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Canada is the second-largest country in the world, with 9.8 million square kilometers of area, making it the best place for road trips. Taking a road trip in Canada allows you to explore bird-filled marshlands, diverse landscapes, scenic lush green mountains, and glacier-caved beaks. You will make stops to enjoy the stunning views, eat your favorite meal, take photos, and do many other things. Here are the top five road trips to do in Canada. Read on! 1. Icefields Parkway, Alberta Icefield Parkway, located in Alberta, is a 235-kilometer road with picturesque views of glaciers and lakes. Start the road trip at Lake Louise in Banff National Park and head north on Highway 93 to enjoy the stunning views of Herbert Lake, Sunwapta FALLS, AND Athabasca Glacier. We recommend staying at the newly renovated Lodge with a glacier view. You can also stay at Jasper’s comfortable Lodge in the National Park at the route’s end. The road trip is perfect for adventure enthusiasts who want to explore the icefields and national parks during the spring and winter seasons. 2. Sea to Sky Highway, British Columbia Sea to Sky Highway, Located in British Columbia, is a curvy 162-kilometer road passing through the forest, mountains, and farmlands. Start your road trip at Vancouver, the hip coastal city in British Columbia, run your car on the Sea to Sky Highway, and head north to enjoy the Squamish and Whistler before reaching Pemberton, the mecca of stunning mountain and landscape views. Besides, you can stop to relax and stretch your legs at the provincial park near the Shannon Falls. Refuel your car at Backcountry Brewing and stay at the Farm B&B for a delicious dinner and night. The road trip is perfect for people looking to spend quality time away from the city’s hustle and bustle. 3. Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan Grasslands National Park is another best road trip in Canada, allowing you to explore the eclectic roadside views and attractions. The Badlands Parkway opened in 2019. So, you can see the National Park and take multiple road trips in the beautiful Grasslands. During the road trip, you will explore villages, including Wood Mountain, and drive south to view the wildlife on the prairie landscape. Moreover, head to the West Block south of Val Marie to see the Black-footed ferrets, spot plains bison, and enjoy the 80-kilometer scenic drive. Remember, you can take the road trip for one day or a few days, depending on your plan. 4. Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick Bay of Fundy, located in New Brunswick, is a perfect road trip for adventure enthusiasts, allowing them to explore the waterways on the Bay of Fundy, a top-notch and hot spot in Canada. It offers the most picturesque views of natural beauty. There are 150 billion tons of water flow with the highest tides in the world, up to 50 feet. Bay of Fundy road trip requires at least four to five days to complete because the route is 225-kilometer going through the Moncton’s Quaint 1883, Hopewell Rocks, and Flowerpot rocks with eroded tree-topped formations. Make sure you catch the Rising Tide Festival in the National Park and explore the Kayak St. Martins’ red-rock caves. 5. Interlake Region, Manitoba Interlake Region in Manitoba allows road trippers to immerse themselves in the history and picturesque beauty. The road is 210 kilometers, requiring you to complete the trip in one or three days, depending on your plans. You will love exploring the inland seas of Lake Manitoba and Lake Winnipeg. Start your road trip from the bustling Winnipeg, head north to the Lower Fort Garry, Hammock Marsh, and spend quality time at the iconic wooden piers of Lake Winnipeg. Winnipeg Beach is swimming-friendly with beautiful views. Final Words Taking a road trip in Canada allows individuals, friends, and families to get off the beaten path and explore Canadian communities in the natural wonderlands. Exploring the countryside boosts your physical and mental health by enabling you to unwind and relax in the picturesque landscapes, forests, beaches, and mountains of Canada. Whether you are a local or tourist, a road trip in Canada will give you memorable experiences.
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