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Halifax’s mesmerizing and magical city in Atlantic Canada will leave you in awe. Here are the top reasons to visit Halifax. Read Here!

Reasons to visit Halifax

Canada is a beautiful country with charming cities, including the bustling Atlantic Hub, known as Halifax. It has stunning natural beauty, friendly people, pleasant weather, and world-class restaurants to enjoy delectable food and satisfy your taste buds.

Although there are numerous reasons to visit Halifax, today’s article will give you the top reasons to encourage you to visit this city, feast your eyes on gorgeous scenery, and create memories. Read on!

1.    History and Architecture

Halifax offers a tumultuous history that has carved the picturesque port city as the center of innovation, nightlife, and tourism in Atlantic Canada. The city’s rich history is adorned with numerous landmarks that celebrate the joyous events that shaped today’s thriving coastal metropolis.

In addition, from the military fortifications atop Citadel Hill to the Bell Tower, built to commemorate the Halifax Explosion, the city moves forward with pride in its past. Although Halifax is an old city, it is driven by youthful energy, stimulated by a huge student population and innovative architectural developments.

Similarly, it is a blend of old and new that creates a unique atmosphere reminiscent of the past and eagerness to reach new heights. Walking down Hollis Street or Barrington Street, you will notice the past and the future contrast, with historic buildings hidden among the grand residential and commercial buildings.

2.    Boutiques and Restaurants

If you like to shop, you will love exploring Halifax’s fabulous boutiques. You can interact with creative business owners who are passionate about customer service. The beautiful boutiques in Halifax guarantee that you will return home with one-of-a-kind locally made items.

You can bounce back and forth between the big-box stores and small businesses that play a crucial role in Nova Scotia’s economy. Moreover, one thing you can’t miss when visiting Halifax is exploring the cuisine. Halifax’s food scene is vibrant, with great restaurants around every corner. Local chefs will make you want to come back for more.

The number of restaurants has exploded in the last decade, so you will never be short of food. Eat what you want, when you want, at an affordable price. You will have the opportunity to enjoy special treats at fine restaurants and the opportunity to mingle with Halifax locals at cafes.

3.    Picturesque Waterfront

Whether rediscovering Halifax or visiting Nova Scotia for its rich casino scene, you will love the waterfront views. You can lean on the railing and check out the free slots at the online casino while enjoying the sea breeze with your phone in hand.

In addition, Halifax’s bustling waterfront is spread out around a large, bustling harbor, and there is no shortage of things to do and see. Visit the Industrial Vessels section to learn more about waterborne transportation or Pier 12 to experience Canadian art and culture.

Moreover, the Canadian Museum of Immigration will keep you glued to your seat with a discovery every few minutes. It features incredible history lessons, including immigration to North America.

4.    Jazz Festival

The Halifax Jazz Festival, previously known as the Atlantic Jazz Festival, is the most famous, oldest and largest summer festival in Atlantic Canada. It pioneers opportunities for amateur musicians, local artists, and the local jazz aristocracy.

The Jazz Festival in Halifax is a place to enjoy live music. There is an opportunity to play the saxophone in front of a large audience and learn about the music. If you are a music lover, you will appreciate live music. You can also learn about jazz just by watching people play music.

5.    Nightlife

Halifax has a thriving beer culture, and your tour will be led by a guide dressed in historical costumes who will show you the pubs that line the city center. The music, which has its roots in Scotland, is mainly influenced by the unique East Coast style.

From fine dining to seafood restaurants to the variety of ice cream you can indulge in, you will get it all. Art, culture, fashion, music, and food all provide opportunities to create new ideas. Art, music, and style are all connected, but now, Halifax’s nightlife has become as much a part of modern cultural history as art and music.

Final Words

Halifax is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada, boasting beautiful vibes, rich culture, fantastic architecture, pleasant weather, and stunningly gorgeous natural beauty that attracts people worldwide. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
5 Reasons to visit New Brunswick

While most tourists visit Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver during their trip to Canada, here are the top five reasons to explore New Brunswick. Read Here!

Reasons to visit New Brunswick

Did you know that New Brunswick is full of astonishing natural wonders, unique attractions, breathtaking landscapes, flourishing culture, and festivals to enjoy? It is one of the most beautiful regions of Canada.

In addition, visiting the place allows you to discover the beautiful areas of New Brunswick and its little treasures located just five to nine hours from Montreal to experience unforgettable moments.

From entertaining activities, tasty dishes, warm welcome, artisanal drinks, fresh lobster, visits to vineyards, and local products are on the menu to satisfy your vacation’s appetite. Here are the top five reasons to visit New Brunswick. Read on!

1.    Scenic Beaches

Sun worshipers, sandcastle builders, and paddleboard enthusiasts, New Brunswick is full of beaches perfect for swimming with family or friends. More than 50 of these spots overlook the landscape of the Canadian region, caressed by the warmest saltwater in Canada.

