Best Canadian banks for newcomers

What are the best Canadian banks for newcomers? What makes them unique? What type of financial services do they offer? Read Details Here!

Best Canadian banks for newcomers

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing the best bank for your financial activities. As a newcomer, you should focus on free accounts with no monthly fees and reduced transaction restrictions.

Choose a bank that allows you to set up your account without the hassle and provide you with a credit card. Today’s article will highlight the best banks for newcomers in Canada. Read on!

Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is the best financial organization for newcomers because it offers various services, including mortgages, credit cards, and car loans. The good news is that RBC does not evaluate your credit history and provides you with loans and financial assistance.

So, this is one of the most significant benefits of opening a bank account in RBC. In addition, RBC offers a newcomer advantage program, allowing you to get a $100 opening bonus and free brand services. You also get 6,000 reward points with a visa credit card and a free deposit box for two years.

National Bank of Canada

The National Bank of Canada offers a wide range of advantages for newcomers. For instance, you can leverage the three-year offer for a checking account. At the same time, you can access various products, such as credit cards and loans.

The National Bank of Canada also provides unlimited digital transactions, telephone support, book-free checks, and safety deposit box rental to store your essential documents.

You can enjoy a free bank account for the first year, saving you a lot of money for the first twelve months. However, the bank will charge a small fee after twelve months. Signing up for the bank account will provide you with credit cards, online statements, payroll deposits, and electronic payment services.


BMO is another best bank in Canada for newcomers, offering the New Start Program that enables you to open a checking account without monthly fees for twelve months. In addition, you can access unlimited electronic transactions, e-transfers, and a free security deposit box.

The bank aims to provide newcomers with cutting-edge financial products, including loans, credit cards, mortgages, no annual fee cash back Mastercard, and low-interest rates of 1.99% on bank transfers.


Scotiabank enables newcomers to open an online bank account and transfer money from their home country to Canada before they arrive. The Start Right Program by Scotiabank gives you access to credit cards, savings, free international transfers, financial advice, products, and checking accounts without charging a single penny.

In addition, your checking account has no monthly fees for the first twelve months. You can also perform unlimited Interac transactions and optimize your local and international transfers. You can access a safety deposit box for about twelve months without paying fees.

Final Words

The Canadian government allows newcomers to open a bank account in any organization. However, you have to provide proper documents and proof of your identification. You can open a bank account even if you don’t have a job or money to deposit. These are the best banks to leverage financial products and streamline financial activities. Until Next Time!

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How to get a driver’s license in Alberta

How to get a driver’s license in Alberta? What steps to undertake to obtain the full license? Check out this post to read the essential details/tips!

How to get a driver’s license in Alberta

Driving in Canada is an excellent way to explore a new country. Canada is home to the most picturesque sceneries from coast to coast. However, if you want to explore the beauty of Canada in your car, you need to obtain a driver’s license. Otherwise, you can get behind the wheels. Today’s article will discuss getting a driver’s license in Alberta.

Learner’s License

A learner license, also known as a Class-7 license, is the first stage of getting a driver’s license in Alberta. It requires individuals aged 14 years old to apply for the license. However, applicants under 18 must have guardian consent.

A learner’s license requires you to pass a knowledge and vision test. You can hold the license for 12 months before applying for the probationary license. Let us now discuss how to get a probationary license in Alberta.

Probationary License

A probationary license, also known as Class-5-GDL, requires you to pass a basic road test. You can undergo professional driving lessons and practice under the guidance of an expert driver to prepare for the road test.

The test involves driving a car in various terrains and conditions. People under 16 years of age can’t apply for a probationary license. Under 18, you must have parental or guardian consent for the test. You can hold the probationary permit for two years.

Full Class 5 License

A full class 5 license is the final step in passing the graduation program in Alberta. You can apply for this license after two years on the Class-5-GDL license. It requires you to pass an advanced road test and undergo a complex vetting process.

