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Top Canadian AI Companies Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact the future of all industries. It is the primary driver of emerging technologies like the internet of things (IoT), robotics, and big data. AI will continue innovating technologies and streamlining people’s lives and the business world. Here are the top Canadian AI companies. Read on! The App Lab The App Lab is a software and AI development company. It has been operating in the tech industry for more than 15 years. The company’s headquarters is in Toronto and has 50 employees. The App Lab specializes in mobile application development, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and custom software. It provides AI services to various industries, including marketing and advertising. The company has created a website for E-learning company, allowing people to take practice tests and prepare for a nursing license exam. It is one of the most notable projects by the App Lab. Convergence Convergence is a tech company established in 2014. The Vancouver-based company offers web development, mobile applications, blockchain services, enterprise app modernization, and innovative AI and machine learning products. Numerous tech companies hire Convergence to develop custom software solutions, AI-based products, and support systems. The company aims to streamline businesses’ ROIs through innovative AI solutions. Hilo Labs Hilo Labs is one of the best software development, machine learning, and AI companies in Toronto, Canada. The company has a team of professionals with expertise in web and mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and IoT. In addition to AI-based solutions, Hilo Labs provides full-stack software development and custom mobile applications for businesses in various industries. Hilo Labs also perform maintenance of apps using cutting-edge technologies. Ample Insight Ample Insight offers business intelligence, big data, and AI services. The Brampton-based company has a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of developing AI solutions for e-Commerce, IT, and consumer products. Besides, Ample Insights works with private and public companies, providing them with engineering consultancy. The company offers support systems for project development, ensuring accurate data analytics, innovation, and prompt completion, allowing companies to achieve their goals. Push Interactions Push Interactions is a software development company specializing in wearable app development, digital strategy, app marketing, UX/UI design, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The company works with small businesses, enterprises, and giant corporations throughout North America, providing them with state-of-the-art technology solutions. The most notable project of Push Interactions is an AI-based mobile application that allows users to prevent home invasions, intrusions, and robberies. Final Words Canada is the world’s leading AI research and development hub. The country is within the top five countries for its production and innovation in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing. These are the best IT companies with expertise in AI-based solutions for businesses in various industries.
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