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From Fear to Abundance

Terrie believes the world of real estate investment can (and should) move away from greed and fear, and towards a more positive, mindful form of investing and entrepreneurialism. Her goal is to make this happen through guiding and coaching aspiring investors.

Terrie has had a twenty-year career as a real estate professional, and almost as long a ride as a semi-professional martial artist. She started managing rental properties as a student at the age of 19. Over the following ten years, she did a lot of soul-searching, and over-coming of personal demons to finally start her own a property management company and practice as a real estate agent in Montreal.

Terrie’s goal now is to give back by helping others invest in real estate wisely, mindfully and for their personal fulfillment.

How does Terrie inspire others?

personal fulfillment and mindfulness.

Terrie shows aspiring investors that the investor’s life can be one of personal fulfillment and mindfulness.

Her mission is to inspire others to overcome fear and learn to invest, all the while making informed and mindful choices that are right for them, and that are not based on greed, social pressure, or egotism.

To do this, she gives monthly workshops to aspiring investors at a rate of just $5. The going rate for this kind of teaching in the real estate field ranges from $900-$10,000 for a weekend.

Her workshop topics include tips and practical strategies to help aspiring real estate investors grow their businesses, as well as cultivate greater fulfillment in their investing lives. Her upcoming book, “Mindful Landlord”, will be released in May 2019 and expands on some of these ideas, especially on overcoming fear and avoiding the greed trap. She also writes a blog on the same topic.

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What inspired Terrie to do this?

Through her real estate career, Terrie became generally unhappy with how a lot of real estate coaching drives new investors to chase “bigger and better” deals, regardless of their personal objectives, and encourages them to spend the equivalent of a down-payment in fees. She found herself dissatisfied with the level of greed, fear and alienation experienced by society, both in our business and personal lives.

She believes that much of the knowledge on how to invest wisely and mindfully should be available at a low cost, and wants to give back by offering a source of information on real estate investing that is delivered with an attitude of mindfulness, clearly for a general audience, and at an affordable cost.

What is the ideal vision that you would like to contribute to the world?

Terrie understands that it is a very delicate thing to (1) overcome fear and self-doubt to pursue your dreams and live up to your potential, and then (2) to not be consumed by ambition and materialism when things start to go your way.

If she can contribute anything, especially to the worlds of business and real estate investing, it would be some of the mental practices that can make mindful investing and entrepreneurship possible. As she says, “It should be part of a full human experience to pursue our dreams, without losing our souls to greed and ego in the process.”

Terrie’s superpower: The present moment :)   

The message that Terrie would like to spread:

It’s not about the money. It’s about freedom and growth.