Best Coffee Shops in Toronto

Toronto, the most vibrant city in Canada, is home to some of the best coffee shops. Here is the list of the coffee shops to visit in Toronto! Read Here!

Best Coffee Shops in Toronto

Toronto is a city with unique energy and has something to do with its inhabitants’ high doses of caffeine. With that refreshing aroma around every corner, you won’t resist tasting a delicious coffee.

If coffee is not your thing, hanging out in a café with a piece of cake and a cup of tea is a great way to soak up the city’s atmosphere. Here are the best coffee shops to visit in Toronto. Read on!

Mercury Espresso Bar

Mercury Espresso Bar has become one of the most popular meeting places in the Leslieville area. The establishment managed to attract a lot of regular visitors thanks to the unique signature Americano and original Espresso recipes. The incredible, eclectic interior is a special highlight, making the coffee shop the most comfortable place to enjoy coffee and spend quality time with friends.

Arena Coffee Bar

Located in Toronto’s hippest neighborhood, this laid-back coffee shop is a true paradise on earth for coffee and sports lovers. Its sports-inspired decor makes the Arena Coffee Bar a great place to enjoy your daily caffeine fix while learning a thing or two about the Toronto Maple Leafs, the city’s much-loved hockey team.

Ezra’s Pound

Ezra’s Pound focuses mainly on environmental protection and coffee culture. Due to a reasonable approach to work and the correct choice of all consumables, this institution significantly reduces the amount of waste.

What’s more, Ezra’s Pound was the first in the city to use biodegradable coffee cups. The coffee in this place is worth your attention. In addition, Ezra Pound founded The Espresso Institute of North America, which teaches professional coffee work.

Himalayan Coffee House

Thanks to its masterful mastery of latte art, this cozy little café may surprise you by immortalizing a dinosaur, a snowman, or a friendly Minion in the foam of your cappuccino. In addition to their amazing arty lattes, they also make tons of iced coffees, perfect for summer.

Full of Beans Coffee

Full of Beans Coffee boasts a truly rare antique because it is a century-old coffee bean roaster. The coffee shop buys only the best grains from around the world. In addition, Full Of Beans often hosts comedy, poetry, music, and literature evenings, so here you can enjoy delicious coffee and discover new talents.

Saving Gigi

Gigi successfully combines great music with great coffee. From the player always sounds something pleasant and familiar to everyone from the local vinyl collection. So, this is not surprising because the owners also organize the annual Bloor-Ossington folk festival in parallel.

In the evenings, live music is traditionally played here, allowing visitors to relax and unwind. All dishes from the menu are prepared exclusively from local organic products with no chemicals. Only high-quality food, incredibly delicious coffee, and fantastic music are the essence of Saving Gigi.

Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters

If you like less classic drinks, add Sense Appeal to your list for subsequent visits. The small coffee shop serves experimental coffees by blending multiple coffee beans to create a unique flavor in every brew. In this cafe, you can take a breather from a hectic working day, relax in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy new flavors of coffee.

Hot Black Coffee

Located in the very center of Toronto, on the famous Queen Street, the striking red facade of the Hot Black does not go unnoticed. The cafeteria even has its patio, where you can enjoy some fresh air and a coffee ice cream in the city’s heart. You will love the delicious coffee and cozy indoor environment.

The Cannonball

Formerly known as F-Coffee, this establishment has changed its name to reflect its growth beyond just being a coffee shop. The Cannonball is especially sought after for its fantastic breakfast sandwiches, beautiful patio, and a great selection of music. The best thing about the Cannonball is that they make delicious coffee.

Jimmy’s Coffee

According to the official website of Jimmy’s Coffee, the establishment has professional baristas with years of experience in preparing delicious coffee. You will love the fragrance and taste of the shop’s signature coffee. At the same time, sitting in a comfortable and eclectic indoor environment will create memorable experiences.

Final Words

Do you want to start your morning fresh and relax? Have you explored Toronto and want to soothe your nerves? If yes, taste your favourite coffee at one of these best coffee shops in Toronto. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.