With average summer sea temperatures approaching 29 degrees Celsius, you will find that at Parlee Beach Provincial Park, Shediac, and southeastern New Brunswick, the beaches are as warm as the welcome, and lobster as good and fresh as the sea air.

In addition, Famous Kelly’s Beach is also popular for viewing incredible numbers of common terns, which congregate in the largest colony of common terns in Canada and one of the largest in North America.

The secluded and sandy beach of Grande-Anse offers exceptional scenery, as it hides between multitudes of rocks sculpted by the waves. Your family or children can also have a good time there and enjoy the picnic area, the volleyball court, and the playground.

2.    The Best Lobster

Lobster is the local star in New Brunswick. It tops the menu of every restaurant, whether fancy or inexpensive because the Bay of Fundy is one of the world’s largest reservoirs of these shellfish.

However, restaurants sell lobsters for a slightly higher price than the local salmon. You can consume it in all its forms: grilled, in soup, or even in a sandwich for hiking. You can fish it yourself in Shediac, a port whose fortune rests on the little beast and the beauty of its very gorgeous beaches.

3.    The Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick is a dream destination for tourists, with its highest tides in the world, reaching an incredible height of 48 feet (14 meters) and manifesting quite dramatically at the Hopewell Rocks. You will love gigantic blocks of stone shaped like flowerpots that you can walk around.

Moreover, the Bay of Fundy, where more than 12 species of whales migrate, including the rare North Atlantic right whale, is also a must for observation. We recommend discovering the two extremes by exploring the park on foot on the seabed at low tide.

4.    Outdoor Activities

New Brunswick is, first and foremost, a natural paradise. The landscapes are admirable, starting with the Bay of Fundy, famous for its tides’ gigantic height, which leaves bare rocks as high as hills.

In addition, you can go canoeing around the rocks of Hopewell. You can also go for more splendid walks in the immense park of Fundy. You can easily rent bicycles or kayaks. On the other hand, you can enjoy these splendors by car.

5.    Unique East Coast Vibes

New Brunswick’s finest town is Saint Andrews by the sea. You are on the American border, and on the other side of the bay, you can see Maine. Everything here is reminiscent of New England, in a very “Ralph Lauren” atmosphere.

Similarly, you can approach colonies of seals on a canoe in the beautiful Kouchibouguac Park, migratory birds at Mary’s Point, salmon and beavers in the Big Salmon River, moose everywhere along the roads. So, this is a perfect place for tourists who want to experience something unique in Canada.

Final Words

New Brunswick is famous for many reasons, such as the wild coastline, mesmerizing outdoor activities, including whale watching, bird watching, hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. It is a perfect destination for tourists who want to relish unique culture, rich architecture, and eye-soothing scenic beauty. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

While Canada has many islands that boast scenic beauty, visiting Prince Edward Island is a memorable experience for everyone. Read Here!

Reasons to Visit Prince Edward Island (PIE)

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, located in the Maritimes. As the name suggests, it’s an island connected to the rest of Canada by the Confederation Bridge, ferries, and an airport.

Despite its small size, there are many things to do and places to see. It is one of the most beautiful islands in Canada, boasting picturesque natural beauty, unique landscapes, rich culture, and delectable food. Here are the top reasons to visit Prince Edward Island. Read on!

1.    Charlottetown

Located on the southern shore of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown is home to more than 36,000 people. The town has a rich culture, history, vibrancy, charm, hospitality, food, and a shopping scene.

Charlottetown is a beautiful city with interesting English architecture. The red soil of the province gives its color to the buildings. Many quilts and coffee (Bed & Breakfast) will welcome you to charming old houses. Go for a walk in the city center to discover some good restaurants and don’t forget to taste lobster and chowder.

2.    Lobster Fishing

Served in restaurants in a thousand and one ways, lobster is an essential resource for anglers who take great care of it. Since 2014, the Marine Stewardship Council has certified that the lobster fishery in Prince Edward Island is sustainable and well-managed according to its official, global, scientific standard.

So, you can sign up for the various excursions offered by real lobster fishermen and experience lobster fishing on the island. You can also learn how to fish lobster, cook it, and the right way to eat it not to lose any of its delicious flesh.

3.    Pristine Beaches and Lighthouses

With its golden sand, dunes, and access to beautiful red cliffs, Cavendish Beach is a must to visit Prince Edward Island. However, it is not the only beach to discover on the island. With 1100 km of coastline, there are many beaches that even the islanders cannot tell how many.

In addition, the waters off Prince Edward Island are the warmest north of Virginia. Canada’s smallest province is just 224 km long and 64 km wide, but its rugged shoreline and dunes are home to 63 lighthouses, eight of which are open to the public.