Steps to Get a License in Alberta

  • Prepare for the test by studying and practicing driver’s operation, study, and licensing.
  • Drive cars and light trucks depending on your requirements under the guidance of an expert driver
  • Visit Alberta’s registry office to take the test
  • All tests are computer-based and do not require appointments
  • Pay a fee of CAD 17 and pass the vision test
  • Answer at least 25 questions out of 30 to pass the test
  • Make sure the answers are correct
  • Provide proof of valid and original ID that you are a resident of Alberta
  • Go through all stages of Alberta’s driving license program to obtain the Full license

Final Words

Obtaining a driver’s license is the most challenging task for locals and new Canadians because it requires you to undergo a step-by-step procedure and pass multiple tests from time to time to get the full license. Follow the steps above to achieve your goals. Until Next Time!

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How to get a driver's license in Ontario

Are you looking to get a driver’s license in Ontario? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Here is everything you need to know!

How to get a driver’s license in Ontario

To get on the road in your car, you must first learn how to drive and then get a license. You can learn how to drive at a driving school, and they will help you prepare for the exam. Today’s article will examine the critical aspects of obtaining a driver’s license in Ontario. Read on!

Pass the Theoretical Test

The test has two categories: G1 for a car license and M1 for a motorcycle license. Upon completing the test, you will be awarded a G1 or M1 class certificate and a novice driver information pack.

However, this is not the end of your Driver’s License adventure. To become the owner of a full version of the driver’s license, you will need to pass two more exams. As a G1 driver, you cannot drive alone.

You will have to drive with a licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience and a blood alcohol level of less than 0.05 percent. Everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt.

Probationary License

You must be a G1 license holder for at least one year before trying to get your G2. However, this period can be shortened to 8 months if you take a driving course at a driving school approved by the Ministry of Transport.

To get a G2 license, you must pass a road test. At the G2 level, you can drive without another licensed driver on all roads in Ontario at any time, but you still have to follow the following: No alcohol found in your blood. Your car must have enough seat belts for all your passengers.

As a G2 driver, you also limit the number of other teenagers you can have in your car between midnight and 5:00 am. If you are under 19, you may only carry one other teenager in your car. After your first six months as a G2 driver, you can carry up to three teenagers.

Full Driving License

You must have been a G2 holder for one year. Then you need to pass another road test. You will receive a full license without restrictions if you pass the road test. When the exams are behind you, you can proudly enjoy all the delights of driving, do not violate the rules of the road, and always keep your Driver’s License with you on the road, as well as proof of car insurance.

Final Words

Getting a driver’s license in Ontario is not easy. It requires you to go through various tests and exams. However, if you are committed to driving your car, you can follow the steps above to get the license quickly and reliably without hassle. Until Next Time!

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All You Need to Know About Tipping in Canada

Should you tip a hotel, restaurant staff, or cab driver? How much is enough? Here is everything you need to know about tipping in Canada!

All You Need to Know About Tipping in Canada

People in Canada follow the same tipping rules as in the United States. Tipping cab drivers, hotel personnel, waitstaff, and others is an excellent way to show your gratitude. At the same time, receiving some money makes low-income individuals happy and appreciate their services.

Although tipping in Canada is not mandatory, it provides a little financial relief to people with a minimum wage of ten Canadian dollars per hour. Research shows that the sales tax in Canada is between 5% and 15%. However, this depends on the province. So, make sure you tip wisely. Today’s article will give you some essential details on tipping in Canada. Read on!

Hotels and Restaurants

If you are a Canadian or foreigner visiting Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, or any other big city, make sure you tip the hotel or restaurant staff. For example, you can tip the hotel’s doorman two dollars if they hail you a taxi. Likewise, the bellman expects you to tip them up to five dollars.

Five dollars is an appropriate tipping amount for a housekeeper and chambermaid. Bear in mind that you must tip them at the end of your stay. Tourists often make the mistake of not tipping the maid. So, we recommend tipping the maid to show your gratitude for the best services.

According to Tarek Riman, a professional digital marketer and author of bestselling books, checking whether the tip constitutes the room service costs are essential. The purpose is to ensure the hotel or restaurant does not take the tip. At the same time, you must ensure the right staff receives the tip. You can tip five dollars to the staff member who delivers a complimentary item like a comfortable pillow.

