Inspiring Canadian Entrepreneur Feature | Raza Jafri

Raza Jafri

Inspiring Canadians  | An Entrepreneur Feature

Raza’s Story:
Raza grew up in Montreal Canada where he loved playing Sim City as a child. He quickly realized the value of creating sustainable cities that can help all citizens thrive in urban environments. He graduated from Urban Planning and Sustainable Development at Concordia University, which led him into a career of building design and sustainable architecture. Raza completed his MBA at Queens University in Kingston Ontario and began building the foundation for what are now two exciting and rapidly growing startups in the Canadian Tech scene. As the Founder and CEO of 3D CityScapes inc. Raza has brought together his love for Urban Planning and 3D Digital Twin Technology to create the most realistic immersive environments for Prop Tech, Asset Management and Gaming.

How does Raza inspire others?:
Raza is an inspiration to his teammates and beyond. As a well-known public speaker and mentor, he continues to strive towards providing real-life knowledge to next-gen entrepreneurs and students. Raza speaks 5 languages and loves working with education-focused charities. His hard work and dedication towards building bridges and helping others overcome their fears as they look towards their own entrepreneurial journeys have allowed him to give back and provide useful tools for those who seek to be the future sustainable technology catalysts of our world.

What is the message that Raza would like to spread? Believe in yourself and never be afraid to take a chance on yourself

What is Raza’s super power? Lighting up any room with positive energy!

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