Among these, the Point Prim lighthouse is the oldest on the island, a perfect place for families and friends to spend quality time and enjoy. There is also Panmure Head Lighthouse (1853), the oldest wooden lighthouse in the province. Another one is the West Point Lighthouse (1875), the highest on the island. Don’t forget to visit the Cape Bear Lighthouse (1881).

4.    National Park

The national and provincial parks strive to protect the island’s most beautiful sites and landscapes. It is mandatory to go to the national park of Prince Edward Island. On 40 kilometers along the island’s north coast, there are observation points with state-of-the-art camping sites and places for picnicking.

There are many hiking and biking trails to participate in adventurous activities. We recommend the Confederation Trail, a 435-kilometer bike path that crosses the island from west to east. You will love the gorgeous scenery to soothe your eyes.

5.    The Confederation Bridge

The Confederation Bridge holds a significant value because it connects Prince Edward Island and other eastern Canadian Provinces, including New Brunswick. Not only does this bridge make travel convenient and streamlined, but it also offers tourists an opportunity to relish the region’s picturesque beauty.

To enter the island, you have to take the plane, the ferry from Nova Scotia, or the Confederation Bridge, which connects it to New Brunswick. At 12.9 kilometers long, this engineering masterpiece is the longest bridge in the world to span waters that become covered in ice in winter.

Final Words

Green hills, jagged red cliffs, colorful lupines, powdery dunes, golden or red beaches, and blue sea are a few things that attract people to Prince Edward Island. However, the things to do and places to see on this small island are endless. Anyway, in this post, we have mentioned the top reasons that can convince anyone to visit this beautiful island. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Millions of people, including tourists, visit Toronto every year? Do you want to know why? Here are the best reasons to visit Toronto. Read Here!

Reasons to Visit Toronto

Canada is one of the most visited countries in the western hemisphere. It attracts people from all over the world, thanks to its scenic beauty and fantastic metropolis cities, including Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, and the mighty Toronto.

A six-hour drive from Montreal, Toronto is ideal for spending a long weekend by Lake Ontario. The metropolis offers several activities that will appeal to lovers of the outdoors, sports and culture.

Toronto is a dynamic, vibrant, lively, and fascinating city to visit in Canada. Canadians are privileged to have such an exciting metropolis, rivaling the greatest cities in the world, nearby.

Whether for a few days or a few weeks, visiting Toronto is something to do at least once in your life. Here are the top reasons to go there and several suggestions to do and see. Read on!

1.    CN Tower

The tallest tower in the country at 553 meters, CN Tower, offers an exceptional 360-degree panorama of the city. The view to the south gives way to Lake Ontario and the small Billy Bishop Airport located on the Toronto Islands.

Looking north, visitors will experience the sheer scale of Toronto’s landmass, with downtown buildings and many different neighborhoods. A glass floor, revealing the void under the feet, can give some cold sweats to the most fearful.

The more daring can pay extra (expensive) to participate in the last attraction of the place, the Haut-Da-Cieux, which allows you to walk outside the tower, held on to a safety rail.

2.    World-Class Restaurants

Recognized as a gastronomic city, Toronto is a place where it is not difficult to eat. The delicious restaurants found there alone are an excellent excuse to visit the city. There is something for all tastes and all prices.

For example, the 360 is a beautiful restaurant located at the top of the CN Tower, is a must to visit for everyone. The views are splendid, picturesque, and eye-soothing. In addition, the restaurant is on a rotating platform that allows you to contemplate the city from all angles and the dishes remain delicious.

3.    Distillery District

The whiskey distillery has become a vibrant urban center that attracts many people. The 47 large Victorian red brick buildings now house decoration and design shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Make sure you visit Toronto’s Mill Street Brewery and sample one of their beers.

In addition, this neighborhood revitalized in the early 2000s has kept its charm of yesteryear. Even though it is surrounded by many condominiums springing up like mushrooms along Lake Ontario, this place attracts thousands of people. Distillery District is also famous for festivals.

4.    Islands

Toronto’s green lung, the islands offer an array of activities for everyone. The ferry crossing alone is an excellent reason to go there. Indeed, the most beautiful photos of the city are taken during this crossing of about fifteen minutes.

On-site, it is possible to rent a bike, eat ice cream, go to the Centerville children’s entertainment park, walk around the tiny village, rent a canoe, etc. Many families come here to take a breath of fresh air, organize a picnic or go to the beach.

5.    Festivals

In summer, every weekend is punctuated by numerous music or street festivals all over the city. Throughout July, the Caribana Festival, celebrating Caribbean culture and traditions, promises to set the mood all over town.

More than 150 restaurants participate in Summerlicious, a gastronomic festival that offers three-course fixed-price menus for breakfast or dinner during July. Fans of Greek cuisine should head to the Taste of The Danforth held in the Greek Village the first weekend in August.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, Toronto, Ontario, might be the perfect destination for you. The capital of Ontario, Canada, with approximately four million inhabitants, is also the entertainment capital.