Transport Services

Although uber and other cab services cost more, if you take a conventional taxi service, tip at least 10% of the fare. For instance, if the total fare is ten dollars, tip at least two dollars to the driver.

Likewise, tip no more than ten dollars if the total fare is between 30 and 40 dollars. Although most people do not tip the airport and hotel shuttle drivers, Tarek Riman recommends a tip of two to five dollars if the driver is helpful, professional, and friendly.

Luxury Services

Canada is the best place to receive luxury services. For instance, when you visit a salon, spa, massage center, hair stylist, beautician, swimming pool, indoor amusement center, or zoo, a tip of 20% is an excellent way to appreciate the service provider.

Final Words

Tipping in Canada is a common gesture to appreciate the service provider and help them earn a little money to supplement their income. Whether you want to get future services or show gratitude to the professionalism and energies served in providing you the best service, tipping is essential. Until Next Time!

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10 Best Camping Spots Near Halifax

Are you looking for the most picturesque and feature-rich camping spots near Halifax? Check out this post to get the list! Read Here!

10 Best Camping Spots Near Halifax

There are dozens of camping spots and campgrounds near Halifax. However, not all provide the best services and amenities to enjoy the activity and create memorable experiences. Today’s article will list the ten best camping spots near Halifax to help you make an informed decision and choose the best place for your adventure. Read on!

1.    Rissers Beach Campground

Rissers is one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches near Halifax. It is the best spot for adventure and nature enthusiasts looking for a beachside camping trip. Rissers is on the southern shore and has two campgrounds. Each campground offers premium-quality services, including a canteen, picnic area, restrooms, etc.

2.    Dollar Lake Provincial Park

Dollar Lake Provincial Park is a perfect camping destination near Halifax. Most people come to this place on weekends and enjoy camping. Although the Park is best for camping, you can enjoy backcountry canoeing and hiking. We recommend enjoying the scenic sandy beach on the northern side of the lake.

3.    Porters Lake Provincial Park

Porters Lake Provincial Park boasts lush green wilderness, allowing nature enthusiasts to spend time in a pleasant environment and unwind or relax. Located a few minutes from Dartmouth, the Park has more than seventy sites for camping.

In addition, it is a perfect place for outdoor adventures, including kayaking, canoeing, and fishing. You will find dozens of walking and hiking trails with picturesque views. The amenities are state-of-the-art, making the Park a family-friendly place for camping.

4.    Amherst Shore Campground

Amherst Shore Campground is near the Northumberland Strait, boasting lush green landscapes with numerous secluded areas in the woods, allowing campers to relish a perfect outdoor getaway. You can reach the campground by taking a scenic trail. Likewise, you can set up your tent near the shore and enjoy the warmest salt water and fresh air.

5.    Shubie Park Campground

Shubie Park Campground is near Dartmouth and is one of the most beautiful camping spots for locals and tourists. It has something for everyone. For instance, you can swim in Lake Charles, hike the Shubie Park trails, explore the Shubenacadie Canal System, and enjoy the beautiful weather. The Park offers premium-quality amenities, allowing families and friends to make the most out of their camping trip.

6.    Cape Breton Highlands

Cape Breton Highlands is another best spot for camping near Halifax. It is the most scenic spot in the province, offering more than six campgrounds. Cape Breton is famous for its backcountry adventure activities, natural beauty, and campgrounds with state-of-the-art amenities.

7.    Five Islands Park Campground

Five Islands Park is a perfect vacation destination for tourists. However, the campground attracts people from all over Canada because it offers access to lush green forests and outdoor activities, such as hiking, clam digging, kayaking, and beachcombing along the picturesque Bay of Fundy.

8.    Kejimkujik National Park

Kejimkujik National Park has hundreds of camping spots and campgrounds, offering various amenities based on your requirements. You can choose from backcountry or front country, solo camping, RV camping, tents, OTENTIK, cabin, yurt, or ground camping. The picturesque Park offers non-stop adventure and outdoor activities, making it the best camping site near Halifax.

