepreneurial success propelled his brewery into becoming one of the largest producers of beer in the world and set him up for the next step in his life – channelling his creativity and influence to benefit society.

He funded Montreal’s first theater, subsidized construction for Canada’s first railway, and provided funds for Montreal’s first public library – ultimately creating a lasting legacy that not only touched Canadians then but continues to shape our country today.

12. Samuel Bronfman

Samuel Bronfman was a businessman who started his company, Distiller Company Limited, in Montreal and then went on to major success through investing. He was able to turn a profit when Joseph E. Seagram and Sons acquired it in 1928 but continued his involvement with the company as it experienced new growth after the end of prohibition.

Additionally, Bronfman diversified into the oil business, where he took a $50 million initial investment and turned it into billions within 20 years when he sold it to Sun Oil Co. Samuel Bronfman achieved his remarkable feats by displaying courage and foresight.

13. Joseph-Armand Bombardier

An inspiring innovator of Canadian heritage, Joseph-Armand Bombardier made an incredible mark in the industry by creating a unique snow vehicle that revolutionized transportation. After launching his own company, Bombardier Limited, he forever changed the landscape of transportation equipment and means of travel.

With his creativity and engineering skills, he developed the groundbreaking B7 snow motor vehicle that finally set his dream into motion: a hybrid car/snow machine capable of drifting on snow. To this day, Joseph-Armand Bombardier is remembered for his extraordinary achievement and vital contribution to modern transportation.

14. Scott Gravelle

Scott Gravelle was inspired to make changes to the traditional e-commerce distribution warehouse when he observed leafcutter ant colonies – with their vertical structure and incredible efficiency. This idea eventually led to the founding of Calgary-based robotics logistics company Attabotics Inc., founded by Mr. Gravelle himself.

The robots working within this model provide an efficient organization that drastically cuts down on the amount of space required for warehouses, reducing storage costs and optimizing profitability for companies who use the system. What makes Mr. Gravelle’s vision truly inspiring is how he was able to observe a natural phenomenon and develop a technological innovation that accelerates business growth opportunities.

15. Eva Wong

Eva Wong is a true powerhouse, having achieved great success with the launch of Borrowell and its subsequent recognition as the Fintech Startup of the Year in 2018. As COO and co-founder of the Toronto-based Canadian fintech firm, Eva is on a mission to help Canadians make sound decisions about their credit health in order to achieve financial stability.

Utilizing the platform’s free credit scores, educational tools, and regular credit monitoring services, she has been responsible for Borrowell acquiring 900,000 members since launching in 2014. With her prior 15 years of expertise in business and not-for-profit organizations under her belt, Eva has proved that hard work pays off.

16. Jenny Bird

It’s no surprise that Jenny Bird is a force to be reckoned with in the world of jewelry design. Her tenacity, attention to detail, and prioritization of sustainability have truly set her apart from other brands, allowing her to build a reputation that has extended around the globe.

From being included on Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies list to taking home the 2018 Accessories Designer of the Year award at Project, Jenny Bird continues to exceed expectations and sets herself apart as a leading figure in modern jewelry design.

17. Tara Bosch

Tara Bosch is a real-life example of how hard work and dedication can take you from a high schooler to a multi-million-dollar entrepreneur. Her journey began junior year when she started selling her own unique candy creations in the form of health-conscious treats with less sugar that still had amazing taste.

This concept quickly gained traction, leading Tara to eventually drop out of school and start her own company called SmartSweets. She must have impressed all the right people as just two short years later; her company reported profits of over fifty million dollars! Truly a testament to what can be achieved with passion and dedication.

18. Stephanie Ciccarelli

Stephanie Ciccarelli is a shining example of an entrepreneur in the modern age. After graduating with a Bachelor of Musical Arts from Western University, she flexed her business savvy and created, an online marketplace for creative talent – producers, marketers, and instructors – to connect with each other.

This venture has become so successful that she’s made PROFIT Magazine’s W100 list several times over. With such a robust portfolio of accomplishments under her belt, there’s no doubt Stephanie is paving the way for entrepreneurs everywhere!

19. Hamid Arabzadeh

In the highly competitive world of Canadian business, Hamid Arabzadeh stands out as a leader in innovation. As the CEO of Ranovus, he has spearheaded major advances in laser technology that promise huge increases in data transfer rates without costly emissions.

His achievements don’t stop there; Hamid is also experienced in executive positions at Identos Inc., Motive Health, and other notable companies. He truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit and knows how to turn visionary ideas into tangible success stories — a skill that has made him one of Canada’s most impressive business billionaires.

20. Jodie Morgan

Jodie Morgan is an inspirational woman, a leader in her own right; she has built five companies from the ground up and currently serves as CEO/president for GreenMantra Technologies. Moreover, GreenMantra specializes in creating innovative solutions to cut down plastic waste and create different types of polymer additives, artificial waxes, and other chemicals.

It’s inspiring how Jodie has managed to use her leadership skills to find a way for a business to be both environment-friendly and profitable. She is a true role model for all entrepreneurs who aspire to make a difference in the world through their work.

Final Words

Entrepreneurship is an excellent way to make your dreams come true and improve your standard of living. It allows you to ditch your traditional 9-5 job and start your own business. Remember, it requires careful planning and preparation, and the successful entrepreneurs given above have worked diligently to become lucrative.

Canada is a hotspot for entrepreneurs. With a strong economy and supportive government policies, it’s no wonder that so many people are choosing to start their businesses here.

If you’re thinking of becoming an entrepreneur yourself, take inspiration from these top 10 Canadian entrepreneurs who have made it big. They all started from humble beginnings, and with hard work and determination, they built successful enterprises. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start building your own empire! Until Next Time!


What qualities do successful entrepreneurs have?

Successful entrepreneurs often possess a combination of traits, such as passion, resilience, problem-solving skills, and the ability to take calculated risks. They also have an eye for detail and excellent communication skills.

What are the benefits of starting your own business?

Starting your own business can be incredibly rewarding, both personally and financially. You’ll have the freedom to create something unique and build it from scratch. Additionally, you can potentially gain financial independence through successful entrepreneurship.

What are the challenges of starting a business?

You will likely face legal, financial, and marketing obstacles. Additionally, you’ll need to stay motivated and organized while dealing with potential setbacks. It is important to remain focused on your goals in order to succeed.


  • Article based on personal opinion and research & people who shared their stories.
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