10 Best Zoos to Visit in Canada

Top 10 Zoos to Visit in Canada

Canada is blessed with some of the most amazing sites to visit. Nature lovers will find a home right here. It’s considered one of the best destinations for wildlife experience.

There is everything you need to have a great experience in Canada. Think of the magical Northern Lights and the reflective emerald glacial lakes. This country enjoys a vast tourist attraction.

Take amazing adventures to witness the best secrets of this country. You will be overwhelmed by its beauty. 

But if you don’t want to travel far, the cities have got you covered. They are home to incredible zoos. You can then admire and interact with unique wildlife at your convenience.

In this guide, we shall be looking at the top ten zoos in Canada worth visiting. The list is long, but we broke it down to ten.

1. Toronto ZooKid playing with deer in zoo

The Toronto Zoo is perhaps the largest one in the country. It sits on a 710 acre land in the attractive Rogue Valley.

Here you will get more than 5000 animals from over 450 species. It has been well structured into several regions, showing animals from different parts of the world.

The zoo has 6 miles of walking trails. This promises a closer experience with the animals for those who want to. Don’t miss out on the Great Barrier Reef and Tundra Trek exhibitions.

2. Calgary Zoo

Next on the list is the Calgary Zoo. This is another lovely setup that promises a full day for you and your family.

The zoo is set in the beautiful scene of St. George’s Island along the Bow River. It parks more than 100 different animal species.

Check out the Canadian wilds, home to bears, wolves, and whooping cranes. Or enjoy the Destination Africa and adrenaline-triggering land of Lemurs.

3. Edmond Valley Zoo

There are many zoos in Canada. However, very few stand out as unique destinations for you and your loved ones. And the Edmond Valley Zoo is one of them.

This place promises education for the whole family. It carries more than 350 local and exotic animals from different species.

It may be a small zoo, but the experience you get is massive. Visitors can engage directly with the animals at different levels.

4. Granby ZooZebras and giraffes in zoo

The Granby Zoo is among the top attraction sites in Canada. It’s located just an hour’s drive from Montreal and offers the most amazing experience.

This zoo sits on a 60-acre piece of land. With that, you can expect to get the widest sanctuary for endangered and exotic species.

Granby Zoo was established in 1953 and has been expanding ever since. Today, it has more than 1000 animals from 200+ species. Hence, it delivers fulfilling entertainment for you and your family.

The zoo now carries a petting zoo, a monorail, a water park, and other amazing features. It’s a complete package for entertainment.

5. Magnetic Hill Zoo

Visit the Magnetic Hill Zoo with your family and they will never remain the same. This amazing place has more than 600 animals from different parts of the world.

It focuses on protecting the species and creating public awareness. It’s the home to Amur Tigers, lemurs, and Gibbon Apes among other animals.

6. Assiniboine Park Zoo

Here is another zoo that has an amazing experience in-store. It’s the home to polar bears and other amazing animals. If you want your family to feel special, bring them to this zoo and they will have it all.

7. Reptilia Zoo and Education Centre

At the heart of Vaughan is the Reptilia Zoo and Education Centre. It’s a wonderful stop for those who want to see something new. It houses different species of animals, ready for your amusement.

8. Bird KingdomLion and cub in zoo

Do you love watching birds? Then the Bird Kingdom in Niagara Falls should be your next destination. The place represents the largest free-flying aviary in the world with hundreds of bird species.

9. Victoria Bug Zoo

Here is a world of creepy creatures that will leave you amused. The Victoria Bug zoo holds the largest collection of tropical insects. You will find more than 50 species here, helping you learn more about bugs.

10. Zoo Sauvage of Saint-Felicien, Saint-Felicien

Quebec holds one of the largest zoos in the world, the Zoo Sauvage of Saint-Felicien. Since 1960, this zoo has been a home for more than 75 animal species. Take a tour along the trails to see these animals and learn new factors about different regions of the world.


Canadian zoos are some of the best in North America. Some offer only temporary exhibits, while others have more permanent displays that you can visit year-round! If seeing animals up close and personal sounds like your idea of fun (we know it does for us!), then these Top 10 Zoos to Visit should be at the top of our list when making plans.


  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.


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