9.    Woodhaven RV Park

Woodhaven RV Park is an excellent place for people to enjoy RV camping with their families or friends. The Park offers a wide range of amenities with family-friendly hospitality. It covers an area of more than 70 acres of wooded land. The Park is a few minutes from Halifax, meaning you can access beaches, golf courses, airport, restaurants, and lobster pounds without any problems.

10. King Neptune Campground

King Neptune Campground is one of the best camping spots on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a few kilometers away from Peggy’s Cove and the most secluded place with natural views for solo camping. However, the campground also has excellent amenities for families and friends so that you can enjoy group camping.

Final Words

Camping is one of the best activities to spend quality time in nature. It enables you to unwind/relax and connect with your family members. These are the ten best camping spots near Halifax. Choose the one that best fits your needs. Until Next Time!

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There are many yoga studios in Ottawa. Each Studio has its pros and cons. However, these are the best yoga studios to join in Ottawa. Read Here!

Best Yoga Studios in Ottawa

Ottawa is a beautiful city with friendly people. The town has a large yoga and meditation community, promoting yoga culture and holistic health methods. Today’s article will list the best yoga studios in Ottawa with their unique features to help you make an informed decision. Read on!

Upward Dog Yoga

Upward Dog Yoga Studio, located in the heart of Byward Market, was founded in 2002. Offering more than fifty yoga classes a week to people throughout Ottawa for the past 23 years, Upward Dog Yoga offers various yoga styles. These include hot Yoga, prenatal yoga, and other classes to help you find balance and peace of mind no matter your preference or life stage.

Kalyana Yoga Shala

As soon as you open the door of Kalyana Yoga Shala, you feel peace and tranquility surround you. This unique yoga studio is designed down to the smallest detail to promote calmness and spiritual wellbeing in an environment far removed from the bustle and chaos of modern life. With various yoga styles on offer, you will find the perfect technique to bring peace to your life and improve your flexibility and sense of balance.

Pure Yoga Centertown

Pure Yoga is a hot yoga studio on Bank Street open to anyone over the age of 15 who wants to strengthen muscles, get in shape, detoxify and improve flexibility and balance. Pure Yoga Centertown follows a step-by-step approach to ensure you learn and practice Yoga and meditation adequately and make the most out of your practice.

Empower Me Yoga Studio

Empower ME Yoga in Ottawa offers a wide range of classes suitable for all skill levels of all yoga lovers. Yin Yoga and meditation classes help you maintain your inner balance, while Universal Yoga classes allow you to push the boundaries of your flexibility and balance at your own pace.

In addition, Empower Me Yoga Studio is the epitome of holistic health, allowing you to connect your mind, body, and spirit. Besides yoga and Meditation, you can learn Reiki, Pilates, and traditional exercises to improve your overall health.

Yoga Town Studio

At Yogatown, the practice of yoga is not just about improving flexibility. In the thirteen years since opening in 2008, Yogatown has helped thousands of yogis find their center as the exclusive hot yoga center in Ottawa.

You will learn how to meditate correctly, but you will also practice various poses to improve your muscle strength and body’s range of motion and reduce the risk of chronic health conditions.

PranaShanti Yoga Center

The Pranashanti Yoga Centre in Ottawa offers a wide variety of yoga classes, including hot yoga and warm yoga. It also provides family-friendly courses, including prenatal yoga, yoga for mothers and babies, and a week-long yoga camp for children.

The clean, pleasant, and comfortable atmosphere makes each class a lot of fun. You will love spending quality time with professional yogis. You can also practice yoga poses to strengthen your muscles and reduce the risk of spinal conditions.

Astanga Yoga Studio

The unique Studio has been offering Astanga Vinyasa Yoga to the people of Ottawa for over a decade. Janice DeFilippi founded Astanga Yoga Ottawa. He made numerous trips to India to practice this relatively unknown art form.

