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Melissa Dawn | The Success Story

An Inspiring Canadian Success Story

Melissa Dawn

A Professional in a wide range of industry

Melissa Dawn knew, firsthand, the twists and turns of finding the right career and starting a business. Throughout her professional life, she had successfully transitioned through a number of careers and industries, working all the way up to VP of Marketing.

Over the course of that journey, she had the opportunity to work in such roles as Management, Leadership Development, HR, Business Development and Operations, and in a wide range of industries like cosmetics, travel and technology. She enjoyed each of those roles fully… for a time. She learned a lot in those capacities and gave a lot, too. But, as time passed in each role, she began to see that success doesn’t always come in the form of a prestigious title or big pay cheque, especially if the soul is craving something else entirely.

She knew something had to change.

Then life really happened, really fast.

Melissa Dawn

Got back up again

In just one year, she was divorced, a single mother and in a work situation that required a job change ASAP. If ever there was a time to get real with herself, that was it. Let’s face it, not every decision we make in life is going to work out in the way we imagine it.

Although, intellectually, she knew there was nowhere to go but up, in her heart she felt she had hit rock bottom and had become paralyzed by fear and self-doubt.

And yet, she did get up.

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She knew she couldn’t continue down that path of settling for less than what she truly wanted. It was not working for her and it wasn’t what she wanted to keep doing. Nor was it the example she wanted to set for her son. She wanted to encourage him to follow his passions and not perpetuate a cycle of playing it safe and sidelining dreams. It was not enough to just want that life for her son. She had to show him it was possible by living it herself.

It was time to take a stand.

She looked at what she could do to help herself and started with examining what she did for a living.

At first, she worked for a small start-up where she had no idea where the next paycheck would come from, or even if it would come at all. It was a big risk, especially as a single parent. But that experience allowed her to learn all aspects of running a business, which was instrumental in bringing her to where she is  today… running her own successful business as a coach, best-selling author and motivational speaker, which she feels in her heart is her TRUE passion! She now uses her experience and knowledge to guide others to reconnect with their inner truth and create joyful lives that fit their own inner definition of success.

How do you feel you inspire others?

By helping them connect with their hearts, stop living to please others and create what they truly want for themselves, both personally and professionally.

Charities I support:

Kiva, UNHCR, Montreal Children’s Hospital. A percentage of all my coaching programs, motivational speeches and academy go to these charities.

What is your superpower?

Deep listening.

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