Kendall Ansell is an award-winning interior designer and owner of both Kendall Ansell Interiors and Belle Construction.

It all Started at Home

From early on, I knew I would be working in the business of homes. Growing up, I spent most weekends helping my Dad, who worked as a contractor, with family projects. As soon as I set foot on a build, I felt inspired by the way you could take something out of nothing and facilitate a home for people. This early passion blossomed into a fascination to understand how people live and make their spaces a reflection of who they are.

When it came time to pursue my passions, I moved my way through architectural drafting during post-secondary studies, then transitioned into the design. Following the completion of school, I created ‘Kendall Ansell Interiors’, an interior design firm, in 2010. Through this, I executed countless successful projects alongside my team and was the recipient of the Best Interior Designer Award from Burnaby Now 6 years in a row. The best part of my career is making peoples’ dreams into a reality, which is what has held true throughout each project I do.

Why Belle Construction?

After years of working in the design trade and visiting job sites, the discrimination against women was very evident. It never sat right with me that an industry which should bring joy and creativity had fostered such a hostile environment. To understand how this became the norm, a key factor is that the industry as a whole is male-dominated – in 2020 it was documented that only 5% of tradespeople were women. This number is far too low to ensure there is true gender equality throughout the trades.

This was an issue I couldn’t ignore, which led to the creation of my Vancouver-based construction business, Belle Construction. At Belle, we have a female-led team and are breaking the barriers that have previously existed for women in the construction trade. It was important to me to create a positive place to work where women and members of the 2SLGBTQA+ community would feel safe and have the freedom to explore their passion to execute beautiful projects. Since its creation, we’ve been able to tackle countless projects all while setting a new precedent for work environments in our industry.

Through Belle Construction, we submitted an application to the Human Rights Tribunal to exclusively hire and recruit women without it being penalized as discrimination. We outlined the hiring issues, gender inequalities and safety issues in a lengthy essay that ended up being approved – making us one of the first companies to ever achieve this feat. Belle Construction is at the start of a new era that prioritizes the safety and success of women in an industry that has previously discarded them.

My efforts to protect women’s safety extend beyond just Belle Construction and have been an incredible segue for partnerships like with the WISH Drop-in Centre Society, which prioritizes the health, safety, and wellbeing of women experiencing poverty – 60% of whom are Indigenous. Through Belle, we are able to connect with other organizations that have the same goals and find solutions to fight gender inequality together.

How to Rebuild

Belle Construction is just the start of what’s needed to rebuild the construction and trades industries. We’re also taking action by franchising Belle with the goal of creating opportunities across Canada for women and allowing other female leaders to run well-established construction companies. This, along with initiatives from other female-led organizations, will push us further towards a more equitable industry.

I am also keen to increase thought leadership amongst industry peers. The more awareness we can bring to the issue, the better. By sharing my story and the success I have experienced through pursuing equity in trades, I hope it inspires other women to do the same and give hope to younger generations looking to pursue trades.

I believe that awareness at a young age will be an incredible way to get more women to enroll in trade programs and eventually join us on job sites. As many children’s toys and books are highly gendered, it is still challenging for young girls to explore passions that are deemed “male.” As such, I wrote a children’s book, “Belle and Friends Build a House,” to show young girls that the industry is ready to welcome them.

I hope to inspire others to take their part in rebuilding an old system, transforming it into a new one that is welcoming and safe for all genders and orientations to thrive. Belle Construction is just the first “renovation project” of many.

Kendall Ansell is an award-winning interior designer and owner of both Kendall Ansell Interiors and Belle Construction. Kendall has extensive experience in the industry and focuses on an inclusive approach that is combined with knowledge of classic design and construction. Her incredible mix of skills and approach gives her the unique ability to create homes and offices with substance and style that turns her client’s dreams into a reality.

Top 10 Most Inspiring Canadians

Canada is home to some of the world’s most influential and inspiring people who have made significant contributions to the Country. Read More!

Top 20 Most Influential and Inspiring Canadians [Updated]

Top 20 Most Inspiring Canadian You Should Know About

Although Canada has a small population, it has the world’s most inspirational, influential, and talented people in different fields, including history, medicine, technology, entertainment, sports, politics, humanitarians, etc. Today’s article will give you a list of the top ten most influential and inspiring Canadians. Read on!