Janice DeFilippi’s passion for yoga led him to bring this yoga to Ottawa. Teacher-led classes are available for those new to this type of yoga or yoga in general, and special courses will help you learn different meditation and yoga poses.

Elevate Yoga

Located on Elgin Street, Elevate Yoga focuses on peace, tranquility, and happiness in today’s busy, fast-paced world. The Studio does not need fancy decorations or a pretentious mission statement to attract people and make them feel at home in this simple Studio.

Elevate Yoga Studio has a minimalistic indoor and outdoor environment with excellent facilities for yoga and meditation. Whether a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, you can make the most out of your practice by joining Elevate Yoga Studio in Ottawa.

Final Words

Ottawa, the Canadian Capital, is home to some of the world’s best yoga studios, offering a wide range of services, from ancient yoga poses to modern and modified poses, allowing everyone to practice poses based on their specific needs. We recommend choosing any of these best yoga studios that best fit your needs.

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Are you a shopping enthusiast looking for Halifax shopping malls with local and branded stores and services? If yes, you have landed on the right page!

Top 5 shopping malls in Halifax

Halifax is one of the most beautiful cities in North America and a shopping paradise for tourists in Canada. There are numerous shopping malls and centers filled with shops, stores, art galleries, department stores, antique shops, bookstores, specialty stores, etc. Here are the top five shopping malls to visit in Halifax. Read on!

1.    The Halifax Shopping Centre

The Halifax Shopping Center is the biggest and most reputable mall in Halifax, driving hundreds of thousands of people every week. The shopping mall has over 200 stores, shops, and services, making it one of the most visited malls in Atlantic Canada.

Here, you will find clothing stores, footwear shops, designer shops, galleries, retail stores, home décor, and brand stores. So, what is better than shopping for your favorite items in these various stores under one roof. The Halifax Shopping Center also has numerous restaurants and cafes, offering diverse menus with delectable food items to satisfy your taste buds.

2.    Park Lane Mall

Park Lane Mall is the second-best shopping center on our list. If you want to enjoy the downtown vibe and relish the best shopping experiences, make sure you visit Park Lane Mall. In addition, the shopping center is the best entrainment center in Halifax, boasting various recreational areas for people of all ages.

Besides, Park Lane Mall is a fantastic place to spend quality time with your family or friends by browsing shops and eating at local or international restaurants. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi and relax in private rooms available for rent.

Park Lane Mall, located on Spring Garden Road, is a few blocks away from the world-renowned Victorian Public Gardens. So, once you are done with shopping, you can visit the gardens to relax in a lush green environment and explore the beautiful and well-maintained lawns and colorful floral species.

There are more than 600 on-site parking spaces offered by Park Lane Mall. It also has Cineplex with eight screens and comfortable seating. You can visit the on-site Fitness Center or browse more than 40 shops and services. Eating at one of the restaurants at Park Lane Mall is the best way to satisfy your savory or sweet tooth.

3.    Sunnyside Mall

Sunnyside Mall is one of the best shopping destinations in Halifax. Located near Bedford, the 300,000 square feet Sunnyside Mall has numerous shops, retail stores, and office spaces. Parking is never a problem in Sunnyside Mall because it has underground parking lots, rooftop parking spaces, etc.

In addition to retail stores, you can browse and shop your favorite items at locally owned boutiques. You can purchase clothes, footwear, antique items, accessories, home décor, and other items. Don’t forget to visit the world-class restaurants or cafes at Sunnyside Mall. There are play centers for children and relaxation areas for adults to unwind and balance their energy levels.

Hundreds of thousands of people approach Sunnyside Mall in Halifax, especially on weekends, to spend quality time with their families, leverage the discounts offered by different stores, and buy their favorite products at the most affordable prices. So, visiting the Sunnyside Mall is worth your time!

4.    Scotia Square

Nothing beats the interior décor and pleasant environment offered by Scotia Square. It is one of Halifax’s most widely visited shopping malls, offering a wide range of shops, stores, and amenities. Scotia Square welcomes everyone regardless of their age, background, color, and religion, creating a sense of community.

