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Is the Cost of Living High in Montreal?

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Is the Cost of Living High in Montreal?

It is obvious that Montreal is not a cheap city when you consider the expense of living there. But how bad is it really? What else can you do to survive? Here’s a closer look at the cost of living in Montreal and some tips for keeping your budget under control.

What Is The Average Rent In Montreal?

A one-bedroom apartment in Montreal costs, on average, $1,484. This pricing is determined by information from the last 12 months. Rent prices have been steadily rising in recent years, with the average price for a 1-bedroom apartment exceeding $1,400. Despite having high rent, Montreal continues to be one of Canada’s most favored cities.


Many people find the city to be a desirable option because of its rich culture and diversified population. In addition, the city’s proximity to major metropolitan areas like Toronto and New York makes it an ideal location for those who want easy access to urban amenities. With its high cost of living, Montreal is not a cheap city to live in. However, its many charms make it worth the price for many people.

What’s A Good Salary In Montreal?

It’s no secret that Montreal is an expensive city. The cost of living in Montreal is over 20% more than the national average, according to Numbeo. This implies that Montrealers need to increase their income just to maintain their existing quality of living. So what’s a good salary in Montreal?


According to the website Payscale, the average salary in Montreal is $40,079 per year. This equates to around $3340 every month. However, it’s crucial to remember that this is only an average. Some people will make more money, while others will make less. The important thing is to ensure that you are earning enough to cover your basic expenses and have a little left over for savings or another discretionary spending.

How Many Hours Do You Work In Montreal?

In Montreal, the average person works 40 hours a week. This is regarded as a full-time position. The majority of individuals in Montreal work Monday through Friday, with weekends off. However, there are some jobs that require weekends or even shifts that include overnight work. The number of hours you work each week can vary depending on your job and industry.


For example, retail jobs often require employees to work on weekends, while office jobs typically have regular weekday hours. The flexibility of work hours is one of the many reasons why Montreal is such a great place to live and work. You’re sure to find something that meets your needs, whether you’re searching for a standard 9–5 employment or something a little more unusual.

How Much Is Per Hour Of Work In Montreal?

The minimum wage in Montreal is currently $23.50 per hour. This means that, before taxes, every worker in Montreal should earn at least this amount for each hour they work. The minimum wage is typically calculated as a percentage of the median hourly wage in a given area and is adjusted on a regular basis to ensure that it keeps pace with the cost of living.


In recent years, there has been a trend toward increasing the minimum wage in order to help workers keep up with rising costs. However, some businesses have opposed these increases, arguing that they place an undue burden on employers. Ultimately, the decision of how much to pay workers is up to the individual businesses. However, the minimum wage provides a useful benchmark for determining whether workers are being paid a fair wage.

Is It Worth Moving To Montreal?

Montreal has a lot to offer, including a vibrant culture, exciting nightlife, and plenty of opportunities for employment and education. However, it also has its fair share of challenges, including high living costs, unpredictable weather, and language barriers.


Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to move to Montreal depends on what you are looking for in a new home. If you are willing to embrace the challenges of living in a big city, then Montreal could be the perfect place for you. But if you are looking for a slower pace and a lower cost of living, you might want to consider another location.