These 20 amazing Canadians have made a significant impact through their actions and words, inspiring people all over the world.

1.    Gord Downie

Gord Downie is an inspiration for thousands of Canadians due to his strong commitment and dedication to his field of work despite battling terminal brain cancer in the last years of his life. Downie made significant efforts to make Canada a better place for all communities, including the indigenous people.

Besides, Downie became a prominent voice for spreading awareness among the indigenous community and promoting its rights. The incredible plight in native Canadians today is due to Downie’s result-driven speeches and concerts, making him one of Canada’s most inspirational and influential individuals. Downie’s legacy will always remain in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people in Canada.

2.    David Suzuki

David Suzuki is an influential Canadian, human rights and environmental activist, and scientist. Suzuki has put life in campaigning for environmental awareness and making Canada a healthier, greener, and sustainable place to live.

In addition, Suzuki is the host of “The Nature of Things,” one of the most popular television shows in North America. Suzuki also writes columns on global warming, climate change, ecosystems, economic inequality, and sustainability.

Suzuki believes a healthy environment is essential for human survival on earth, and to make this happen, governments across the world must develop sophisticated strategies. Moreover, David Suzuki encourages young people to play their role in mitigating the harmful effects of global warming and climate change through his T.V. show and weekly columns published in different newspapers across Canada.

3.    Terry Fox

Terry Fox is one of the most inspirational and famous Canadians due to his strong commitment, devotion, spirit, and dedication toward raising awareness of bone cancer. Although Terry Fox suffered from bone cancer and died in 1981, thousands of people remember the start athlete for his courageous and heroic journey for raising bone cancer awareness and money for research.

Today, thousands of Canadians participate in over 28 counties to raise money for bone cancer research. Fox left marks on the heart of people with his incredible dedication to health research in Canada.

4.    Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky, also known as the “Great One,” is a former ice-hockey player loved by hundreds of thousands of Canadians for his unique talent. Canadians consider Wayne the greatest ice-hockey player in the world, thanks to his incredible career, including 61 NHL, 40 season, 15 playoff, and 6 All-Star records.

That’s the reason Gretzky is an inspiration for many young individuals who want to become successful ice-hockey players. Gretzky has inspired an entire generation of people to play ice hockey like him and ace their performance on the field.

5.    Viola Desmond

Viola Desmond is a role model for thousands of women in Canada, thanks to her assertiveness, positivity, and leadership style. Desmond made substantial efforts to introduce new and effective ways to train her graduates to operate a successful business and become lucrative players in the market.

Besides, Desmond is an inspiration for people of color, particularly women, to play their role in society without falling victim to racism. Desmond encouraged black women to stay committed and work hard to achieve their goals. Moreover, Desmond’s leadership style and humanitarian agenda inspired many people to make their dreams come true.

6.    Frederick Banting

Sir Frederick Banting was a scientist and physician who discovered insulin, a hormone that regulates and controls blood glucose levels. Banting’s exceptional contribution toward scientific research made him famous throughout the world.

The top scientist became the first Canadian to win the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology. Likewise, he was the youngest Canadian to receive the awards at the age of 32, making him an inspiration for today’s researchers, scientists, and medical students.

7.    Lester Bowles Pearson

Lester Bowles Pearson is famous for his heroic and daring endeavors to make the world a better and safer place for everyone. Pearson’s work as a diplomat and politician is an inspiration for many people seeking change in Canada, including young individuals.

Not only is Pearson famous for his assertive style to improve Canadias’ lives, but he also focused on encouraging people to stay original and promote Canadian culture. Although Pearson died in 1972, thousands of people remember him for his extraordinary contributions towards Canada’s prosperity, for which he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

8.    Nellie McClung

Nellie Letitia McClung is an inspiration for young women in Canada who want to promote equal rights and the feminist agenda. Today, women believe that McClung worked diligently to change the lives of Canadian women.

McClung created and joined various social support groups, but she also fought for the rights of women. Today, Canadians remember McClung for heroism and dedication toward the people of Canada, including women. McClung spent her entire life enhancing the lives of young girls and women.

9.    Clara Hughes

Clara Hughes is an inspiration for sports, speed skating, and cycling athletes and fans. Hughes is famous for her outstanding achievements as a cyclist and speed skater despite being a victim of major depressive disorders.

