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Social enterprise giving Millennials & Gen Z the info needed to compassionately disrupt the status quo✨

The On Canada Project (OCP) has been a continuous staple for many folks across Canada looking for important information to help them disrupt the status quo. Sam Krishnapillai, Founder and Managing Director of the On Canada Project, is joined by her long-time friend, Gina Uppal, as Co-Founder and Managing Director, as they bring a feminine-led approach to having critical and compassionate conversations about the future of our country and world.

The On Canada Project launched on June 1, 2020, as a passion project to address the gaping inequities in pandemic-related communications. Now, as they transition into a social enterprise, OCP has grown to provide unique digital content across a variety of topics, including Indigenous Justice and Truth and Reconciliation, Black Lives Matter, combatting hate and violence in Canada, Queer and Trans justice, Smashing the Patriarchy, an equitable future of work, and much more. In addition, the social enterprise arm of On Canada Project is hired to create unlearning journeys both on and off social media for major organizations.

The project:

The project’s success, two years in, isn’t just a testament to the team and content, but also to the folks in the growing community who keep coming back and engaging with various forms of content. The magic of OCP is that it fills a void in the Canadian landscape for contextual, conversational, decolonial and compassionate discourse and information sharing. It does this by bridging information gaps, which brings both language and nuance to the feelings of discomfort that all people share around the state of the world. OCP also offers next steps on how to take up action and champion change.

Currently, the On Canada Project is the largest community digital media platform in Canada that centers marginalized experiences while writing about system inequities and issues facing our country and the world. With just over 170K followers on Instagram, the goal of spreading awareness and the impact the project is having on millennials, and Gen Z is clear – as this number grows daily. Each day OCP is helping Canadians stay informed and inspiring them to stand up for what is right, take action, and spearhead the change they want to see in the world. OCP believes that together we can disrupt the status quo, and the systems of oppression that uphold it, and work towards collective liberation for us all.

Our social enterprise’s most recent initiative is OCP Learns: Designing Digital Dialogues which helps folks understand how to create meaningful communication that stands out during a time when so many sound performative. Our unlearning community is a unique experience to help organizations and individuals know better and do better. We offer this course and community because we wholeheartedly believe in community over competition and that it’ll take all of us, doing our parts, to disrupt the status quo.

 At its heart, On Canada Project is a love letter to the Canada and world we all deserve to live in.

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