When planning a trip to Toronto, you will be amazed at all the things to do and see. Toronto is a safe and sparkling city with spectacular recreation, parks, and cultural centers. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
Best Provincial and National Parks to Visit in Quebec

What are the best national and provincial parks in Quebec? Why should you visit these places? What are the best activities in these parks? Learn Here!

Provincial and National Parks to Visit in Quebec

Quebec is the largest province in Canada and boasts the most diverse landscapes, picturesque mountains, and wildlife in North America. Quebec has the world’s best national and provincial parks, from scenic coastlines to breathtaking views.

Experiencing national and provincial parks in Quebec is a fantastic way to breathe in the fresh air and explore the best tourist destinations in Canada. Parks in Quebec are famous for outdoor adventure activities, including hiking, camping, canoeing, and cross-country skiing. Here are the best national and provincial parks to explore in Quebec. Read on!


Grands-Jardins is a paradise in the Charlevoix region, boasting the rugged outdoor scenery where the tundra meets boreal forest. Many people visit Grands-Jardins to experience the unique taste of northern Quebec. The park is a 90-minute drive from central Quebec City.

In addition, Grands-Jardins is an integral part of the Biosphere Reserve, with fascinating wildlife, including grey wolf, lynx, black bear, moose, and woodland caribou. The park is also famous for fishing enthusiasts. So, visiting this place with your friends or family will create memories and soothe your mind and body, thanks to the picturesque views.


Mont-Tremblant offers unspoiled natural beauty. It is one of the largest protected areas in the region, offering an escape into the heart of natural beauty with an impressive variety of wildlife species. Mont-Tremblant is also home to beautiful rivers, lakes, and stunning mountains. In addition, it is one of the highest mountains in the Laurentians, making it the best national park near the beautiful city of Montreal.

Many people visit this place for outdoor adventures, including snowboarding and skiing, during the winter season. You can enjoy the twelve kilometers paddle down the Diable River during the summer. The place is heaven for kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts.

Besides, Mont-Tremblant attracts camping lovers, thanks to the best camping sites with state-of-the-art amenities. So, you can enjoy traditional tent camping or participate in everyday adventures. Everything in Mont-Tremblant is perfect for campers.

La Mauricie

La Maurice is another beautiful national park near Montreal, attracting locals and tourists, thanks to the picturesque scenery and breathtaking views. So, if you want a perfect day trip, make sure you visit La Maurice with your family and friends. You will enjoy scenic waterfalls, picturesque hiking trails, and stunning landscapes.

Although the park attracts people all year round, we recommend visiting the place during the spring and summer to enjoy hiking. In addition, you can also visit La Maurice during the cold winter months for brilliant autumn foliage and enchanting snow. So, you can enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing during the winter season.

The park offers activities for people of all ages and skill levels, including camping sites, children’s playgrounds, and other amenities, making it an ideal destination for a family road trip. Therefore, you can’t miss this national park when visiting Canada.


The park is famous for the glacial valleys cutting through the highest mountains in Canada. It is an integral part of the Charlevoix Biosphere Reserve and the best provincial park in Quebec for people who want to enjoy flora and fauna.

Outdoor activities you can enjoy in this provincial park include kayaking, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing, etc., making it a perfect summer destination for adventure enthusiasts.

You will experience the breathtaking snowy mountains during the winter season and participate in outdoor activities, such as ice-skating, cross-country skiing, dog-sledding expeditions, and snowshoeing.


Another beautiful provincial park in the Gaspe Peninsula attracts thousands of people every month, thanks to the iconic sea and northern gannets with a stunning coastal scene worthy of taking photos and videos.

We recommend exploring the island trails and watching the diverse flora and fauna if you want to get the most out of your trip to Ile-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Perce. For more enjoyment, we recommend taking a guided boat cruise. In addition, the underwater diving excursion at Ile-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Perce is second to none.

Final Words

The Canadian government has made substantial efforts to create high-secured national and provincial park systems. The purpose is to represent and protect the country’s geographic heritage and preserve the natural heritage. Visiting these provincial and national parks in Quebec is a one-of-a-kind experience for families and friends. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
Best Provincial & National Parks to Visit in British Colombia

Are you planning to explore the natural attraction of British Columbia? If yes, don’t forget to visit these national and provincial Parks. Read Here!

Provincial & National Parks to Visit in British Colombia

British Columbia is a beautiful province known for its outdoor attractions. It offers natural beauty, boasting over 644 provincial parks. These protected lands allow British Columbia residents and visitors to connect with nature, escape the mundane urban life, and learn to love and respect the wonderful land. Here are the best provincial and national parks to visit in British Columbia. Read on!