Scotia Square Mall’s electric and energetic atmosphere attracts locals and tourists alike. Scotia Square is the essence of business, culture, entertainment, and shopping in Eastern Canada. Located in the Downtown area, visiting Scotia Square is a must for everyone to visit.

5.    Mic Mac Mall

Mic Mac Mall is another best shopping center in Halifax, filled with local and international brands, shops, stores, and restaurants. The mall drives men, women, teens, children, and older adults to shop for their favorite items in high-end stores.

Mic Mac Mall also has some of the best brands, including Hudson’s Bay, H&M, Bath and Body Works, Pandora, etc. We recommend eating and relaxing at one of the on-site cafes to satisfy your taste buds.

So, if you want to spend quality time and create memorable shopping experiences, visiting Mic Mac Mall in Halifax is the best thing to do. Moreover, there is plenty of parking space to park your car.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, Halifax is a shopping paradise in Canada, attracting locals and tourists to browse hundreds of products and shop for the best ones at the most affordable prices. These shopping malls in Halifax have plenty of places to see and things to do. So, visiting these malls or shopping centers in Halifax is recommended. Until Next Time!

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Are you looking for the best shopping malls to visit in Toronto? If yes, you are in the right place. Here are the top five malls in this beautiful city!

Top 5 shopping malls in Toronto

Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada. It is home to a breathtaking skyline, the most prominent companies, banks, and a financial district. Every month, the city attracts hundreds of thousands of people to relish unique attractions, including the Art Gallery of Ontario, designed by Frank Gehry, the famous architect.

However, Toronto is also famous for its biggest luxurious shopping malls, driving locals and tourists to find and buy their favorite items. Toronto’s shopping malls are also excellent places for entertainment, social gatherings, product launches, performances, festivals, and promotions. Here are the best shopping malls to visit in Toronto. Read on!

1.    Pacific Mall

Pacific Mall is a vast Asian shopping complex modeled after a traditional Pacific-style market, with more than 450 small stores lining the aisles named after Hong Kong streets. It offers a unique shopping experience that is both fun and engaging.

Designated as a tourist destination, it is open 365 days a year, including statutory holidays, and its 270,000 square feet of the sales floor is filled with a wide variety of merchandise.

2.    CF Fairview Mall

It is one of the best shopping centers in sales productivity, thanks to its ideal location in an affluent shopping area. The establishment continues to gain market share over its competitors through an attractive store mix and ongoing development investments.

CF Fairview is located in a highly competitive shopping area, and most shoppers in major shopping areas choose CF Fairview as their shopping center. Hundreds of families, locals, and tourists visit this shopping mall to shop for their favorite items, including clothes, jewelry, footwear, accessories, etc.

3.    Yorkdale Shopping Center

Yorkdale Shopping Centre is a popular place in the fashionable city of Toronto for those with a sense of style and money to spare. The mall showcases some of Toronto’s most famous luxury brands, such as Fendi and Gucci, and offers high-end services that make shopping a pleasant experience.

It is also home to the first Canadian stores of many brands, making it an iconic shopping destination. Everything from luxury brands to department stores to convenience stores can be found here.

The Yorkdale Shopping Center features an array of specialty stores, restaurants, coffee shops, juice bars, and eateries. Enjoy a day of shopping in the vast food court or the cozy booths of the upscale restaurants.

4.    CF Toronto Eaton Center

The Eaton Centre is located minutes from downtown Toronto attractions such as the CN Tower and is a must-see when exploring downtown. The iconic Toronto shopping center is a wonderful place to start your downtown trip, with a lot of places to eat and shop.

In addition, stop by H&M’s Canadian flagship store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre to admire the fashionable items in the beautiful window displays. Other apparel stores like Dynamite, Banana Republic, Foot Locker Eaton Centre, and Free People have joined this reasonably priced store.

There are also upscale department stores such as Nordstrom’s. Apple Store, Saks Fifth Avenue Eaton Centre, and Sephora Eaton Centre are among the best stores in Canada.