Clara shows young Canadians that mental health conditions must not hinder them from achieving success through her incredible commitment. Besides, she was inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame. Clara has also received numerous awards.

10. Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is a former Canadian astronaut and an inspiration for young researchers, scientists, and space pilots. Hadfield has earned various civilian and military awards for his outstanding work as an astronaut.

Not only is Hadfield famous in Canada, but he is also well-known in the U.S, U.K., and other countries. Hadfield was the first Canadian astronaut who traveled to space. The Royal Canadian Mint commemorated him on silver and gold coins.

11. Tommy Douglas

Tommy Douglas is an unsung hero of Canadian politics. He was born in Scotland and immigrated to Canada at the age of six. He entered politics determined to ensure all Canadians had access to healthcare, but he encountered much resistance from colleagues and members of the public who were suspicious of socialized medicine.

Despite the opposition, Tommy Douglas persevered and worked steadfastly to bring universal healthcare to the nation. To this day, he is remembered as the Father of Medicare and remains a true symbol of Canada’s commitment to social justice and equity for everyone.

12. William Shatner

William Shatner‘s incredible success in the entertainment industry is a story for all to admire. This world-renown actor and writer are known for his iconic performance as Captain James T Kirk in the classic sci-fi TV series Starship Enterprise, captivating fans worldwide. Later, he transitioned into film with roles such as The Negotiator and Miss Congeniality.

In addition to his accomplishments on screen, he is an acclaimed musical talent, having released numerous albums of both traditional music and spoken word poetry. His career speaks volumes of his creativity, longevity, and diversity, proving that limits can only be achieved when self-imposed.

13. Michael J. Fox

Despite being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Michael J. Fox continues to inspire people around the world with his perseverance and determination. His journey began when he shot to fame playing Michael Keaton on TV’s Family Ties before landing a leading role in the Back to the Future movie series.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he made a courageous decision to publicly reveal the news and use his visibility to create awareness of the condition and encourage research into it. He has since established his own foundation, which has donated millions of dollars towards researching a cure while also providing hope and comfort for those living with the disease.

14. Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams can be considered an artist of many talents; whether it is his work in music, photography, or activism, he leaves his mark everywhere. With over 80 million records sold around the world and several number-one singles throughout Europe, Bryan has earned himself a place amongst music’s elite. The hits keep coming with classics like ‘Summer of ’69’ and ‘Heaven,’ securing Bryan Adams as not only a great songwriter but a performer too.

To compliment his musical success, Bryan is also an incredible photographer, with collections of his work displayed at various galleries. Finally, giving back to societies, he engages in various charitable causes, demonstrating the altruistic qualities of this immensely talented artist.

15. Celine Dion

Celine Dion is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, and her impact on pop culture can’t be ignored. Since she first broke out onto the scene in 1981, she has stayed at the top of the charts, lending her iconic voice to some unforgettable songs. She is most known for her song “My Heart Will Go On,” which won her an Academy Award for Best Original Song as well as five Grammy Awards.

Her other hits have made her a household name and an artist whose legacy will live on forever. Whether she’s selling out stadiums or collaborating with top producers, Celine Dion continues to dazzle audiences with her powerful performances and captivating musicality. She will always remain a symbol of success and perseverance in the music industry.

16. Neil Peart

Neil Peart was an iconic figure in the music world who has left a legacy of memorable tunes and insightful lyrics. His career with Rush spanned five decades, during which he contributed his impressive talent to multiple awards-winning works. He received universal critical acclaim as a drummer, achieving notable accomplishments such as induction into the Modern Drummer Hall of Fame in 1983.

As well as being renowned for his prolific skills behind the drums, Peart was acclaimed for his lyrical contributions to Rush’s songs, which often contained science fiction references along with creative wordplay. His impact on modern rock music has been immense, and he will continue to inspire those around him long after his passing.

17. Alexander Graham Bell

A pioneer in communication technology, Alexander Graham Bell forever changed the world through his creation of the telephone. Originating from a modest upbringing in Edinburgh, Scotland, Bell soon moved to the United States and rose to great fame after receiving a patent for the telephone in 1876. He was passionate about the power of scientific invention and believed that education was essential for profitability.