1. Yoho National Park

Yoho National Park is one of Canada’s most spectacular national parks, with majestic mountain scenery. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park is home to snow-capped peaks, beautiful lakes, distant glaciers, roaring rivers, and massive waterfalls.

Yoho National Park boasts the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, picturesque views of Wapta Falls, the scenic Kicking Horse River, turquoise-colors Emerald Lake, and the iconic stone bridge. There are many places to see and things to do in the Yoho National Park. Families and friends can get the most out of their trip by enjoying alpine lakes, wooded trails, and cliffs.

2. Pacific Rim National Park

The Pacific Rim is known for its ancient rainforests, rich marine life, and fierce winter storms. It is also the birthplace of storm watching. Tofino is a popular place to learn to surf and a gourmet destination for fresh seafood taken fresh off the boat.

Pack your winter gear and watch the choppy winter waves that crash against the rocky shore, or take a summer stroll along the endless sandy beaches. It is a perfect place for families, friends, and couples.

3. Glacier National Park

The park offers a wide range of seasonal outdoor activities, such as ice fishing, snowshoeing, boating, and over 700 miles of hiking trails. In winter, cross-country skiing is available. The park attracts mountaineers, rock climbers, and bicyclists at other times of the year.

In addition, the Montana Glaciers preserve one million acres of glacier-carved peaks and valleys, pristine turquoise lakes and rivers, and dense ancient forests for all to enjoy. Learn more about the ‘Crown of the Continent’ as you celebrate this iconic national park.

4. Mount Robson Provincial Park

Mount Robson Provincial Park, thunderous waterfalls, ancient forests, and wildflower meadows blend with steep climbs, and dramatic descents create mesmerizing experiences. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park offers camping and hiking opportunities.

Besides, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Canadian Rockies in 1990, Mount Robson offers everything from developed, car-accessible campgrounds to remote valleys that rarely see human footprints. Mount Robson Provincial Park also protects the Fraser River’s headwaters. It is a perfect place for families and friends.

5. Wells Gray Provincial Park

Visiting Wells Gray Provincial Park is an unforgettable day trip with stunning views, picnic areas, and hiking trails. Wells Gray Provincial Park is located in the territory of Ktunaxa, boasting picturesque and breathtaking views, making it a perfect place for families.

There are 41 waterfalls and other attractions. Wells Gray is also known as the land of waterfalls, as even more waterfalls are scattered throughout the area. Ancient volcanoes and slow-moving glaciers have carved the lakes and rivers that produce the park’s waterfalls.

6. Garibaldi Provincial Park

Garibaldi Provincial Park is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers lush wildlife viewing opportunities, alpine meadows, alpine flowers in overgrown fields, and hiking opportunities ranging from a few hours to several days.

Garibaldi Lake is often considered the best campsite because of its stunningly beautiful, though extremely cold, lake for swimming. Still, Taylor Meadows is lovely, with lush meadows, plant species, and flowers surrounding the campsite.

7. Laclede Provincial Park

With seven miles of coastline, rocky peninsulas, small coves, and bays, Ruckle Park can be happily explored for hours or days. In addition, the mix of forests, fields, and coastal habitats makes it one of the complete wildlife viewing areas on Sal Spring Island.

The entire coast of Laclede Park is perfect for beachcombing walking on the large flat rocks and stones. A small cove north of the picnic area is ideal for swimming. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in this large park area.

Final Words

British Columbia is home to some of the world’s best national parks. At the same time, the provincial parks are second to none when it comes to natural beauty and breathtaking views. These national and provincial parks offer something to everyone, including outdoor adventure activities. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
10 Things to Remember before Coming to Canada in winter

Do you want to visit Canada in the cold winter months? Check out this post to learn the top ten things and create a solid plan before coming to the country!

Things to Remember before Coming to Canada in winter

Canada is a beautiful country in North America, with diverse landscapes and unique geography. When people think of Canada, the first thing that comes to their minds is freezing cold weather and snow-covered land. Yes, this is true up to some extent! However, when you consider the following ten things, you can get the most out of your trip to Canada during the winter season. Read on!

1.    Know the Weather Conditions

Knowing the weather conditions in different regions, cities, and towns is essential if you want to avoid the hassle during the winter season. For example, Vancouver, Surrey, Victoria, and other towns on the west coast are usually warmer than the rest of Canada.

On the other hand, the eastern coast with cities like Halifax, Moncton, and St. John’s has moderate cold winter. During winter, the coldest regions in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, etc.

The winds are gushing and cold, with the lowest temperatures in these mid regions. Therefore, it is wise to read or know about Canada’s weather conditions before you leave. That way, you can prepare yourself better.

2.    Pack Warm Clothes

Packing warm clothes is essential when visiting Canada during the winter season. Make sure you pack plenty of clothing and focus on layers. Keep in mind that layering is the best way to survive the coldest cities in Canada, including Montreal and Toronto.

