Top 5 markets you must visit in Canada

Top 5 markets you must visit in Canada

Visiting the best markets in Canada is a unique experience to explore the local culture, shop for fresh produce, and relish mouthwatering food. Read here!

Top 5 markets you must visit in Canada

Travel during the Covid-19 pandemic is very different due to social distancing protocols and protecting oneself from the novel coronavirus. However, you have an excellent opportunity to explore new cities in Canada if you are fully vaccinated. We believe Canada’s public and farmers’ markets are hotspot destinations for locals and tourists. Here are the top five markets you must visit in Canada. Read on!

1.    Evergreen Farmers Market

The Evergreen Farmer’s Market, Toronto, is one of the largest markets in Canada that opens every Saturday and offers a wide range of fresh and seasonal food items. It is the best place to purchase eco-friendly and sustainable food products. Thousands of people visit the market every Saturday to buy their favorite things.

Besides, it is a picturesque area in Toronto to walk around and explore the stunning ponds and meadows nearby. Evergreen Farmer’s market is the best place to buy veggies and fruits, especially at the peak of the growing season. You will love the fresh produce at the most affordable prices. So, exploring this market as a local or tourist is an excellent way to spend quality time in Toronto.

2.    ByWard Market

ByWard Market is located in the oldest neighborhood in Ottawa, attracting thousands of people every day because the market is open 365 days a year. The market is home to some of the best restaurants, shops, bars, and nightclubs, making it a vibrant area with a lively atmosphere.

The place is full of well-paved pedestrian paths, outdoor market stalls, and fresh food shops. So, you can spend the entire day in this local market and shop your favorite items at the most affordable prices.

Not only is the ByWard Market home to unique shops and indoor food vendors, but it is also famous for handcrafted goods, seasonal flowers, and fresh produce. Besides, it has beautiful architecture with a large Mache sculpture that hangs from the building’s ceiling.

3.    St. Jacobs Farmers Marketfood market in canada

St. Jacobs is one of the largest markets in Canada and is open 365 days a year. The market hosts over 400 vendors, selling a wide range of items, including local products and fresh produce. St. Jacobs is also famous for crafts, meat, cheese, bakery products, and world-class maple syrup.

The market has been serving locals and tourists for more than three decades. It has some of the best apple fritters you will love tasting. The roadside stands attract thousands of people to purchase fresh produce, honey, meat, eggs, and cheese. So, spending some time in St. Jacobs Farmer’s market is worth your time and money.

4.    St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence market is one of the oldest markets in Canada, serving locals and tourists for more than 200 years. The market is a focal point for culinary lovers in Toronto, making it a must-to-visit place on your bucket list.

Whether you want to buy fresh vegetables or fruits, do window shopping, taste delectable food, or purchase souvenirs, the St. Lawrence market is the best place to visit in Canada. In addition to the quality items, you will enjoy the multicultural environment and ambiance. Don’t forget to eat pasta in this foodie heaven.

5.    Pinery Market

The Pinery Market is another best market to visit in Canada. It is an eclectic blend of vendors, offering a wide range of items, from delicious food, vintage finds, and handcrafted items to fresh produce, dried, baked, and meat products.

We recommend visiting the Pinery Market on Sunday with your family to explore as many options as possible and spend quality time. You will enjoy the licensed beer garden, interacting with food vendors, live music, and getting involved in other entertainment options. So, this place is equally beneficial for affordable shopping and leisure.

Final Words

Most people visit Canada to explore the natural wonders, scenic mountains, picturesque lakes and participate in outdoor activities like skiing, camping, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and mountain biking. However, if you want to get the most out of your trip to Canada, we recommend visiting the top five markets with your family or friends.

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