Known for more than just inventing the telephone, Bell also experimented with aeronautics, worked towards integrating telegraph operation, and had a strong influence on teacher-student communication. One thing is certain from his illustrious career of innovation: the world would not be where it is today without Alexander Graham Bell’s contribution to human communications.

18. Geddy Lee

Since the early 70s, Geddy Lee has been a staple of the Canadian music landscape. His voice and bass guitar playing with Rush has helped the group become one of Canada’s most recognizable musical acts. Geddy Lee is respected by many as a master of his craft and an inspiration to generations of rock musicians; in addition to providing lead vocals and bass lines, he often adds synthesizers, keyboards, and orchestral arrangements to Rush’s recordings.

Furthermore, he has made numerous appearances at charity concerts and fundraisers for causes such as educational diabetes research. Geddy Lee continues to contribute to Canadian music as we know it today, inspiring young musicians worldwide.

19. Lorne Michaels

Lorne Michaels is a legendary figure. He has made an impact on the entertainment industry and will continue doing so for many years to come. As the producer and creator of Saturday Night Live, Lorne’s creativity and ingenuity have given us some of the funniest moments ever seen on television. He has been able to identify raw talent and shape it with masterful precision giving rise to some of television’s greatest comedic performers like Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Not just comedic actors but also successful Hollywood screenwriters were also discovered by Lorne, as evidenced by Mike Myers, who enjoys an iconic status in Hollywood today. It can be safely said that Lorne Michales changed the face of American comedy for audiences all over the world.

20. Margaret Atwood

Atwood‘s impressive list of literary works, including poetry, novels, and short stories, has earned her many accolades from organizations such as the Booker Prize and the Governor General’s Awards. Her most notable works include The Handmaid’s Tale, Cat’s Eye, Alias Grace, and The Blind Assassin. Through these tales, she has touched upon a myriad of ideas that have been highly scrutinized by readers around the world.

Concepts such as monogamy and free will are explored in detail in her books, and their relevance in our lives allows us to experience deep thrills when reading them. Not only is Atwood successful in entertaining readers with her captivating writing style, but it also shines an important light on issues like gender inequality or discrimination against certain minorities that we can all relate to. Ultimately, Atwood is an impressive author whose work will still inspire many generations to come in the years ahead.

Final Words

Everyone needs the inspiration to develop a deep-rooted motivation and passion for whatever they want to achieve in their lives. People take inspiration from different people in different ways. These top ten most inspirational and influential Canadians have indeed left marks on people’s hearts, encouraging them to make their dreams come true.


What are some of the most inspirational and influential Canadians?

Some of the most inspirational and influential Canadians include Alexander Graham Bell, Geddy Lee, Lorne Michaels, and Margaret Atwood. Other notable Canadians include Terry Fox, Pierre Trudeau, Bob Dylan, Wayne Gretzky, and David Suzuki.

What is the significance of Alexander Graham Bell’s contribution?

Alexander Graham Bell is renowned for his invention of the telephone. His invention revolutionized communication by making connecting with people from faraway locations easier. His work also paved the way for other innovations, such as the radio, television, and the internet.

What are some of Margaret Atwood’s most notable works?

Some of Margaret Atwood’s most notable works include The Handmaid’s Tale, Cat’s Eye, Alias Grace, and The Blind Assassin. Through these tales, she has touched upon a myriad of ideas that have been highly scrutinized by readers around the world.

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & Canva.

Canada has some of the world’s most influential individuals who inspire, empower, and encourage Canadians to achieve their dreams. Read More!

Top 10 Most Influential Canadians

Canadians are well-known for their pride, diligence, cultural values, diversity, enthusiasm, hospitality, and equality. These values make Canada one of the best places to live and work peacefully and safely.

The country has become a favorite of millions of people worldwide for its picturesque attractions, natural beauty, world-class infrastructure, work, business opportunities, and friendly people.

But do you know Canada is home to hundreds of individuals who have incredible influence over millions of people worldwide? Yes, this is true. So, without further ado, let us talk about the top ten most influential Canadians. Read on!

1.    Alexander Graham Bell

Everyone knows Graham Bell, a renowned scientist and the father of modern communication technologies. Although Bell was born in Scotland, he moved to Canada for work. Bell is the investor of the first working telephone. Today, people use Android phones and iPhones with so many incredible features. Remember, this would not be possible if the great scientist had not invented the telephone.