Suppose you have plans to stay in locations with the highest snowfall. In that case, invest in a pair of snow pants and boots. At the same time, invest in waterproof clothing to protect yourself against heavy snowfall and avoid frostbite.

3.    Having Shorter Outdoor Trips

Create a travel plan before visiting Canada in winter. If you are traveling with your family, educate your kids about the weather conditions. For example, you can plan shorter outdoor trips to avoid staying in extreme cold for a long time.

There are plenty of winter activities in Canada. These include cross-country skiing, skating, snow tubing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and ice fishing. Remember, shorter trips are always better.

4.    Festivals and Events

People in Canada know how to celebrate winters. The winter schedule in Canada is full of events and festivals. However, winter festivals are more imaginative than summer events because the weather conditions usually do not people to celebrate. So, make sure you visit cities and towns with moderate temperatures to celebrate festivals.

5.    Book Affordable Accommodation

In winter, accommodation rates in Canada are lower than in summer because fewer tourists visit the country. You can even stay in hotels near Niagara Falls at the most affordable prices. For example, some of the most luxurious hotels near Niagara Falls have an average rate between $70 and $100 per night. The hotel’s room price increased up to $350 during the summer.

6.    Lack of Crowd

Summer is the busiest season in Canada, attracting millions of tourists. You will see parking lots are full, roads are busy, bus tours lining the famous lakes in the Rockies, and restaurants/bars have queues out of the door.

On the other hand, when you visit Canada in winter, you will find it quieter and more peaceful. Thus, it is an excellent opportunity to explore places and do things without the crowds. For example, Niagara Falls are more relaxed and serene during winter.

7.    Stay in Big Cities

Although Canada is mesmerizing throughout the year, we recommend staying in big cities like Edmonton, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, and Halifax in the cold winter months. All these cities have numerous outdoor attractions to explore. Similarly, these cities have a myriad of museums, festivals, and events. Don’t forget to enjoy the Winterlude in Ottawa and Winter Carnival in Quebec.

8.    Check Winter Hours for Tourist Attractions

Unlike summer, winter hours for most popular places and attractions are limited in Canada. You will even find some attractions completely shut down during winter. So, before leaving for Canada, make sure you check winter hours for each tourist attraction you have included in the bucket list.

9.    Drive Slowly

If you want to drive in Canada, make sure you do it carefully because ice and snow on roads make it challenging. Therefore, you must not take this lightly. Otherwise, you will put your life at risk. Avoid driving on snowy roads if you are an inexperienced driver.

10. Don’t Forget to Watch the Iconic Moose

If you are an animal lover, winter is the best time to see a wide range of species. Because the summer season has a lot of crowds, animals are difficult to see. Therefore, you can see a wide range of animal species during cold winter months, including the iconic moose, bison, caribou, lynx, and mountain goats.

Final Words

Canadian winters are mesmerizing, adventurous, and thrilling. However, they are also dreadful, especially if you lack knowledge and do not prepare yourself. Follow the tips and tricks above to streamline your trip to Canada.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
What is the best time to visit Canada?

Many people ask: what is the best time to visit Canada? Check out this post for the most practical information, tips, and tricks. Read Here!

Best time to visit Canada

Canada is home to natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, unspoiled lakes, and lush green forests. The unparalleled, stunning, and awe-inspiring natural beauty of Canada is second to none.

However, Canada’s allure is not only about the fantastic outdoors but the cosmopolitan cities with a multicultural, clean, safe, and friendly environment. Canada is the second-largest country in the world, with different landscapes and weather conditions.

The weather is pretty different between the east and west coasts. Similarly, Canadian cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, and others, have the world’s best infrastructure, unique culture, and vibrant atmosphere.

Canada is famous for its scenic outdoors, northern lights in the Yukon, delectable foods and drinks, friendly locals, unforgettable wildlife, rich culture, winter sports, etc. The question is: when to visit Canada? Let us answer this question. Read on!

Visiting Canada in summer

Millions of people visit Canada during the summer season. If you love winter sports, make sure you avoid visiting the country in April because the weather conditions are favourable for adventure activities. At the same time, it is too early for summer activities. Likewise, most tourist attractions remain closed in April.

However, if you still want to visit Canada in April, make sure you explore big cities, like Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, etc. May and June are the best times to visit Canada because you will enjoy the picturesque sceneries and explore tourist attractions at reasonable prices.

Although the summer tourist season begins in May, the first two weeks are quieter, meaning most attractions remain closed. On the other hand, July and August are peak tourist seasons in Canada. From Vancouver to Halifax, you can explore the best places and participate in mesmerizing activities.

Moreover, we recommend booking at least six months before visiting Canada during these months. The purpose is to explore the best locations and popular attractions. Similarly, you avoid the hassle of last-minute booking and get the most out of availability at reasonable prices. Remember, booking at the last minute is more expensive.

