Ash Tandon – Inspiring Canadian Immigrants

Ashish, fondly addressed as Ash by family, friends and colleagues, is a self-made entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. Originally from the capital city of India, Ash witnessed the highs and lows of life early on. Until his mid-teens, he lived with his family in the low-income group housing blocks in New Delhi.

Determined to improve the future, he moved to Australia at the age of 16 and while pursuing high school, at the age of 22, he was the youngest employee of Leeds Metropolitan University where he worked as HR Assistant. His yearning for knowledge then took him to England where he successfully completed Bachelors in Business Administration and returned to India.

Ash was employed as the youngest Regional Sales Manager for American Express. Despite a more than satisfactory annual salary, he knew he was meant to achieve more, to provide the best lifestyle for himself and his family.

In 2008, Ash relocated to Canada and studied Marketing at Centennial College. Ash’s international education credentials were not easily recognised in Canada and hence, during this time, he delivered newspapers for 10 cents per paper, cleaned toilets at a restaurant, sold furniture on commission-only basis. Ash retained his focus of achieving his goal of establishing his company – Godspeed Group.

In 2014, Godspeed Group was launched under the name Godspeed Cartage, where Ash and his younger brother Abhishek ‘Abby’ Tandon offered cartage services. They had no clientele and no leads. While Ash drove around the Greater Toronto Area in his truck, seeking business opportunities, Abby provided operational and administrative support.

What started with a single truck, moved on to the two brothers fulfilling customer requests to provide temporary staffing. Ash & Abby also engaged in truck detailing business to drive a higher value proposition for their customers.

Godspeed Group is evolving as one of the fastest growing workforce solutions providers in Canada, providing contingent staffing, permanent staffing and payroll outsourcing services. With more than 2,200 associates deployed in various industries across Canada.

At the heart of our business is a dedicated team of 45 in-house recruiters that enable Godspeed Group to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Ash & Abby were extremely diligent in their efforts to establish a culture of trust and reliability with all of our people. This has been a significant factor in driving retention and attribute our customers value.

Godspeed Group’s approach to develop a deep understanding of customer’s needs is revolutionising staffing solutions for businesses in a broad range of industries including retail, food, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation.

The exponential growth of the business has resulted in a cumulative growth of over 13,300% since inception.

Godspeed Group’s strategy is to develop into an integrated services model and hence, in 2021, Godspeed Supply Chain was formally launched and is providing services throughout North America.

Ash’s journey of success and triumph was evolutionary and certainly not easy.

It is this young man’s vision and perseverance that helped him create a high-performance culture by valuing respect, accomplishment and execution. It is his attitude and approach that truly makes him an achiever.

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