Top 10 food start-ups in Canada

Top 10 food start-ups in Canada

Although hundreds of food startups in Canada offer unique products/services, these are the top ten companies. Read Here!

Top 10 food start-ups in Canada

Food startups have seen intense growth in Canada for the last two decades. Most startups in the food and beverage industry take different approaches to innovate the sector and ensure consumers have access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food. Today’s article will give you a list of Canada’s top ten food startup companies

1.    Fit Dish

Fit Dish is one of the most popular startups in the food industry, specializing in preparing food solutions and tailored plans for meals. Fit Dish products/services are beneficial for individuals, families, and parties that need catering services.

Fit Dish ensures delivering fresh meals straight to your door. You can also select meals programs that suit your lifestyle, food consumption preferences, and dietary requirements.

2.    Tacos & Waffles Inc.

Tacos and Waffles is one of the top startup companies in the food industry. It runs a grocery-retail supply chain and sources food from local farms and ethnic grocers. The primary objective of Tacos and Waffles Inc. is to bring the wholesome cooking and meal-time experience back into household kitchens.

3.    Hexa Foods

Hexa Foods is a famous startup in Canada that has developed an innovative product called Bug Bites. It is a healthy, tasty, eco-friendly dog treat made with fresh veggies, fruits, and cricket flour. The company makes substantial efforts to ensure all-natural food items without preservatives, animal by-products, gluten, grains, and artificial flavoring.

4.    Carbon Neutral Club

Carbon Neutral Club has a unique mission to reduce carbon footprints by encouraging Canadians to consume fresh food. The company uses innovative methods and financial incentives to carry out carbon removal projects.

When you become a member of the Carbon Neutral Club, you can access sustainable brand partners and leverage the reduced cost options across consumer spending categories.

5    Neutrify

Neutrify is another best food startup in Canada, encouraging consumers to modify their purchasing habits and buy eco-friendly and sustainable food. The purpose is to reduce the overall negative impact on the environment and empower people to improve their health by consuming fresh/organic food.

Neutrify provides carbon footprint data and recommends innovative methods to reduce carbon emissions. You can also download Neutrify’s Google Chrome extension for online grocery shopping.

6.    Protenergy Natural Foods Corp.

Protenergy Natural Foods is a food manufacturing startup that quickly gained popularity for its fresh and healthy food products. The company follows an innovative approach, from concept through formulation, sensory and analytical testing to nutritional assessment, packaging, and logistics. The high-quality products of Protenergy Natural Foods Corp. are also cost-effective for consumers.

7.    Elevate Farms

Elevate Farms is the next-generation indoor farming startup. The company offers a proprietary system to resolve substantial issues experienced by vertical farms. The company grows large leafy green veggies at a mass scale using cutting-edge technology at locations close to cities and population centers.

In addition, Elevate Farms has collaborated with NASA to carry out research and development, ensuring efficient, healthy, and faster production of veggies and fruits in an indoor environment. The purpose is to grow food that delivers higher nutrient yields per square foot.

8.    Virtual Process

Virtual Process is a software company that helps businesses in the food industry streamline their operations by planning, creating, executing, and tracking operational procedures. For example, businesses use the company’s software applications to optimize the food production process and packing assemblies.

9.    DLVRe-Services

DLVRe-Services is another best food startup in Canada. As the name indicates, this company offers a minimalistic, reliable, quick, and clean way for shops, cafes, and restaurants to provide smartphone ordering solutions for pick-up orders and in-store experiences. The startup has gained popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

10.    7Shifts

Last but not least, 7Shifts is a software company that develops customized applications for restaurants to manage their food inventory and employee management. It is an excellent platform for restaurants to track their employees’ activities and availability and manage conflicting schedules.

Moreover, the 7shift platform is ideal for restaurants to create customized work schedules, track real-time sales, and analyze data to gain insights. 7shift also has Android and iOS apps.

Final Words

Canada is a highly advanced country with hundreds of startup companies in different sectors/industries. The government’s business-friendly policies have helped business-minded people run their food startups. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.