There are plenty of places to see and things to do in Canada during the summer season. These include visiting national and provincial parks, taking a train trip, experiencing water sports, exploring and hiking through picturesque mountains, taking a coastline tour, relishing the hot springs, enjoying the vineyards, and sharing the outdoor camping in scenic valleys.

Visiting Canada in winter

Winter in Canada lasts from December and March. Most people visit Canada during the winter season to enjoy winter activities, such as dog sledding and snowmobiling. The holiday season is between December 20 and January 3, making it the busiest time of year due to Christmas and New Year’s festivities.

That’s why we recommend booking in advance to get the most out of your trip to Canada during the holiday season. The weather is pleasant, and snow conditions are usually moderate during December. In contrast, January is the coldest month in Canada, and most tourists have gone to their home countries.

So, this makes January the least expensive month in Canada. If you are a winter enthusiast, you can leverage the low prices and enjoy your trip to the snow-covered country.

However, the temperature rises in February and March, attracting tourists from different countries. So, if your visiting Canada in one of these two months, make sure you book accommodation and other things in advance.

Final Words

Although you can visit Canada at any time of the year, the best time to explore the country is in July and December. Although the weather begins to cool down in November, it is still comfortable.

Likewise, during autumn, the changing fall foliage attracts millions of tourists to relish the scenic backdrop, making the most out of their vacations. You will love fall celebrations, such as apple, pumpkin, and wine festivals.

Moreover, the warmest time to visit Canada is the month of July, where the highest temperature is around 22.3 degrees Celsius or 72.1 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the temperature drops below 11 degrees Celsius or 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit at night.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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Best Provincial & National Parks to Visit in Alberta

Do you want to soothe your mind and heart? If yes, visit these best provincial and national parks in Alberta. Here is everything you need to know!

Provincial & National Parks to Visit in Alberta

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, boasting natural beauty, lush green landscapes, tall peaks, national and provincial parks. There are thirty-eight national parks in Canada.

Four of these national parks are in Alberta and preserve 63,000 square kilometres of picturesque wilderness. Although there are numerous provincial parks in Alberta, we will list the best of them. Read on!

1. Jasper National Park

Jasper National is located on the northern side of Banff and features Rocky Mountain’s scenic beauty and breathtaking views. There are many things to do in Jasper National Park. That’s why thousands of tourists visit the place to relish the rustic and laid-back environment.

In addition, Jasper National Park is home to wildlife and hundreds of animal species. It also boasts picturesque lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, and beautiful glaciers in the Canadian Rockies. Similarly, the National Park also has the second-largest dark sky preserves in the world.

Therefore, if you want to watch and enjoy the Northern Lights, no other place is better than visiting the Jasper National Park. In addition, the Park has a countryside charm, scenic and snowy landscapes, and a wide range of winter sports. Many people come to the National Park during the holidays.

2. Banff National Park

Banff National Park, Alberta, is the epitome of natural beauty, thanks to the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, snow-capped peaks, glacial lakes, world-class hotels, and fantastic winter sports.

In addition, this National Park is famous for its wide range of wild species. Thanks to the mountain tourist resort, souvenirs, maple syrup, delectable food, and plenty of other things, the townsite has stunning views.

The best things to do and places to visit in Banff National Park are National Historical Museum, Johnston Canyon, Banff Springs Hotel, Upper Hot springs, Peyto Lake, Moraine Lake, and Lake Louise. In addition, you can enjoy skiing at Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, and Norquay. Don’t forget to enjoy cocktails at Park Distillery.

3. Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park is located outside Edmonton. Although it is the smallest national Park in the region, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the top tourist attraction in Alberta. Recent reports show that Elk Island National Park’s administration has made substantial efforts to conserve the bison population.

Besides, Elk Island National Park is home to elk, moose, coyote, beaver, porcupines’ deer, black bears, and wolves. If you want to get away from the bustling city and spend some relaxed time in nature, head to the Elk National Park. The place is perfect for numerous outdoor activities, including camping, fishing, kayaking, and hiking.

4. Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park is one of the most visited places in Alberta, thanks to the rugged mountains, abundant wildlife, beautiful rivers, and grizzly bears. Most people visit the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park for hiking and camping.

In addition, you can see a wide range of wildlife species when hiking the beautiful mountains. There are over 40 trails, and each track has a varying length, making them suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

5. Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park

Lesser Slave Provincial Park is famous for picturesque beaches, nighttime campfires, swimming, watersports, fishing, and many other things. Locals and tourists enjoy adventure activities, including camping.

The campground has more than 65 sites near the lake. Fishing is another popular outdoor activity at Lesser Salve Lake Provincial Park. This provincial Park’s massive waterbody lets tourists catch the legendry walleye, pike, and burbot.

