Digital Marketing Consortium Canada

The Success Story

An Inspiring Canadian Success Story

DMCC - Inspiring Canadians

How it started?

It all started with a gut feeling, some popcorn and a college couple talking about the power of the digital world and what it really means to be “online”. Opposed to the popular answer of simply “having a social media account”, Georges and Laura approached their definition from a deeper perspective. As they see it, the digital world is a place where we can be authentic, grow with others and connect to opportunities, all through leveraging the powerful avenue of digital marketing.

DMCC - Digital Marketing Consortium of Canada

Leveraging the Digital world to fulfill that aim

DMCC, Digital Marketing Consortium Canada, was born.

Whether you want to start a business, fundraise to feed a community, or show the world your superpowers, the digital world can be leveraged to fulfill that aim, and more. However, digital marketing’s complexity, diversity and multiple tools oftentimes hold us back from effectively spreading our message. How can we keep up with the fast-changing digital world? To address that need, DMCC, Digital Marketing Consortium Canada, was born.

DMCC aims to make the power of digital marketing more universally accessible through three type of events: workshops, case competitions and conferences. And all at a very affordable cost. Their mission is to help people at all levels keep up with the fast pace of the digital world by connecting them with industry leaders so that they can successfully launch their idea, spread their message or otherwise get themselves and what they have to offer into the spotlight.

How do you feel you inspire others?

We believe that by connecting people to experienced minds and equipping them with the tools to succeed, not only will they be able to thrive in digital marketing, they will also inspire others to spread their message to the world.

What inspired you to do this?

We believe that everyone has a story to tell. Whether it is your business, your personal blog, a great cause you believe in or even your accomplishments, when you share that message effectively, it can truly change the world and inspire others to follow their dreams.

Behind all of this, was our passion for digital marketing and desire to help people leverage it to tell their story.

We wanted to open opportunities, knowledge and experience to people at all levels, from students all the way up to advanced professionals. Our goal is to provide high-quality events that are accessible and really affordable to the public, so that we can all have the chance to gain knowledge from industry leaders, at just the cost of a meal.

What is the ideal vision that you would like to contribute to the world?

Our vision is to empower people to use digital marketing to spread their message and help others.