5.    Dufferin Mall

Dufferin Mall is one of the largest shopping centers offering more than 140 stores. It is the largest shopping mall with a 567,000 square feet area. Major retailers include Wal-Mart and H&M. You can also shop at No-Frills grocery stores and the Award Winners Toys “R.”

Moreover, there is also a food court. Restaurants and cafes are reasonably priced. There is nothing special about it. It is just as functional and fun as any large shopping mall in the neighborhood.

If you want to spend quality time with your family or friends, browse the mall’s official website to learn about the special events. Many stores in this shopping mall offer discounted rates.

Final Words

In Toronto, these shopping malls have hundreds of stores and shops that allow locals and tourists to see products in person, look for personalized items, explore various brands, and buy their favorite products at the most affordable prices. Although Toronto has many shopping malls and markets, nothing matches the quality and affordability of products in these places. Until Next Time!


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Meta Description: Ottawa has numerous spots to study but finding the best one is not easy. Check out this post to get a list of the most comfortable study spots!

Best Spots to study in Ottawa

On-campus spots for study are not reliable and effective because these places are crowded with students, causing significant distractions. It is crucial to find a place to enjoy a pleasant environment, cozy spaces for study, and delectable food with vegan options. Today’s article will list the best spots to study in Ottawa. Read on!

Ottawa Art Gallery

Whether you are a lover of local art, a fan of modern architecture, or someone looking to improve their Instagram, Ottawa Art Gallery has something for everyone. Including a place to study and relax.

The Jackson Café, located on the ground floor of the Ottawa Art Gallery, is a bright, modern, and spacious study space. It is perfect for those who want to study in a different environment.

Located at 50 Mackenzie King Bridge, the Ottawa Art Gallery is a short walk from campus. Therefore, you can go there without suffering from frostbite. You can also use the same facilities the same way as in the past.

Equator Coffee

Need a spot that is different from the traditional cramped cafes? Equator Coffee, located in the National Arts Center, is what you need. The cafe has an amiable staff, a cozy but cheerful atmosphere, and great snacks and drinks.

The cafe closes at 4:00 PM, but the National Arts Center has a vast space open from 6:00 AM to midnight with free Wi-Fi. In addition, it is in one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing parts of downtown Ottawa.

So, you feel like you are learning with a purpose. The café and National Arts Center have a variety of locations, so if you are not a fan, you will have more options to learn and study.

The Ministry of Coffee

The Ministry of Coffee is another best spot to study in Ottawa. It has two locations, the second much larger than the city center. Besides, it is located in Hinton Burg and offers many tasty drinks, including Nutella lattes. It also has a patio, so it is recommended to visit during the warmer months. The cafe also serves food and other decaffeinated drinks.

Simon’s Rideau Café

You cannot call yourself a student if you do not use the Rideau Center as an extension of your studies. But did you know that the top floor of Simons is a great place to study?

Coffee, natural light, and proximity to campus make Simon’s Rideau the perfect place to tackle those last-minute assignments. It is a one-stop-shop for your college studies and holiday shopping.

National Arts Centre

The National Arts Centre Ottawa is more than an upscale event venue and high-level theater. The National Arts Centre also boasts an abundance of seating and stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light.

If you are looking for a non-traditional place to study close to campus, check out the National Arts Centre. Located at 1 Elgin Street, National Arts Centre is sure to take care of all your study requirements.

Chat Time

Chat Time is a perfect spot to study in Ottawa. The bubble tea shop is located a short distance away and is a center for students from Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. They serve enjoyable drinks here and have a super cool wall-to-wall neon sign that looks great on Instagram. In addition to the cozy atmosphere and study space, you can also relax and have a little fun.

Morning Owl

Morning Owl is a chain of local coffee shops in Ottawa. They offer delicious and unique drinks and snacks. Morning Owl has seven locations throughout Ottawa, including white rabbit lattes. You will love the delectability of the food.

In addition, the decor is comfortable, chic, and well-designed, and you can always count on them as a great place to study. Another unique feature of Morning Owl is that each location has a different atmosphere that suits the area, so visit the other sites around town.

