Different types of housing in Canada

Different types of housing in Canada

Are you looking to buy a house in Canada? Knowing different types of homes is crucial to making an informed decision. Read Details Here!

Buying a house in Canada requires careful planning and preparation. There are numerous houses in Canada, benefiting potential homeowners to choose the one that best fits their needs and comes within their budgets.

Bear in mind that choosing a house type depends on your location, budget, and needs. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with various houses in Canada is critical to achieving your goals. Read on!


A detached house is one of the most famous types of residential properties in Canada. The reason is that it does not share walls with other properties in the neighborhood. Besides, detached property is the best choice if you want a front and backyard in a house. So, this allows you and your family to have additional space and enjoy it for outdoor activities like staycations.


Semi-detached houses come in various sizes but have walls to share with another property. A semi-detached house also shares other elements, including a driveway or fence. Unlike detached homes with high prices, semi-detached houses are affordable. However, if you want privacy, a semi-detached house is not ideal.


Condominiums, also called condos in Canada, are large/tall buildings with hundreds of units. Each unit or condo has an individual owner. If you are single or have a small family, a condo is an ideal choice. It has various common elements, including a pool, parking garage, fitness center, lobby, yard, etc.


Townhouses are a series of residential properties. Each house shares walls on both sides with neighbors’ homes. Townhouses are somewhat similar to semi-detached dwellings. However, they are more affordable than detached and semi-detached houses in Canada. On the other hand, big cities like Toronto and Vancouver have townhouses with luxury facilities, meaning they are slightly expensive.

Condo Townhomes

Condo townhouses share various similarities with traditional townhomes. However, a condo corporation owns, operates, and maintains the exterior elements, such as parking, yards, and other amenities. When you live in a condo townhome, you will have to pay a small monthly fee to the corporation for maintaining the exterior amenities.

Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex

Duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes are other types of homes to consider when buying a house in Canada. As the names indicate, these contain two, three, and four houses. Each house has its separate entrance with multiple floors.

Bear in mind that a duplex, triplex, or fourplex has a single owner in Canada. However, some houses contain additional units available for rent. Sometimes, these houses have multiple owners, with each owner occupying a single unit.

Final Words

The cost of purchasing a house in Canada depends on various factors, such as the location, quality, number of rooms, amenities, and age. The national average is between $660,000 and $700,000. However, houses in Ontario and British Columbia are slightly more expensive than the national average. Until Next Time!

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