2.    Celine Dion

Celine Dion is a popular singer and musician who has won many awards for her unique singing style, lyrics, and melodious voice. She is a woman of outstanding talents and skills in the music world, making her one of the most influential singers in North America and other parts of the world. Dion is particularly famous for singing the Titanic’s theme song.

3.    Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky, also known as the “Great One,” is a former ice-hockey player who scored more goals than any other play in NHL history. Gretzky played for numerous teams and won many awards for his illustrious career. It won’t be wrong to say Gretzky is the modern father of ice hockey because he reinvented the game through his unique skills. Today, Gretzky is a national hero, an inspiration for young players, and a proud Canadian.

4.    Lorne Michaels

Lorne Michaels is the founder of the world-famous show “Saturday Night Live.” Michaels has played a crucial role in identifying and launching successful careers, including Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, and Tina Fey. Mike Myers, one of the most famous Canadian comedians, actors, and screenwriters, is also the discovery of Lorne Michaels.

5.    Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau was the former prime minister of Canada and ranked one of the best leaders in Canadian history. Trudeau made reforms to the foreign policy, making Canada less dependent on the UK and US. Not only did Trudeau establish the Charter of Rights and Freedom for Canada, but he also ensured full Canadian sovereignty.

6.    Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is one of the most famous astronauts in North America and a public figure who has inspired hundreds of thousands of Canadians to achieve their goals and become successful in their respective fields. Hadfield was the first Canadian astronaut who traveled to space and commanded the International Space Station.

7.    Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is another influential Canadian who has inspired thousands of people fond of art and literature through her prose fiction and unique writing style. Atwood is a feminist and strong advocate for human rights, and her novels focus on women seeking freedom, autonomy, equal rights, and honor in society.

8.    Mike Myers

Mike Myers is the most famous comedian in Canada and equally loved in other parts of the world, thanks to his outspoken and blunt comedy style. Not only has Myers created original characters on Saturday Night Live, but he has also worked in various spy-poof movies. Canadians consider Myers the icon of Comedy.

9.    Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau is the son of the most loved Canadian leader and former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Justin Trudeau is the current prime minister of Canada. Despite his brief time in the office, Justin has received admiration and appreciation from Canadians and people worldwide due to his charismatic personality, diligence, progressive beliefs, and love for the Canadian nation.

10. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has become the most influential actor in recent years for his unique, quirky, charismatic, stylish, and quick-witted personality and acting skills. Reynold started his career on TV, but his breakthrough came with Van Wilder in 2002. Since then, Reynolds has worked in numerous movies, including blockbuster films.

Final Words

Many Canadians draw people to them, thanks to their engaging, charismatic, and compelling personality and contributions toward the development and prosperity of the country. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & Canva.
15 Inspiring Canadian Women You Should Know About

Do you want to know about the most inspiring women in Canada? If yes, you are in the right place. Check out this post for a list of the top 15 Canadian women!

Canada has an incredible history of inspiring women who have made significant contributions to make the country a better and healthier place for living. The Canadian women we will discuss in today’s post are role models for young women who want to achieve success in their lives and make a global impact. Read on!

1.    Samantha Nutt

Samantha Nutt is a medical doctor known for “War Child,” a non-profit organization she founded to raise human rights awareness worldwide. Nutt has made significant efforts for more than two decades to play her role in mitigating humanitarian crises.

As a Canadian, she is always on the front line to help people without worrying about her life. She has served in various war-torn countries, including Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, making her an inspirational woman of valiance, courage, and dare.

2.    Viola Desmond

Viola Desmond was a woman of many talents and skills. Even today, women take inspiration from Desmond’s leadership style and contribution toward the betterment of the female image in society. Desmond encouraged women to run successful businesses, but she also equipped them with extensive knowledge to remain respectable in the community.

Desmond is an inspiration for black women because she helped them learn the art and science of improving self-esteem and being proud of their appearance. In addition, she established the foundation of black women’s rights in North America.

3.    Joannie Rochette

Joannie Rochette is a former figure stacker who won a silver medal at World Championships in 2009. She remained champion for six years between 2005 and 2010. Rochette is a motivational figure for many Canadian women, and everyone remembers her incredible victory in the 2010 Olympic Games despite the sudden death of her mother.

