How to get a driver’s license in Alberta

How to get a driver’s license in Alberta

How to get a driver’s license in Alberta? What steps to undertake to obtain the full license? Check out this post to read the essential details/tips!

How to get a driver’s license in Alberta

Driving in Canada is an excellent way to explore a new country. Canada is home to the most picturesque sceneries from coast to coast. However, if you want to explore the beauty of Canada in your car, you need to obtain a driver’s license. Otherwise, you can get behind the wheels. Today’s article will discuss getting a driver’s license in Alberta.

Learner’s License

A learner license, also known as a Class-7 license, is the first stage of getting a driver’s license in Alberta. It requires individuals aged 14 years old to apply for the license. However, applicants under 18 must have guardian consent.

A learner’s license requires you to pass a knowledge and vision test. You can hold the license for 12 months before applying for the probationary license. Let us now discuss how to get a probationary license in Alberta.

Probationary License

A probationary license, also known as Class-5-GDL, requires you to pass a basic road test. You can undergo professional driving lessons and practice under the guidance of an expert driver to prepare for the road test.

The test involves driving a car in various terrains and conditions. People under 16 years of age can’t apply for a probationary license. Under 18, you must have parental or guardian consent for the test. You can hold the probationary permit for two years.

Full Class 5 License

A full class 5 license is the final step in passing the graduation program in Alberta. You can apply for this license after two years on the Class-5-GDL license. It requires you to pass an advanced road test and undergo a complex vetting process.

Steps to Get a License in Alberta

  • Prepare for the test by studying and practicing driver’s operation, study, and licensing.
  • Drive cars and light trucks depending on your requirements under the guidance of an expert driver
  • Visit Alberta’s registry office to take the test
  • All tests are computer-based and do not require appointments
  • Pay a fee of CAD 17 and pass the vision test
  • Answer at least 25 questions out of 30 to pass the test
  • Make sure the answers are correct
  • Provide proof of valid and original ID that you are a resident of Alberta
  • Go through all stages of Alberta’s driving license program to obtain the Full license

Final Words

Obtaining a driver’s license is the most challenging task for locals and new Canadians because it requires you to undergo a step-by-step procedure and pass multiple tests from time to time to get the full license. Follow the steps above to achieve your goals. Until Next Time!

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