10 Best Restaurants in Canada

10 Best Restaurants in Canada

10 Best Restaurants in Canada

Canada is a home for many things. It’s the best place to visit when you are looking for a romantic getaway. And it’s perfect for those who just need personal time.

Also, this is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Its cities and economic power tell a story of a powerful nation.

Despite all this, Canada is yet to have a Michelin star rating for any of its restaurants. This is shocking, as Canada has some of the best restaurants in the world.

This top 10 list represents a small fraction of what is out there.

1. Melrose on Adelaide

 This is one of the best restaurants in Toronto.  It does not disappoint when it comes to creating the perfect scene for food and entertainment.

The restaurant’s ambiance is down and impressive. It’s an A+ rated spot for dates, offering one of the most amazing experiences. It uses charcuterie plates, which are real works of art.

Something else worth noting is the cocktails. They are low-key hand-made masterpieces that will leave lasting memories.

2. Alo Restaurant 

If you are ever in Toronto, don’t miss to visit the Alo Restaurant. Try out the $185 tasting menu filled with creamy and tasty foods.

There are in-house recommendations to make your choice much easier. The meals may be a bit expensive, but they are worthy of your investment. Everything sounds and tastes great here.

plate of eggs

3. Scamaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar and Restaurant

There is something about the Scaramouche that always makes it stand out.  It could be the well-decorated interior or the amazing service.

The food is on a whole new level. Try out the beef tartar, oyster, beefsteak, seabass, and coconut cake. You will never be disappointed. The meals come on time and with expert services.

4. The Royal Champaign

Here is one Michelin-starred restaurant that represents Canada on all the right levels. The Le Royal offers the most amazing pasta with champagne yeast. Its champagne least is so wide you will never lack a choice.

Everything about this restaurant speaks high quality. This could be one of the main reasons for its fame.

5. Joe Beef

If there is a place in Canada that deserves a Michelin star, it’s the Joe Beef restaurant. This destination promises the most amazing Canadian cuisine.

Allison Cunningham, Fred Morin and David McMillan set the scene in the most amazing manner. The place has been open since 2005 and continues to operate in the most ideal environment.

6. Toque!

If you have ever been to Montreal, you must know the Torque. Thanks to its chef-owner, Normand Laprise, the restaurant offers respectable cuisine.

Torque! is known as the father of the farm-to-table movement. It offers the freshest of everything, right from the farm.

7. Maison Boulud

Maison Boulud is another restaurant that stands out strong among the most amazing eating place. Here, chefs like Daniel Boulud are focused on making sure you get the best experience. Their French cooking style has never disappointed.

Highly appreciated specialties in Canada come from this restaurant. Every meal is prepared with such precision it will leave your mouth wide open.

8. Le Moussoplate of salmon

Le Mousso is made famous by the meticulous cooking of Chef Antonin Mousseau- Rivard. His team has become something everyone is talking about.

The menu here is seen as a Quebecois method. Then there is the New Nordic cuisine. The team uses natural and seasonal ingredients to make the food more amazing.

9. Don Alfonso 1890

The Don Alfonso restaurant is a place to be with the one you love. The place enjoys a modern, chef-driven Mediterranean setup with a la carte menu. Its cocktails and the wine list are worth recommending.

It’s the first North American opening by a world-famous Michelin Star Chefs Alfonso and Ernesto. It’s set to be one of the many Michelin star restaurants of the future in Canada.

10. Richmond Station

Book your spot at the Richmond Station restaurant and you will never need another. The place is co-owned by a “Top Chef Canada” winner. It bursts with daily menus and amazing offers.

Enjoy high-quality dining in a more relaxed environment. It may be in a bus downtown town area, but the atmosphere is serene.

Final thought

In Canada, there are many great restaurants to choose from. The top 10 list includes rankings for both international cuisine as well local dishes that have been proven time and again by their popularity among Canadians!


  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.


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