Gold Growth Giveaways – Featuring Inspiring Canadians Young Entrepreneurs 2022

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Inspiring Canadians Young Entrepreneurs 2022

Aymeric Jett Montaz and Juliette St-Jean

Aymeric Jett Montaz and Juliette St-Jean have a unique story! A story worth telling and that could inspire a lot of entrepreneurs in Canada and even worldwide.
At 18 years old, these two people are already at the head of a business that doesn’t stop growing!

Aymeric Jett Montaz is a young actor who played in a Netflix TV serie called “Anne with an E” and who now has a community of over 700k followers on instagram, her girlfriend Juliette St-Jean is also a young Montreal influencer who has over 40k followers. Because of their popularity on social media, they started a project that exploited social networks to offer free gifts to participants while promoting local businesses. This is how GOLD GROWTH GIVEAWAYS was born!

Born and raised in Montreal, while Aymeric has been an actor for the past 10 years, Juliette was in a science and nutrition study program near Laval but, like many people, Covid pandemic forced them to reconsider their future plans. Due to their work values and their strong ambitions, they started to think about creating a business that could help Montreal entrepreneurs to grow their business on social media! In Montreal, digital marketing is not that much developed. And, despite their young age, Juliette and Aymeric quickly understood that social networks were yet indispensable in modern marketing. That is why they launched in 2022 the company Gold Growth Giveaways: the only incorporation that connects local influencers with businesses through the instagram platform. Their business puts into relation local businesses and influencers to growth symbiotically their communities and at the same time offer free and amazing gifts to participants. It’s an amazing idea that havent been developed in Quebec yet. It redefines the concept of marketing digital and enables small local businesses to get marketing without going through the traditional and expensive process.

Building their business from the ground up and only by themselves, their incorporation started to grow insanely days after days. Within a few months Gold Growth Giveaways instagram page grew to over 20k followers and the benefits were visible from the first giveaway! The amount of ideas and works never cease to expand from Aymeric and Juliette’s mind, and while they start with only two of them, they are now the CEOs of an incorporated company with three employees.

The CEOs, Aymeric and Juliette are not even 20 years old yet, and their business is growing everyday. Undertaking this kind of project at this age is a risky bet that these two ambitious people seem to win so far. This is an example for many young entrepreneurs in terms of initiative and the will to succeed. Starting a business is not easy but not impossible! Aymeric and Juliette have the spirit of entrepreneurship and many projects are yet to come!