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From a tough experience to a strong woman

In Anna’s sad experience growing up, she was confronted with situations no child should have to deal with. In her early teens, she had to go before a judge and choose between her mother and father to decide which parent would get full legal custody of her kid brother, who was four years old at the time. Sadly, she felt neither parent was an ideal choice. She also felt wholly responsible for her kid brother’s life outcome, and was heavily influenced by her parents’ chaotic relationship.

What happened in those years determined who she became. Her focus on having a united, loving family meant the world to her. What she would do about that ultimately led her to her destiny.

Fast forward a few years and Anna became a bonus (step) mom to a three-year-old boy who was the ring-bearer when she wed his father. She then found herself in the position of bonus mom and co-parent. She didn’t just go into a marriage with the love of her life, she was also gifted a bonus son, and inherited a former spouse. Co-parenting was a life-changing experience for everyone in the mix; they were all pioneers in a new co-parenting lifestyle journey.

Today, Anna’s greatest pride and success is Co-parenting in Harmony. She is a first-person advocate for co-parenting in harmony and knows, first hand, that it is possible when you focus only on what is best for your children’s needs and your family’s safe haven. When everyone in the mix puts aside their differences for the greater good, an extended family can be created. As Anna experienced, and as she now helps other families experience, this new extended family brings value to all shared experiences, memories and moments. When we allow love and connection to ripple outwards, we can bring healing to all relationships with those who are cherished.

As an international bestselling author and a Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Anna is proud to say that she has successfully achieved Co-parenting in Harmony and has a beautiful, harmonious blended family in which all family members are treated with respect and know that they matter. For the past 30 years, her blended family has done celebrations, holidays, vacations and so much more together.

Going Beyond

go beyond ourselves

According to Anna, the greatest lesson of co-parenting is that we can go beyond ourselves and contribute to our children and our relationships, no matter what.

As a Co-parenting Coach, Anna walks her talk. Her blended family is unique and special and she now helps other families create that for themselves. When she began her own co-parenting journey, sending the message of undivided love began with doing what was then considered unthinkable: Co-parenting in harmony. Today, it is far from unthinkable. It is doable. And it is always about Love.

How do you feel you inspire others?

I inspire parents to adopt a shift in mindset from spouse-partners to parent-partners only. This is a profound shift that helps parents focus on their parenting roles only, so that their actions, words and behaviours create positive ripple effects.

What inspired you to do this?

I have always felt that guidance was needed to end suffering between parents and, especially, for their children. Because of my personal and professional experience, I truly believe that I can help make the impossible, possible. I strive to uplift families’ awareness for their child’s well-being, as well as for parents’ peace of mind, so that they can move forward in their new lifestyle.

What is the ideal vision that you would like to contribute to the world?

My ideal vision for the world is to end ongoing conflicts within co-parenting and blended families. To let children love their parents freely. To let kids be kids.

This journey is about unifying the family and focusing on the child’s needs, so that the entire family thrives. A divorce is just a family change. We can always learn to adapt to change and, most importantly, grow from it.  

What is the message that you would like to spread?

Co-parenting in harmony is possible. Simple acts of kindness create ripple effects that transform the future of your entire family.

What is your superpower?

Compassion and empathy.

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