The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Canada

The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Canada

Do you love mountain biking? Are you searching for the best trails in Canada to relish this adventurous activity? Here is everything you need to know!

The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Canada

Canada has countless mountain bike trail systems with endless tracks for adventure lovers and biking enthusiasts, including beginners and advanced bikers. Mountain biking is an adventurous activity, but nothing matches the fun and adrenaline-fueled biking excursions in the picturesque Canadian trails, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Here are the best mountain bike trails to explore in Canada. Read on!

Seven Summits

Seven Summits offer long, perspiring, and adventurous mountain biking activity in Rossland, an old mining town and the mountain biking capital of the country. It has over 177 miles or 284 kilometers of well-maintained mountain bike trails, including the Seven Summits Trail.

It is a five-start biking route of 35 kilometers in the middle of alpine forest, grasslands, valleys, and the picturesque Selkirk Mountains and Columbia River Valley views. You will love the 3,500 feet of climbing and 6,300 feet downhill track.


Cumberland is the hub of mountain bike trails in Vancouver Island, offering a massive spider web of cycling routes and paths. We recommend experiencing a perspiring and lung-busting route to the top of the mountain. Likewise, you will explore the lush green forests and stunning coastline views while descending from the hill.

Besides, Cumberland has 265 kilometers of mountain bike trails, delivering a mix of flow in the mountains, forests, and scenery-rich descents. You will explore various boardwalks and narrow paths along the way. Don’t’ forget to explore Hornsby Island, a picturesque area with ferry rides to complete your natural excursions.


Mont-Sainte-Anne is the world-renowned and picturesque area in Canada, offering a beautiful downhill mountain bike trail that has hosted the World Cup Tour several times in the past. In addition, Mont-Sainte-Anne has 125 kilometers of picturesque cross-country biking routes and courses for beginners and advanced mountain bikers.

Whether you are a beginner, moderate-level biker, or hardcore biking enthusiast, you will experience the luxury of riding your bike to the top and coming back down. Moreover, there is a pump track, allowing you to test your mountain biking skills. The trail is a 60-minute drive from Quebec City.


Kamloops is located in the south-central region of British Columbia. Most people consider Kamloops the birthplace of freeriding. However, there are numerous cross-country mountain bike trails to explore, including the 2,400 acres of signed trails and downhill tracks. Kamloops is a paradise for bikers of all skill levels, including children.

The Shuswap is one area of Kamloops that boasts 470 kilometers of beautiful mountain bike trails. If you want to experience diverse terrain in Canada, make sure you head to the Shuswap trail. Start your journey in the rainforest and end it in the desert – something you might not have experienced before. So, add a “Wow” factor to your mountain bike excursion in British Columbia.

Collingwood Trail

Collingwood Trail is in the middle of the lush green forest a few hours away from Toronto. The trail is perfect for bikers of all ages and skill levels to explore the picturesque Georgian Bay and make stops to relish the scenic beach.

Besides, there are over 60 kilometers of trails for people of different skill levels. We recommend checking out the Kolapore Uplands, a 32-kilometer route that offers adventure enthusiasts mild to moderate paths.

When you take a two-hour ride, you will pass through different forests, including the ones with massive deciduous trees and naturally-scented cedars. The trail is near the Blue Mountain Resort, a perfect place to experience the downhill madness.

Furthermore, we suggest taking your adventurous ride during the summer season to explore the lush green spaces. However, you can also ride during the winter season to relish fall colors.

Final Words

Mountain biking trails in Canada are naturally beautiful with diverse terrains, allowing everyone to enjoy the off-road activity according to their skill levels. Make sure you bring a quality mountain bike to the trail or rent one on the site to get the most out of your mountain bike commuting. So, what are you waiting for – pack your snacks, water, and safety gear and head to one of these mountain bike trails to create memories.

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