Best Yoga Studios in Calgary

Although yoga can improve your health, you must join a reputable yoga studio in Calgary to make the most out of your practice!

Do you live in Calgary and are looking for a yoga studio to take classes under the guidance of a professional teacher. The best yoga studios in Calgary will teach you step-by-step by giving you meaningful and valuable resources and training you in-person beginner, and advanced yoga poses. Here are the best yoga studios to join in Calgary. Read on!

Yoga Shala

In Yoga Shala studio, a deep, beneficial, and supportive emotional connection is created between the instructor and the students who come to the studio to practice yoga. The human connection has various positive psychological effects on both the instructor and the students.

Yoga Shala studio is a gathering place for yoga practitioners, both those who teach and those who learn. Either way, it is an environment of intimacy and friendship and creates a sense of community for all its members.

Parkhill Yoga Studio

For many, Parkhill Yoga Studio is like a home away from home. Yoga is a means to find inner peace, and this Studio helps with that by providing a supportive, home-like environment for practitioners who have experienced some trauma.

Teachers have developed new, more effective ways of practicing yoga and have chosen to pass them to students learning in this yoga studio. Some of these styles may become the Studio’s legacy and be taught exclusively to its members. These new methods will be a reason to join Parkhill Yoga Studio.

Liv Yoga & Wellness

The best reason to do yoga in Liv Studio is the relaxing atmosphere: dim lighting, meditative music, quiet decor, and incense. Distractions at home, such as housework, phone calls, pets, work, roommates, children, etc., can interfere with practice.

Since the relaxation period of Shavasana is most important in yoga, a calm and soothing environment at Liv Yoga and Wellness is an excellent way to ensure your mind, body, and spirit can embrace the physiological benefits of deep relaxation.

In addition to Yoga and Meditation, Liv offers various massage therapies for people looking to relieve muscle soreness and pain, reduce stress and anxiety, promote a good night’s sleep, improve immunity, and increase muscle flexibility and the body’s range of motion.

Yoga Santosha

Yoga Santosha’s Studio is an excellent place to study with a qualified teacher. The Studio offers techniques and adjustments related to proper body alignment, opportunities to be inspired by the philosophical teachings of yoga, and knowledge gained from the teacher’s life experiences.

Practicing with like-minded people at Yoga Santosha increases your awareness and experience on the mat, creates a group rhythm, and allows you to share critical moments, laughter, etc. Becoming a member of this Studio is worth it.

The Studio offers yoga classes, including breathing exercises, physical postures, meditation, inward attention, spirituality, mantra, self-knowledge, etc., to balance the body, mind, and spirit. Practicing yoga at this Studio will strengthen your nervous system and improve your body’s overall function.

Besides, this studio offers valuable resources and accessible ways to keep you fit, healthy, and rejuvenated in mind and body. You can access hundreds of classes online, outdoor and in-person classes, and on-demand yoga and fitness videos.

Metta Yoga

Attending yoga classes at Metta Yoga is beneficial for everyone. Yoga classes at Metta Yoga can improve flexibility, increase fitness and overall health, and help relieve frustration, stress, and anxiety.

Instructors at Metta Yoga in Calgary will help improve the mind-body relationship and develop a sense of inner peace by giving you valuable resources and teaching you the best methods.

Metta Yoga offers classes for everyone, including kids, teenagers, women, men, and people over 60. Whether you are a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner, there is a yoga class for every level. Your yoga teacher at Metta Yoga can advise you on which course is right for you.

Final Words

Finding a yoga studio in Calgary is easy, but choosing the best one is daunting for many people. So, we have listed yoga studios that offer in-person, online, and video-on-demand classes and courses for beginners and advanced practitioners. Choose a studio that aligns with your health and fitness goals. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.