Top 10 Canadian Podcasts to Follow

Top 10 Canadian Podcasts to Follow

What are the top ten Canadian podcasts to follow and listen to daily or weekly? Check out this post to get the list of the best podcasts!

Podcasts are an excellent way to learn something new or get yourself entertained. There are hundreds of Canadian podcasts available online. However, choosing the best one based on your interest is daunting and time-consuming. Today’s article will list the ten best Canadian podcasts. Read on!

1. Thoughts of the Day with Hannah and Jay

The podcast is ideal for women who want to improve their lives. Hannah and Jay discuss mindset, fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition for women, allowing you to improve your physical, mental, and social life.

2. Flourish: Live an Inspired Life

Flourish is a must-to-listen podcast in Canada if you want to improve and maintain positive self-development. The podcast also benefits parents looking to positively influence their children’s lives, minds, bodies, and hearts. This podcast aims to learn personal development and raise healthy, happy, and successful children.

3. More Money

Do you need financial guidance or want to increase your wealth? Look no further than More Money, a podcast by Jessica Moorhouse will give you financial literacy and money-earning tricks.

4. The Secret Life of Canada

The Secret Life of Canada is the best podcast hosted by Leah-Simon Bowen and Falen Johnson. The podcast is about untold Canadian stories, including myth-building stories, love tales, resistance, and war stories of the past. It will help you learn unconventional history.

5. Worth The Hype

Worth the Hype, hosted by Jenna Macchione and Sarah Munro, teach you how to streamline your personal and business life and become more mindful and ambitious. Sarah and Jenna discuss the latest health and fitness strategies in each episode.

6. Canadian True Crime

Canadian True Crime is another best podcast hosted by Kristi Lee. The podcast talks about the true-crime cases in each episode and gives you details of investigations, court proceedings, and interviews with criminals. Lee has an excellent grip on storytelling to keep you on the edge of the seat.

7. The F Words

Natasha Koifman and Taylor Kaye host the F Words, a podcast that discusses topics starting from the letter “F.” The hosts discuss the film, fashion, fun, family, food, and more. The weekly podcasts have thousands of listeners, particularly women, to learn about different topics.

8. Sandy K Nutrition

Sandy K Nutrition is an excellent podcast for people looking to live healthier lives in their 40s and 50s. The podcast discusses everything from aging, hormonal imbalances, exercise, nutrition, and holistic approaches, allowing people to improve their lives and stay healthier.

9. Canadian Love Map

Canadian Love Map is a podcast about untold stories, including love, curiosity, loss, discovery, family, crime, etc. Nancy Regan hosts the podcasts and invites people to share their stories from different parts of Canada.

10. The Freedom to Live Podcast

The Freedom to Live is a weekly podcast that helps you learn about lifestyle topics, education, research books, medicine, financial health, quotes, advice, tips, etc., to live a healthy and productive life. The podcast is worth listening to if you want to live a meaningful life.


The Honest Talk Podcast

At The Honest Talk, we interview North America’s most influential and inspiring women. Our guests are famous TV hosts and journalists, entrepreneurs and business leaders, and politicians. Hosted by recognized entrepreneurs and leaders Jennifer Stewart and Catherine Clark, The Honest Talk podcast does things differently. We engage in real, honest conversations about the experiences, challenges, aspirations, and lessons shared by our amazing guests. We create a forum that leaves women feeling connected, inspired, and motivated in their careers and personal lives. Check them out.

Final Words

Learning new things about your life, interest, and hobbies require you to leverage various resources, including podcasts. However, podcasts are not only about education but also entertainment. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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