Final Words

Visiting national and provincial parks in Canada will connect your mind, body, and spirit and open your chakras. Visit Alberta if you want to breathe in fresh and clean air, enjoy picturesque beauty, participate in fun and adventure outdoor activities, and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Alberta’s national and provincial parks are stunning places to add to your bucket list and sightseeing itinerary. These national parks are home to beautiful mountains, picturesque foothills, prairies, scenic rivers/lakes, and plenty of wildlife. Thus, these parks provide you with countless opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.


  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
10 Reasons You Should Visit Canada

Although you can choose any destination for your next trip, make a decision after reading this article that gives you ten reasons to visit Canada!

Reasons You Should Visit Canada

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries that receives millions of tourists every year. When people think of Canada, they imagine beautiful sceneries, vast landscapes, lush green national and provincial parks, winter outdoor sports, delectable food, diverse culture, quality education, cruise excursions, wildlife, and many other things.

Canada spans more than nine million square kilometers. It comprises six time zones, making it one of the largest countries in the world geographically. If you are wondering why you should visit Canada, you are in the right place. Today’s articles will give you a list of the top ten reasons to visit this beautiful country. Read on!

1.    Picturesque Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is the most visited and popular tourist attraction in Canada, thanks to the beautiful blue-green color and natural water flow. The rock flour, also known as the pulverized rock, adds beauty and charm to the water’s tint.

In addition, the naturally occurring organisms, such as algae, work with sunlight on the water surface to give Niagara Falls a unique appearance. It is a perfect place for families, friends, couples, and people from different walks of life to relish the natural beauty and create memories.

2.    The Scenic Rocky Mountains

Canada is home to beautiful, tall mountains and snow-capped peaks. The picturesque mountain scenery and breathtaking views are other reasons to visit Canada. In addition to the world’s most welcoming, hospitable, and friendliest people, Canadian Rocky Mountains are a perfect place for the beautiful wildlife. Remember, the Canadian Rockies will leave in awe, thanks to its magical charm.

3.    Toronto, the Tourism Hub

Toronto is the largest city and tourism hub in Canada. It is the most popular city that attracts hundreds of thousands of people every month. In fact, when people travel to Canada, their first stop is always the mesmerizing and magical city of Toronto.

The city is well-known for its cultural diversity, family entertainment, sports venues, delectable food, parks, outdoor attractions, luxury shopping malls, breathtaking skyscrapers, lush green spaces, friendly people, and vibrant nightlife.

4.    The Majestic Vancouver

Besides Toronto, another reason to visit Canada is Vancouver, a magical city home to spectacular and safe settings with the sparkling ocean, majestic mountains, mesmerizing foliage, and rainforests. Vancouver is the most beautiful, cleanest, greenest, safest, easily accessible, and attractive city in Canada, offering a wide range of tourist attractions to create memories.

5.    Watch Polar Bears

Watching polar bears is another reason to visit Canada. Keep in mind that Canada is home to a wide range of bear species, including grizzly bears. However, nothing matches the enjoyable sight of watching polar bears in the country’s arctic.

6.    Diversity of Montréal

Montreal is a fascinating city to visit in Canada. It is the second-largest Canadian city and a famous tourist attraction. The multicultural and multilingual environment creates unique experiences for tourists. The town is renowned for eye-catching European-style architecture, museums, local culture, trendy bars, delectable restaurants, parks, summer and winter sports, and so much more!

7.    The Northern Lights

Watching the northern lights in Canada is the most enthralling, hypnotic, and fascinating experience for locals and tourists. The Northern Lights’ ghostly glows are magical, mesmerizing, and luscious enough to leave you in awe. The celestial light display is due to the sun’s charged particles interacting with the earth’s atmosphere.

8.    Hospitable and Friendly People

Canadians love their country and make substantial efforts to make it the safest, friendliest, most welcoming, and hospital nation. Because people in Canada are proud of their country, they want to share their world and culture with tourists. So, when you interact with locals in Canada, you will find them respectful, honorable, dignified, welcoming, and friendly.

9.    Maple Syrup

Nothing is parallel to the maple syrup prepared in Canada. It is one of the staple items in Canadian gastronomy. The maple leaf is the national symbol of the country’s flag. Canadians love and feel proud of the maple trees throughout the country.

In addition to the sturdy and beautiful tree, it also produces maple syrup, allowing tourists to satisfy their taste buds. Once you taste the maple syrup, you will remember it forever.

10. Snow Adventures

Canada is home to snow adventures from east to west. The most popular winter sports or activities in Canada are skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, ice skating, ice fishing, downhill tubing, sledding, and snowmobiling.

Final Words

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, boasting beautiful landscapes, picturesque sceneries, vibrant metropolises, delectable food, rich culture, incredible natural lakes, ice-capped peaks, and immense beauty second to none from coast to coast. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.