The Reverend Doctor Kevin George

Doctor Kevin George Story

Originally hailing from Newfoundland, the Reverend Doctor Kevin George is an Anglican priest at St. Aidan’s Church in London, ON with a mission to connect the communities of the world through kindness, compassion, friendship and interfaith relations.

This past September, Rev. Kevin embarked on an ambitious challenge called “55 Hours of Hope”. Starting on September 11 and ending September 13, Rev. Kevin (or “Revy Kevy” as he is sometimes known) preached his message of inclusivity and outreach for a solid 55 hours, only taking one five minute break every hour. In doing so, he raised over $100K for his church community as well as two local charities: ANOVA (an organization dedicated to a future without violence) and Jesse’s Journey (an organization working to fund research into Duchenne muscular dystrophy – a type of muscular dystrophy that primarily affects children).

Not only did this challenge raise money, Rev. Kevin focused his 2+ days of preaching on his message of inclusivity and brother/sisterhood for all people. Throughout his career, Rev. Kevin has been a vocal supporter of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, LGBT rights, welcoming refugees with openness and compassion, protecting the environment, better understanding of mental health, and all marginalized peoples.

How does Kevin inspire others?

Kevin preaches love without borders, inspiring others to seek out the brokenness in those around them by embracing their own brokenness. He guides people to build relationships and further the building of community in an inter-faith manner because of his belief in a God that lives. As a priest and child of God, Rev. Kevin leads through his own example – embracing and uplifting people in need, regardless of any shared or conflicting beliefs.

What is Kevin’s ideal vision that you would like to contribute to the world?

A world of connection and understanding across faiths, cultures, languages, borders and more.

What is the message that Kevin would like to spread?

To welcome all as brothers and sisters.

What is Kevin’s superpower?

Connection to community and building of humanity!

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