Top 10 Tech Companies in Waterloo

Top 10 Tech Companies in Waterloo

What are the ten best tech companies in Waterloo? What makes these companies unique and profitable? Check out this post for details!

Top 10 Tech Companies in Waterloo

Waterloo is one of the best places in Canada to start a tech company. It has the world’s highest number of tech companies and startups per capita. Most of the companies have talent from the University of Waterloo. Today’s article will discuss the top ten tech companies. Read on!

1. Index Exchange 

Index Exchange offers a global advertising platform, allowing media owners and buyers to connect and purchase or sell advertising space. The platform is intuitive, reliable, and fast. Index Exchange has been in the business for more than two decades. It has more than 500 employees with offices across North America.

2. Uvaro

Uvaro is one of the best tech companies in Waterloo and aims to support professionals seeking fulfilling careers. Uvaro has developed a successful career platform, providing training, career development, paid apprenticeships, and connectivity with recruiters.

3. Faire

Faire is a tech company that develops software applications, data analytics, and robust AI and machine learning-based products to transform the wholesale experience for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Over 250,000 local retails, and 30,000 small businesses use Faire services.

4. MappedIn

MappedIn is another best tech company in Waterloo, offering state-of-the-art tools for realtors, property owners, and operators to streamline their dynamic indoor maps. The purpose is to create digital wayfinding experiences and develop cutting-edge apps for customers.

5. Auvik Networks

Auvik Networks offers a cloud-based platform to transform complex networking into reliable, efficient, and fast network management. The company provides automation tools for IT professionals and marketers to improve their organizational value and generate higher investment returns.

6. Route This

Route This is a tech company that provides a platform for companies in various industries to address Wi-Fi and networking issues. It also offers powerful tools for customer support teams and ISP technicians, helping them to promote their services and ensuring the best installation quality for their customers.

7. Lumaki Labs

Lumaki Labs is an EdTech startup in Waterloo that aims to help companies unlock their talents and streamline their training programs. The company operates in the EUC space to help businesses, schools, and universities manage, optimize, and scale talent programs via automation tools and innovative software apps.

8. Aterlo Networks

Aterlo Networks has created a cloud-based platform known as Preseem. It helps local, regional, and country-wise internet service providers measure, analyze, optimize, improve network performance, and provide customer value.

9. Adaptive Pulse

Adaptive Pulse is another tech company that provides employee management services and tools for SaaS businesses. The purpose is to prioritize retention, decrease churn rates, and boost revenues. Adaptive Pulse analyzes volumes of data, including internal and external data sources, to provide a unified view of clients for SaaS companies.

10. Code Gem

Code Gem is a team of highly qualified and experienced IT professionals, software developers, designers, and data analysts. The company creates platforms for software teams working in various businesses.

It collects feedback and pulls data from teams to create state-of-the-art dashboards and applications to increase business productivity and employee collaboration and improve the overall business bottom line.

Final Words

Waterloo has hundreds of startups and companies in various industries. However, the tech industry in Waterloo is booming, thanks to the diverse talent from the University of Waterloo with specialization in software, application development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, data analytics, and other IT fields. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.