Top spots for skiing & Snowboarding around Toronto

Top spots for skiing & Snowboarding around Toronto

Although Toronto has many spots for skiing and snowboarding, finding the best one is not easy. Read this post to get the list of the best ones!

Top spots for skiing & Snowboarding around Toronto

You don’t need to escape to the wilderness for skiing and snowboarding because Toronto has numerous places to hit the slopes within hours from the city. We recommend the following top spots if you want to enjoy the snowy weather, breathe in fresh air, have fun, and exercise on your ski or snowboard. Read on!

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain is a beautiful place near Toronto and a perfect destination for skiers and snowboarders. It offers something for everyone, including adventure activities beyond snowboarding and skiing.

Blue Mountain covers an area of 365 acres with 43 named skiing trails, including 30 lit for night skiing. These trails range from easy and intermediate to highly challenging, providing opportunities for skiers of different skill levels to test their abilities and enjoy the activity.

If you are a freestyler, you can take advantage of the terrain parks. Likewise, you can enjoy snowshoeing or gliding down the hills in a snow tube. Other adventure activities include snowmobiling and skating on the Wood View Mountaintop rink, offering a one-kilometer skating loop with picturesque views of the Niagara Escarpment.

Horseshoe Valley

Horseshow Valley is a ski resort and a perfect place for skiers and snowboarders. The resort has more than 28 skis, and snowboard runs. It also has 32 kilometers of well-maintained and groomed trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

You will find a terrain park to enjoy the picturesque views and relish the most adventure activities. Besides snowboarding and skiing, Horseshoe Valley offers a wide range of winter activities, including skating, fat biking, snow tubing, and snowshoeing.

On-site accommodation is available, and you will also find an indoor pool, a spa, and various restaurants. The scenic views of Horseshoe Valley allow visitors to take memorable photos.

Snow Valley

Snow Valley is another best place for skiers and snowboarders near Toronto. Although it is a small area and less crowded than other spots in Toronto, it has 19 runs for snowboarders and skiers. In addition, if you are a freestyler, take advantage of the beautiful terrain park.

Snow Valley has 14 kilometers of groomed, well-maintained, and marked trails, allowing snowshoers to enjoy the activity and create memorable experiences. There are more than 14 tubing runs in the Snow Valley.

Hockley Valley

Hockley Valley is a fantastic place for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers. Taking a day trip to this valley is an excellent opportunity for skiers and snowboarders to create memorable experiences by enjoying adventure activities.

Hockley Valley has 14 runs for snowboarding and skiing. Some of them are open for nighttime skiing. It also has a terrain park for freestylers. There are on-site accommodations if you plan to stay for the night. You can choose from four restaurants with diverse menus and fresh food to satisfy your taste buds.


Lakeridge is near the Uxbridge in Toronto, the best resort for snowboarding and skiing. It has more than 20 runs that are spread over 70 acres. We recommend mogul runs for people with advanced skiing skills. You will find three terrain parks for freestylers, allowing them to make the most out of their outdoor adventures.

Lakeridge Resort has two cafes, offering slope-side views and eye-catching scenery. So, even if you don’t want to ski or snowboard, you can watch others and enjoy the picturesque views while consuming apres-ski snacks and drinks. Unfortunately, Lakeridge does not have on-site accommodations. However, Uxbridge has several hotels to spend a night or two.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Mount St. Louis Moonstone is one of the largest ski resorts in Barrie. It is a family-owned resort near Toronto with more than 36 runs that cover an area of 170 acres. The longest run in Mount St. Louis Moonstone is two kilometers.

Many people come here to enjoy adventure activities—however, a particular focus is on snowboarding and skiing. You will find three terrain parks for freestyle skiing. If you love snowboarding, Mount St. Louis Moonstone has two well-maintained half pipes to enjoy the activity.

Final Words

Toronto is one of the most vibrant cities and a commercial hub of Canada. However, its surrounding areas have hundreds of ski resorts, offering opportunities for people to relish their favorite adventure activities. So, if you want to enjoy skiing and snowboarding and create memories, head to these places. Until Next Time!


  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.