4.    Attiya Khan

Attiya Khan is a filmmaker and feminist who lives in Toronto, Canada. Khan is an inspiration for young Canadian ladies, especially victims of emotionally and domestically abused women. Khan is a counselor for abused women and a strong advocate for women’s rights in Canada. Besides, Khan’s mission is to encourage abuse victims to stand for their rights.

5.    Mary Ann Shadd

Mary Ann Shadd was the first black Canadian woman who started a newspaper company. Shadd was a committed and brave lady who stood against racism and ethnic violence in North America.

Shadd was the second black woman who earned a law degree and established the “Colored Woman’s Progressive Franchise Association” to fight for black women in 1880. Besides, Shadd opened a school for African refugees to promote education among the black community.

6.    Deepa Mehta

Deepa Mehta is a screenwriter and director famous for her sensational work in the film industry. Mehta’s unique direction style in producing provocative movies inspires young Canadians who want to thrive in the movie industry.

Mehta has directed some blockbuster movies on human rights, inequality, and social injustice. The Water (2005), Earth (1998), and Fire (1996) are worth watching for viewers and people who want to learn the science of film production.

7.    Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte-Marie is an inspirational singer and songwriter. Sainte-Marie played a crucial role in the Toronto and Greenwich Village music revivals in the 60s. The “Universal Soldier,” the anti-war anthem released in 1964, made her an inspiration and figure of encouragement for thousands of Canadians who want to promote peace, love, and harmony. The government inducted Sainte-Marie into the Songwriter Hall of Fame in 2005.

8.    Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow is an advocate for people suffering from vitiligo, a skin condition characterized by loss of skin color in patches. Harlow is one of Canada’s most successful models despite suffering the illness. Harlow’s mission is to eliminate the stigma around vitiligo and encourage young women to achieve their dreams without falling victims to body shaming or skin conditions.

9.    Kristina Wong

Kristina Wong is a Canadian comedienne and is famous for her incredible theater performance. Wong is also an actor and performance artist with numerous achievements. One thing that makes her an inspiration for young Canadians is feminism.

Wong has made significant efforts to promote equal rights for women through her work. Wong primarily focuses on issues like racism, ethnicity, body shaming, and white privilege in North America.

10. Connie Stacey

Connie Stacey is an environmentalist who founded Growing Greener Innovations, an award-winning company with a mission to promote sustainability in Canada. The Edmonton-based technology company under the leadership of Connie Stacey has made valuable contributions to make Canada a greener place with clean energy production.

11. Bobbie Racette

Bobbie Racette is the founder and CEO of a service solution platform “Virtual Guru.” The company offers outsourcing services, remote assistance, and freelancers to businesses across Canada and other countries. Racette’s incredible approach allows businesses to find the right talent for their operations. So, she is indeed an inspiration for young entrepreneurs who want to thrive in the technology outsourcing sector.

12. Nelly Bassily

Nelly Bassily is well-known for her extraordinary efforts toward achieving equal rights for women in North America. Bassily has been a feminist and anti-racism activist for more than twelve years and runs an activism program for women’s rights in Canada.

13. Lori Nikkel

Lori Nikkel is the founder and SEO of Canada’s largest food rescue organization, known as the “Second Harvest.” Nikkel has worked diligently to establish a successful organization to help low-income families in Canada. The company’s mission is to mitigate the harmful effects of Covid-19 on the Canadian people by rescuing and redistributing food across Canada.

14. Dr. Lucy Gilbert

Dr. Lucy Gilbert is a renowned scientist and researcher known for inventing a cutting-edge uterine Pap test based on genomics that detects endometrial and ovarian cancers. Gilbert’s efforts toward the field of genomics and development of DOvEEgene, a test that can distinguish between cancer cells in menopausal women, is a life-saving contribution to humanity.

15. Hayley Wickenheiser

Hayley Wickenheiser is a former ice-hockey player with an illustrious career. Wickenheiser’s exceptional talent, zeal, and spirit on the field made her won various titles, including championships and Olympic medals. Today, she works diligently to promote healthy and active lifestyles to improve people’s overall wellbeing.

Final Words

Canadian women play a crucial role in the development and prosperity of the country. Throughout the years, women in Canada have made significant contributions and achievements in various walks of life. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & Canva.