Final Words

Many students in Ottawa find it challenging to study on campus, especially when final exams are coming up. Finding a quiet, peaceful space on campus is not easy. Therefore, we have created a list of best spots to study in Ottawa, allowing students to prepare for exams, consume delectable food, and access free and fast-speed Wi-Fi. Until Next Time!

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Best spots to go for a walk in Halifax

What are the best places in Halifax to enjoy walking or jogging alone or with family members/friends? Here is what you need to know!

Best spots to go for a walk in Halifax

Halifax is a bustling city in Nova Scotia. Still, it gives you vibes of a warm, romantic, and scenic small town. The city drives millions of people to relish the stunning scenery and enjoy delectable food every year.

It has some of the world’s friendliest locals. The coastal city has many spots in and around to go for a walk. Today’s article will list the most scenic places in Halifax to enjoy walking. Read on!

Point Pleasant Park Loop

Point Pleasant Park has 3.38 kilometers loop for walking and running. It is one of the most accessible routes for walking enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for shorter walks or long walks of 1-2 hours, head to Point Pleasant Park.

It is a famous place for people of all ages to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and enjoy various activities, including walking, running, and biking. You will see many people taking the 3.38-kilometer loop for a walk. You can also walk with your dog, but keep your furry friend on a leash.

Halifax Harborwalk

Halifax Harborwalk has a 6.12-kilometer pathway, allowing people of all ages and stamina to have an enjoyable walk early in the morning or evening. The place is perfect for walking, running, and other natural trips.

Although it is open for locals and tourists year-round, experts recommend visiting between April and November. Halifax Harborwalk boasts stunning views of the water and has various museums, shops, and restaurants in the surrounding areas.

The Salt Marsh Trail

The Salt March is a unique trail near Halifax, attracting hundreds of people every day to take a scenic, serene, and peaceful walk. The track is a 30-minute drive from the downtown area and is located in Cole Harbor. The Salt March is an integral part of Nova Scotia’s extensive “rail to trails” network.

It is a beautiful track and suitable for people of different stamina levels. Whether you want to take a short or long walk, this Atlantic trail is one of the best near Halifax. It has a unique salt marsh habitat and is home to hundreds of bird species, including eagles and osprey. In addition to walking enthusiasts, you will see natural photographers and bird lovers, thanks to the diverse landscapes and wildlife.

Gaff Point Trail

The Gaff Point is another scenic trail near Halifax. It is a perfect place to immerse yourself in the natural sandy Hirtles Beach. There are various trails in this area. However, the most popular ones are the 1.5 kilometer and 3.2-kilometer trails.

You will enjoy walking the scenic route, but at the same time, you will love viewing the unique, natural, and awe-inspiring scenery of Hirtles Beach. The surrounding landscape has rich biodiversity and wildlife.

Long Lake Park Reserve

Long Lake Park Reserve is a mesmerizing place to enjoy a beautiful morning or evening walk, depending on your preferences. It is a 4.35-kilometer loop trail in Halifax and an easy route for people of all ages. It will take at least one hour to complete the loop.

In addition, the place is perfect for scenic views and the natural environment, allowing you to improve your overall health and wellbeing. We recommend visiting the Long Lake Park Reserve in the early morning because you will love walking alone in the quieter and most peaceful environment.

Costely Farm Heritage Trail

Costely Farm Heritage is a 4.35-kilometer loop trail in Halifax. Although it is one of the most beautiful walking trails in the city, it is not ideal for beginners. The route is challenging enough to test your stamina and physical strength. You can complete the walk in 1-2 hours.

Besides, Costely Farm Heritage Trail is perfect for jogging, running, and hiking. If you want to spend some time in nature and relish peace and serenity, visit the place early in the morning. Although the area is open to the public throughout the year, we recommend visiting this place between March and October.

Final Words

Halifax is one of the most beautiful cities in Atlantic Canada, boasting diverse landscapes, a pleasant environment, and dozens of spots for a scenic walk. However, these are the best places to make the most out of your morning or evening walk. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.