10 Reasons to Study in Canada

If you are looking to study abroad, look no further than Canada. Check out this post to know the top ten reasons to study in Canada. Read here!

10 Reasons to Study in Canada

Canada is one of the favorite countries for international students. Thanks to the high-quality and research-based education, everyone who wishes to study aboard choose Canadian educational institutions.

In addition to offering language programs and affordable tuition fees, Canadian institutions have the world’s best Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, and MBBS programs. The Canadian government has created an educational policy with a strong emphasis on international students.

Colleges and Universities in Canada welcome international students to study, improve their research and academic skills, and seek better employment opportunities. Here are the top ten reasons to study in Canada. Read on!

1.    Multicultural Society

Canada has a multicultural society that welcomes international students with open arms. People from different countries immigrate to Canada for education, living, and work. That’s why Canada has strong cultural diversity. The great thing is that Canadians embrace this diversity and recognize it as a strength and an essential factor for socioeconomic stability.

2.    Best Higher Education System

International students have migrated to Canada for many years to seek higher education. The primary reason people love Canada and want to study in its institutions is the exceptional standard and quality of the higher education system. Some of the best universities in Canada are:

  • University of Toronto
  • The University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Alberta

3.    Employment Opportunities

The Canadian government allows students to work part-time without a special work permit. Likewise, when you graduate from a Canadian college or University, you will have many employment opportunities if you are a skillful individual.

The part-time on-campus and off-campus jobs allow international students to work and meet their expenses. You don’t need a work permit inside the campus. At the same time, you can work for up to 20 hours per week outside the campus.

4.    Immigration Opportunities

Most international students spend a long time in the country. The primary reason behind this is to apply for immigration and become Canadian citizens. So, if you think you are a perfect fit to become a future Canadian, you can leverage the friendly immigration services/policies. Once you have completed your studies, you can apply for immigration. The process is pretty straightforward if you go by the book.

5.    Affordable Education

Unlike many other advanced countries, the tuition fee in Canada is affordable even if you enroll in programs at the most famous University. The most significant benefit of studying in Canadian colleges and universities is leveraging the higher return on investment (ROI), thanks to the immense employment opportunities.

6.    Improved Quality of Life

International students enjoy an improved quality of life in Canada. If you are a foreigner and studying in a Canadian university, you enjoy the same rights as other Canadians. In addition, quality of life means accessing clean water, clean air, and having a sense of space and lower competition. Besides, it refers to good education, a world-class healthcare system, and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

7.    Research Values

Research-based education is another reason most international students prefer to study in Canadian colleges and universities. Educational institutions continue to make substantial efforts to stay current with modern technologies and the latest research techniques, allowing students to use their creativity and play a crucial role in making new inventions or discoveries.

Students come from different countries with research ideas and get immense support from the Canadian government. So, this allows you to complete your research in your chosen discipline. For example, this may include medicine, environmental science, computer science, software engineering, agriculture, arts, telecommunication, etc.

8.    Campus Lifestyle

The campus lifestyle in Canadian universities is second to none. All educational institutions are lively, vibrant, and mesmerizing, thanks to the multiple festivals and events throughout the year. You can enjoy different events, galas, parties, sports events and leverage other perks such as daily newspapers, magazines, journals, and even free Wi-Fi.

9.    Picturesque Sceneries

If you want to improve your studies and score well, make sure you focus on your overall health and wellbeing by feasting your eyes with picturesque sceneries and breathtaking views of Canadian mountains, landscapes, lush green valleys, turquoise water lakes, and soothing national/provincial parks. The unspoiled natural beauty in Canada is an excellent way for students to connect their mind, body, and soul.

10. A Safe Country

Canada is one of the most peaceful and safest countries in the world. Research shows that Canada is the sixth safest country across the globe, making it a paradise for everyone, including international students, to live and study. The state-of-the-art security policies and law enforcement agencies play a critical role in the country’s peace and safety.

Final Words

Canada is heaven for international students seeking high-quality research-based education in top colleges and universities. In addition to quality education, these are the top ten reasons to study in Canada. Good Luck!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.